Saturday, December 5, 2009

vios injured

Kepenatan + keserabutan = kehancuran.

Viosssssss eksidenn sudeyy..saye terlanggar lampuuuu jalan..mmg seriusly xnampak langsung tiang tu..and people who knw me tahu kan saye mmg driver yg suke drive laju so even reverse pon laju kan makanya pecah la lampu and kemeklah bumper saye..=(
saye sangat sedih.
saye rase sangat kecewa..
tp nangis pon x gune kan?
(mmg dh nangis2 dh)..ngeee..
tapi one thing for sure...
no matter how bad i am,
no matter how jahat i am,
my family will always stand by me..
thanks umi & aboh..i love u..

Monday, November 30, 2009

what a relief.
O N G is done.
-ortho perhaps. or surgery perhaps.
4months doing ONG really taught me the value of being a good doctor.
The tears that i shed away, the smiles that i share, really meant something to me.
And suprisingly i think im falling in love with ONG.Well, apart from doing VE la.
I will definitely consider ONG as one of the field that i want to specialise. The smiles of the mother after giving birth to their children really meant something to me. Lalala.
Anyways, i have a month to be mentally and emotionally prepared to be a wife of someone. There is a long list of things i need to settle out within a month. I am so damn lucky to have a very helpful auntie, Auntie mala and a very supportive family whom have helped me a lot with my wedding prep. To be honest, i did not do anything for my wedding prep. The hotel was booked by my auntie. The door gift was prepared by my mum. The hantaran pon my mum and my aunties yang prepared and bought it for me. The only thing that i did was booked my wedding card which have not finished yet.
So i would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to my mother, my father, my siblings esp IJAH, my aunties esp Auntie Mala and everyone who has involved in my wedding prep. Thanks a lot. I really wouldnt able to do this without ur help. I love u guys!!!

to whom it may concern

Hmm saye tak tau la sape yang dengki dengan saye sangat tu kan. But bak kata orang2 tua, org yang bertunang ni darah manis kan so banyak la cubaan akan datang kan. Owh i wouldnt put myself as low as who u are the anonymous yang coward but i would appreciate if u r brave enough and dare enough to expose URSELF. Thanks.Owh and ye, saye x penah mainkan hati org. I was hurt as well. In fact i was really hurt before. If u r a reader of my blog, u must have know how bad i was when i broke up with my first love. And if u really knw me, u would have know how many boyfriend i really had actually before i met my fiance. And if u really knw me u must have know that i did not look for org kaya to be my husband. Full stop.

Friday, November 20, 2009

aina jeffery is getting married

Aina Jeffery is getting married.
Cepat sangat cepat.
Tapi jodoh kot?
Jemputlah datang ek. thanks.
1st january 2010.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

news to share

I am so addicted with this song-only lately.
Anyways, i have something to share with u guys. pls drop by ur email address k?i will tell u guys through an email.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

haish.conflict dalaman

How i wish i could turn back on the time and be the one that i wannabe..
and how i wish i have superpower to encounter this superevil feelings that r spreading in my body...
its spreading like a virus.mutated each time its budding out. haish.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

let bygones be bygones

wahhh bestnye nikmat cuti..i was quarantined at home..-suspected H1N1. i was in contact with a suspected H1N1 patient last week and i got a flu since then which was worsening sampai la semalam round dengan head of department die suruh i pergi check. Pergi A&E rase macam sangat kelaka sebab jadi patient sendiri,bp taken, temperature taken and blabla bla so was given a 5days mc with tamiflu.
So here i am, blogging!things that i wont be able to do if im working.. however, somehow i miss doing the morning round.hahaha. workaholickah saye ini?hehe..
nyways one thing for sure that i wanna do during these 5days is LET BYGONES BE BYGONES. I want to move on and look upon my future. I want to be prepared- mentally, physically, emotionally for my future.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


it really does..
i know im selfish..
i know myself too well and im sorry for being too selfish..
i want u to fight it over but...
i am sorry..
i really am..
thanks and sorry for everything...

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Tak paham la nape ramai lagi nak dengki ngn blog ni.ape masalah pon xtau la dgn mamat or minah tu. kalau sebab saye xlayan kamu xyah la balas dendam sini. dayus gile. and coward giler. cam buat malu kaum je.
nyways i hate my job. especially ari ni sebab ari ni public holiday and i oncall ari ni..and the fact that i 2nd call ari ni lagi buat malas nak g keje. aaa xsukenyee 2nd call..kene cover 4 ward the whole day macam aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa xsukeeeee...dh la ade 2 presentation xbuat2 lagi ni. sob sob.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


2months has passed has been 2months of hell for me.tears, stress, anxiety, madness-all been mixed up together. And for now,im so anxious waiting for 17th to come..Sob sob sob.
anyways, after a while terasa
1. Wah banyaknyeee words kelate yg saye nggak tau. never heard of it. such as "cemu"..ade sape2 tau?hahaha. it actually means contraction pain.hahaha.
2. wahhh banyaknyee adat org melayu ni..banyak things limited. macam xleh buat tu buat ni. bulan ni x elok, bulan ni bagus. macam wow!!
3. Wahhh banyaknyeee kes buli membuli kat msia ni..
4. Wahhh gile birokrasi msia nii!!!
5. Wahhh kenape kenape and kenape.hahaha. nanti la cite balik..
ngantok tetibe.
pasni maybe akan regularly update blog again mcm dulu..banyak mende nak story about. rinduuu sangat nak blogging!!!!hahaha..ari tu complicated sket sebab xde laptop..skarang ade laptop pinjam from ayahanda..anyways take care everyone..selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

video raya utk wan yusof.hahaha


sorry my dear fellow bloggers. kesebukan n kepenatan berkerja menyebabkan blog ini tidak dapat diupdate dgn selalu. owh satu lagi ketiadaan laptop. je ayah ade kedai komputer tp anakanda beliau tidak mempunyai laptop sudah. ade org nak sponsor x?wink wink.hehe. anyways Selamat hari raya semua. Maaf Zahir Batin. Halalkan semua ek?and to my fellow corkians, Selamat Hari Raya!Rindu korang!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Keje kan..banyak gile ragam manusia..
skang baru saye faham nape visiting hours kat hospital ade guard dtg ward n suruh visitors keluar..
sangat penting ok!
especially kat ward yg saye tengah in charge skarang when extension bed bleh sampai 6-7 yang u xleh nak jalan pon...extension bed tu maksud die ae tilam kat tengah2 jalan yang extension la..xde katil pon.tilam je..dengan extension bed yg penuh itu tambah dengan student nurses(jmp, sn, nm etc) mmg sangat crowded...nak keje pon susah..
so semalam mmg sampai kiteorg, the housemen called pakcik security ourselves and asked them to lock the door..sebab mmg serius susah gle nak buat keje..
bukan maksudnye sombong tapi mmg serabut gile ah. kte dh la nak cepat kan pastu kalau ade lelaki dlm wad pompuan visitors cam susah la...

ok tu satu.. satu lagi ngan nurses kan. kadang2 stress gak ngan dorang ni.ade yg paham kite tapi ade jenis yg nak lepaskan die je. macam kite tengah examine pt kan then die dtg tanye mende yg x urgent pn tapi sebab die kene jaga that patient die nak cepat2 so that die bleh tulis report cepat2. yg ni bengang sket la. dh la akan tulis "dr.aina noted". kite kan kdg2 bz kan tengah banyak keje then die ckp mende kadang2 lupe kan?tetibe tgk report diorg ade name kiteorg. blur2 jap. cam tolong la faham n respect gak. kami ade tangan 2 je.badan ade satu je. tu pon dh try secepat mungkin dh. cam ade semalam kul 8 kan xmagrib lagi diorg bleh suruh i pergi review patients 2 org n buat ARM dulu. xde la urgent mane pon ARM kalau primigravida n baru 4cm os die. lek2 la..

and h.o pulak..esp yg pompuan kan..sorry to say...sangat suke mengumpat. ade je yg dorang xsuke. annoying gile. xsuke cakap face to face la. ni ngumpat je tau. dh la bulan pose kan.?

Saturday, August 22, 2009


miraculously, i love my job!!hahaha..
after almost 3weeks of h.o life, im started to fall in love with my job!!
there is always a warm feeling inside when ur patient told u "terima kasih doktor"..
kepenatan semua tu ilang kejap je when dgr mende tu..
rase puas...
the feeling is undescribable.
owh but of course la kan minus celebrating ur birthday in the labour room and minus celebrating 1st ramadhan in d labour room kan?
i was oncalled on my bday and it wasnt fun at all..
Naseb baek ade those yg still baek hati belikan i kek and celebrate my bday together2 kan..
eventho kiteorg xberani nak pasang lilin takut labour room terbakar tapi i still made a wish..
pastu the next day tu lak my family buat suprise bday party yang i never tot they will kan..sangat sayang family saye!!
nyways to everyone, Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al Mubarak. Those in cork, i raya kat Malaysia this yr!!hahaha..owh eventho the chances of raya kat umah hanyalah 0.01 and the chances of raya kat labour room is 89.9% tapi xpe..still puas..hahaha..
so juniors,
balik la malaysia..hahaha..mmg penat..rase x worth it but lame2 u will enjoy it..
u banyak buat hands on..and lagi best tolong bangsa kite kan dari bangsa org len kan?mule2 tu mmg srius rase nyesal gile mcm rase bodoh gile balik msia but u will get over it soon..okie..selamat berbuka!!
owh n thanks for those who sent me warm wishes on my bday..and thanks juge for the flowers!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

bad day

Hmm..bad day today.
owh nyway guys OT Intan HBKB on fire this morning-4am++..mase tu m.o tengah buat caesarian section.tetibe blackout n smoke keluar.hahaha.seb baek m.o tu sempat suture skin sume and evacuate sume..sebelah OT tu lak labour room..hahaa.selamat la ngan labour room same...hahaha..tutup kejap pagi tadi so pagi tadi jadi la jobless kejap.hahaha.tak2..i pergi round antenatal ward b4 pergi clinic..
then pergi lunch lepak2 dengan h.o-r,f,a. ok sampai situ je then bermula lah keSTRESSan idup..
pergi solat dekat bilik h.o oncall kan tetibe kene sound ngan senior h.o yang beberape eh ke sebulan je senior...(gile kan birokrasi malaysia ni kan?seniority gile kuat nak mamposss..bukannye nak ajar.siot je.)nyway die sound about something that i didnt do but the other tagger did it. pastu sorang tu dengan nada yg lembut xpe la tapi die suke sound saye n saye serius xpaham napeee...ari tu die sound pasal CTG sedangkan satu CTG pon saye xpenah komen 2nd day dh kene sound hello???nak je menjawab tapi die tua kan buat tatau pekak telinga je la..
pastu tadi mende yg i xbuat pon. mcm WTF?hello?pastu the other one lak dgn nada yg agak kasar rase nak pelempang je.yang agak kasar ni i think die ade affair ngan sorang lagi h.o laki yang i selalu la ikut die sebab die suke ngajar..adeh.xpasal2.hahaha. owh nyway d 1st senior h.o tu pon same gak tadi masa i tengah tulis referall letter kan i banyak la x gune abbreviations yang sangat la saye rase weird utk digunakan tapi dorang gune then die cakap;
"aina, u kat sane x gune abbreviations sangat ke?"
"owh tak akak. ade la gak but yang gune kat sini ridiculous gile"
pastu akak tu cakap, akak pon same masa mule2 dtg dulu tapi I LEARNT SO FAST.
ahahha..die maybe nak cakap je tapi i took it as sarcasm. mungkin juge sebab saye tengah nak pms kan buttt..hahaha..
ok tu satu.then pergi wad xx. nurses kat situ mcm **** giler ah. serius.ok sori mencarut tapi kali ni sangat benci.wahidah im sorry k?i tau u baek. ni nurses kt situ dh tua yang ngan doctors laki suke la..doctors pompuan cam ade allergic reaction je macam.nyways i took bloods kat situ banyak gile.then mmg salah i la gak xde sticker malas nak g mintak sebab nurses kerek i tulis je kat blood bottle tu gune pen.hahahahaha.mmg selambe je la kan tapiii clear ape tulis..tapi mmg salah kot then i mintak maaf la but then for the next few hours keep repeating d same thing, "blood tu kene reject ke".oiii mulut ko.aku cili kang. sekali xpe la. kan aku dh mintak maaf kot tu..geram gile kot. setiap kali lalu depan nurses station tanye mende same. eh, hello?i dh amik pon dh cukup bagus kan?pastu i pergi trace results then came back..pastu bitau m.o i nak g labour room sebab lr dh bukak balik i jeling je kat die. so sekang OFFICIALLY i dh buat war dengan nurses kat ward tu.hahaha. sorry la babe, i xboleh ye. people have limit. and limit saye sangat low threshold.sorry la beb. especially ade sorang tu. bibir die mmg rase nak g pulas2 la..yg tu je yg membebel x henti2. tah2 husband pon lari.hahaha.jahat2. tadi geram gile sampai i txted my friends cakap nurse kerek gile nak mati. mintak2 die mati eksiden.hahahaha. bukan yg sal blood tu je.ade la mende len gak. cam geram gile.hahahaha.
ok abis la yang kat wad xx tu kan..then i masuk labour room. then ok je xde cases sangat. lepas tu i conduct delivery.pstuu selambeee je masa i tengah nak guard kepala baby tu sorang student nurse ni dtggggg dok depan i and tolak tangan i gak sebab die nak conduct same. hahahahaha. mcm WTF kan?hahahahaha. xpe2. yg penting saye berjaya menarik kepala baby itu keluar n placenta juge.hahaha.and baby selamat. hahaha..
ok tu abis kat situ. then oncall h.o dtg. i ikut la sorang h.o ni.die sangat helpful n baek hati n suke mengajar n senang untuk ditanya soalan sebab die akan jawab. then die ckp, " aina ade cite kurang best sal awak".then i tanye ape. then die ckp ade org cakap awak a bit reluctant nak buat keje.
DUSHHH rase ade penumbuk kene kat muka.hahaha.
i rase i tau sape ckp tu so i rs kene backstabbed gile nak mampus. day 8 of h.o dh kene backstabbed. owh ye aina. this is malaysia. malaysia mmg ramai la kan phd, backstabber.haish. terasa gile kot yg tu. i tanye member i tu xxxxx ke?then die ckp x but not convincing so tomorrow i naktanye direct je budak tu ko ade bawak cite sal aku ke. ko pehal.hahahahahaha..
omg CORKIANSS!!i misss u guys so much!!!
rase sangat benciiii tempat niii!!!!!!!!!!
and i think, it is a miracle if i pergi hospital esok.hahahahaha.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

=( kekecewaan.

Apabila tiada pengorbanan dalam relationship...
xde tolak ansur...
maka hancurlah relationship itu...

bertepuk sebelah tangan xkan berbunyi kan?
mungkin kamu tidak mahu committed sepenuhnye lagi...
mungkin juge kamu pun sama sahaja?


-its 1 o'clock in d morning but i just cant sleep.
-somthing is bothering me..
-something that can even encounter the tiredness ive gotten from d labour room.
-something that keeps my mind wandering around looking for the answer...

diagnosis everyone?

.::kekecewaan yang hanya tersirat didalam hati kerana tersuratnye seperti tade ape pon jadi..::.

Thursday, August 6, 2009



Saturday, August 1, 2009

am not ready to be a doctor!!!

saya sangat takut utk keje!
bleh x gune degree tu nak apply jadi pegawai tadbir diplomasi or lecturer or cikgu?hahahahahhaa
a small mistake can be fatal!!!!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


At Vistana Hotel-Induction for a week..dieorg ckp kami batch ke-3 yg induction n btn 1 week je...
owh n dh dapat posting..
dekat ngan Umi!!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

keciknye dunia

Awww keciknyee dunia..
Hari ini dipendekkan cerita, my ex classmate sejak zaman 1 mawar kat SRK Zainab (2) yang mmg x terpisah sampai ke MRSM YT Besut telah di matchmadekan dengan cousin saya and of course la saya sokong..hehe.:D
Hari itu dipendekkan cerita, saya tanye la ex classmate saye masa saye 6 Hijau zaman SRK Zainab (2) tentang seseorang. Then saya tanye mr bug kan name penuh pompuan tu..sekali pompuan tu rupenye2 hsemates. ish ish ish..

Hmm esok induction!!tatutnyeeee nak start kejeeee dhhh..huwaaaa..rase tatau ape2 ni..
sob sob sob..mane dapat pon xtau.hahaha..


wahhh tadii makan2 kat umah auntie.
die buat soto.
kumpul almost sume la makcik2..
ade la yang xde.. tapi almost sume ade..
cousins ramai xde la sebab study sume kan..
bising gilee and seronokkk!!!
nyways ari tu jumpe iza..
iza call last minute ckp nak dtg kb umah wawa kwen tapi xdapat contact wawa..
seb baek ade few hrs b4 nak pergi genting..
so sempat la amik die n g umah wawa sume.. wawa n jimi, CONGRATS!!!!

owh terasa kehilangan!!!!

Cyber Love

Arrived home at 1245am.
Went to genting yesterday n overnight kat firstworld hotel.
then pagi tadi pas check-out g memain kat outdoor.
then makan then balikkk terus..
on the way balik tu alarm rumah bunyik..hahaha.risau gak.sebab lame..
tapi Alhamdulillah sume ok..
Tadi balik actually penat gile. nak tdo..plan esok nak g swimming but somehow tetibe xle tdo..
Jommmm kiteee borak22 pasal cyber love.
Sape penah involved cyber love???
angkat kaki?
bole cayeee x?
sambung next entry.malas nak menaip.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


ade a friend of mine called kkm kan die cakap kiteorg most prob keje 1st august!!woooo
sangat x ready okeh!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009


saye nak titon tapi saye restless..
makin dekat dengan induction makin banyak mende terfikir2..
mmg kene ikut flow je kan tapi mcm takut...
terfikir kat mane nanti kene posting..
if dapat other than kb what should i do?
bole ke survive jadi doctor..
mu future camne?boleh ke jadi housemen yg bek?
on call bleh survive ke?dh la antu tdo.
pastu terfikir sal the other half.
as usual camne kite nak tau he's the one for us?
boleh ke die accept myself as who i am?
then terfikir sal kedai.
terfikir sal suraya..
terfikir sal duit....
pasni dh xleh mintak duit ngan parents dh..
then xleh nak swipe kredit kad sesuke hati dh...
tetibe rs nak jadi student balik..
pdahal xstart keje lagi ni.hehe

owh tadi g buat medical check up. malas nak wat appointment n malas nak menunggu lame kan so buat kat satu klinik ni. i didnt show them my offer fact kat pekerjaan tu x tulis pon. after jumpe doctor, doctor tanye keje ape then baru cakap. patutnye med check up rm100..masa nak bayar tu pembantu klinik tu cakap,
" dik doctor kasi rm60 je sebab adik doctor. pastu die siap tambah kat sume name adik dr kat depan", sambil tunjuk borang2 kad2 yg die ade.
owh before that masa jumpe doctor i tunjuk kt dr my getting worst kan since balik msia ari tu. then dr tu cakap
"u should be able to diagnose it urself"
then i cakap la i rase die eczema cume risau kot2 mende len. then die tgk n check mmg eczema...die ckaap sebab humidity len. my skin kene try balik adapt dengan weather sini.huhu..kesian my skin.ahahaha.bukan setakat eczema this time.rashes, jerawat.hahahaha..
oh bp i 110/54.hahahaha.hypo.lalala.


saya annoyed.
dengan die.
owh sapekah die?
biarlah die tau sendiri.
terima kasih.

after 15mins:-
terasa lagi annoyed. tdo jee laaa

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Went to University Darul Iman 4days ago for ijah's convocation..
best gileee convo msia!
happening gile..
ade convo fair sume..
in fact robe die dapat a week before lagi..
us?ireland?kiteorg dapat robe a day before..
pastu ceremony kiteorg 1 hr je..
ijah nyer lak ceremony patut start kul 145 tapi kul 230 baru start..
seb baek ade aircond kan..
pastu perarakan masuk ade perarakan graduan, perarakan kecil, staf akademik, perarakan besar n perarakan masuk naib canselor..gile banyak perarakan..
kiteorg perarakan masuk graduan n sume uni council tu la..
then kiteorg xde doa 15minit..sini doa 15minit..owh before tu ade org cakap
1. Hadirin dilarang membuka telefon bimbit.
2. hadirin dilarang bangun dari istiadat konvokesyen sebelum tamat
3. hadirin dilarang meninggalkan dewan sepanjang istiadat berlangsung..
hahaha..kiteorg xdenyer..
hahaha...owh and diorg ade 2 kali raptai before ceremony tu..
2 kali ok!!
kiteorg xdenyee raptai..
in fact on the day itself kiteorg xtau kat mane kiteorg patut pergi pon.hahahaha
pastukan, kiteorg die panggil name kalau xde die tinggal je, next person..(punctuality penting kan kat sane)..
sini dengar cikgu diorg panggil brape kali tah nama graduan tu..hehe..kiteorg panggil sekali xde kene dok belakang sekali kene dok kerusi sebelah len sekali ngan budak dental..
owh pastu diorg ade speech yg agak panjangg..hehee..
ok malas nak tulis dh.ahahhaa
tapi malam b4 ceremony tu pergi keluar ngan ijah..
Waaaa rase bestnyeee belaja kat msia!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Letter to the fake farid.

Dear Anonymous/The Coward/The Idiot/The fake Farid,

Thanks for uninvited messages in my shoutbox. As u can see, i have to delete my shoutbox again and all thanks to u, the fake Farid.
U dont have to be ashamed of ur real identity the fake Farid.
And seriously, like seriously, if u have any problems with me just send me an email and stop flooding my blog with ur daffy comments. I dont need those. Thanks. (my email :
Owh by the way, I think u need a very serious help from a psychiatrist. U should go to any nearby GP and ask for a referral to the psychiatrist. Owh and pls seclude urself from ur society. I am afraid someone might get hurt if they r too close with u. Sorry.

Owh and for my fellow bloggers, that freak is not the real Farid. Farid is not a blogger and he does not read my blog as frequent as that freak. And plus Farid is an educated gentleman who would not wasting his time doing those silly things!!!

P/s : My mum told me, that freak might be a SHE not a HE. Sape la kan nak mengucarkacirkan my life ni.huhu.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


asal la ramai sangat org dengkiii eh?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mamat saiko

Sape saiko gile yang nyamar jadi FARID ni??
takde identiti sendiriii kee??
anddddd gileee apeeeeeee laa orang tu...
stop itt!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Lipas merupakan seekor serangga yang busuk.
Lipas terbang merupakan musuh utama manusia.
terutamanya aina jeffery.
Aina Jeffery merupakan musuh utama lipas juge.
Walaupon kalau tgk lipas terbang tu aina jeffery akan berlari ke tempat lain tetapi apabila melihat lipas berjalan aina jeffery akan mengambil ridsect dan menyemburnye sehingga la melihat lipas itu terbalik menandakan kematian musuh manusia itu.
Dan rumah aina jeffery skarang mempunyai banyak sangat lipas.
tetapi yang pelik hanya di dapur dekat dengan bilik bibik.
oleh itu sangat confuse.
oleh itu sekarang kerja aina jeffery setiap malam sebelum tido adalah turun ke dapur dan menyembur ridsect walaupon lipas tidak kelihatan..
kerana saya percaya lipas akan mati pada keesokkannya.hahahaha
saya benci lipas.
owhhh 2malam lepas betapa bencinya pada lipas,
saya mimpi lipas.
dalam mimpi itu lipas telah menyeranggg sayee..
mungkin sebab b4 tdo tu 4 ekor lipas mati di tangan sayeee..
hahahaha..bangun2, ayat pertama
"umiii lipass..lipassd"
ibu saya pon tanye la manee?
lantas saye menjawab "taktau..tapi ade lah.hahahaha"...
trauma ngan lipas.
saye pembenci lipas.xsukeee lipas..lipas keji..hahahaha

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pepper Spray

Sape tau kat kelantan mane nak beli pepper spray ek?

Friday, July 10, 2009

ninitee!! ni mcm sedikit bersawang sedikit.

bosan laaaa..hahaha..tetibe rs nak keje.hahahaha.
kalau bosan kan banyak mende kite akan tend to fikir..
and kite akan rase cepat annoyed..
and like now..
something is bothering me..
mcm how do u know he really likes u?
or mcm is this a sign?or what?
or mcm is he pretending?
or mcm is he sick of u?
or mcm do i think too much?

okie dookie nak titon..

Thursday, July 9, 2009


back in kb!hehe..
anyway today ade kete yang penah followed and blocked my sis punye kete did the same thing to me. minus block kete la.. he/she waited outside our hse in his/her kancil yang tinted hitam gile xnampak orang pon and plet kete bukan kete kb r..
mule2 kiteorg xberani nak masuk pintu pagar umah but my mum cakap xpe kot cuz my mum ingat kawan sis pon xperasan mule2 but after my mum called kawan ijah tu and he said that die on the way je baru mmg umi cakap tutup pintu cepat2. agak takut jugak la time tu actually...and kete tu nampak kiteorg masuk umah je terus pusing kete and pelik gle..and the owner of the car knew that suraya ade tuisyen malam ni..dulu die followed my sis from umah cikgu die lagi...tonite maybe die x recognize my baby vios kot...tapi agak scary..i wasnt remember the car plate exactly tapi i do remember the 1st 3-MAR.hmmm..

Friday, July 3, 2009

3rd day

3rd day ...

Havent makan ikan bakar n sambal belacan. also havent makan nasi ulam budu. xsempat. hehe..banyak jemputan. owh u know what. arrived kat kb kul 725 bag was among the 1st sampai atas conveyer tu awal la keluar.kene bukak beg b4 keluar tu immigration nak tgk tapi diorg ok je.bukak camtu..nyways keluar2 cari parents, parents xsampai lagi!seb baek ade 20sen rm dalam handbag n seb baek ade public phone. called my mum asked why takde org amik ni. rupenye they tot i sampai 8++.sedih kejap.hehehe..tapi ok dad sampai dulu then followed by my mum driving my brandnew baby vios and my makcik punye kete..then another car nak sampai airport tapi xsempat sampai ayah i suruh pusing balik jumpe umah. Sampai umah ade big pink banner "welkam back dr.pretty." awww..hehe..sweett..hehe..should take the photo of that banner...=)
nyways mum order nasi n few lauk from our favourite caterer. die punye paprik ayam mmg terbaekk uncles n aunties sume toknik pon dtg drive on her own..risau gak drive merce die tu sorang2 malam2 kan. Then malam tu dh tertido dh mule2 kul 11+ masa geng2 kbmall ade..tertido atas kerusi urut my dad.pastu dgr ijah cakap terus terjaga n pastu dh xleh tdo dh.hahaha.sampai la kul 4 pagi. Owh a night b4 tu adik i cite ade another try nak masuk umah kiteorg. Alarm bunyik n spotlight nyala..alarm tu bunyi kalau org nak masuk pintu atau die sense org dlm umah. cuak gak.tu yg xleh tdo gak..well i think sebab jetlag kot sebab smlm kul 4 gak tdo.hahaha..
nyways tadi makan nasi dagang at poknik.sambil buat obs examination kat my beloved mok c.u. she's due in 2weeks time. dapat rs baby..hehehe..cuteeee..hahaha..owh n yeah im starting to get worried. hahaha..tapi xnak la cakap kat sini nape risau..
OWH AND YEEEEE.. SAPEKAH YG PENAKUT YANG TAH PAPE NYAMAR JADI FARID TU?gile coward. hahaha..pengecut gile.haish.asal la ade manusia camni dlm muke bumi ni. xfaham betol.
OWh n to be honest, im a bit rimas dengan msia.hahahha..lalallalaa.

Monday, June 29, 2009


5 yrs of struggles..
sorry for the long silence..baru balik from london last night and unfortunately my family punye flight stranded kat cork.seb baek kat cork.delayed one hr to amsterdam so diorg mmg xkan dpat catch flight balik msia so Aerlingus kasi tiket Cork-London-Klia. Tapi kl-kb burn camtu r.
nyways im going home for good on 30th!!!!see ya in malaysia.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

corkkkk best!

My mummy, my granny and my sista r ereee!!!
sangat seronok!
diorg sampai pagi tadi..
masak nasi lemak sambal udang for them and then they rehat2 borak2 before pergi raudhah..
then balik raudah sumeee pon dh tdoo..hehe..kesian diorg..jetlag!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

wah ade org cakap 20 koson kat cork ni..
no wonder la ade budak ucd dapat cork..hehe..
cork best!
cork the best laaaa kat ireland ni.
aaa/..nak tinggal cork..=(..
saya sayang corkians!!!
khamis niiii convoo..tapi elok2 sebijik jerawat tumbuh di pipi..DEMMMMM!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


tetibe selsema..
anyways 3boxes done!!!
1 more tu tunggu 19th baru kemas..xde la lame mane pon nak kemas..hahaha..kejap je..hehe..owh tapi kene kemas barang2 nak kasi usop..hahaha..and kene kemas bilik umi nak dtg!
cant wait!

Friday, June 12, 2009

i love them ( a very long entry!!!)

This is my groupmates...We've known each other for at least 5 yrs...
The father : Shahied
-He's been the one that we could depend on..Kind, helpful and not selfish. We always can rely on him. he acts like a father or big brother to us. From the first year up to final year he is the one that i will ask for when i am in trouble. He is really good with cooking too. We like his nasi lemak and others too. oh, but when it came to study group he would be the last person who emailed his presentation to us.hahahaha..owh n i had trouble of calling him farid instead of shahied during the study group.hahahaha.anywaysm thanks for the past 5 yrs shahied.

The mother : Ajuliana
-She is the controller of our study group i must say. She's stern. Like really2 is. When we were not focusing on the topic, she would said cepat2 " korang, focus please" and we would cepat2 fokus. =) She is also my hsemate for 3 yrs. The one that i can depend on in Cork as well. When i was down or felt like crying, she was the one that i went for. She was the one that pulled me out from the toilet last yr. She was also the one that scold me till i realized its not worth it. She's my bestfriend. She will always be. Owh we r not that brave. When we both scared we will sleep with each other but before we slept, we will ask for each other to recite ayat kursi or mengucap 2 kalimah syahadah dulu.hahahaha

The big brother : Aiman
- He has short attention span but he's the smartest in our group i must say. He studies consistently and he talks faster than i am.hahaha. he has a very fluent and good english and he is going to be a great orthopedic surgeon in the future. Owh and he was the one that would make us a jug of hot chocolate every study group. hehe. Nyways Aiman. good luck!!!and keep in touch!!

The big sister : Yusma
- Ironically she's the big sister in our group. The one that we can depend on as well. The one with lots of food. She would always bring us lots of food to d study group. pizza, garlic bread, walkers, u named it. hehe. She's actually the youngest. Owh she even brought us Krispy Kreme!!!!=D *hugs*..hehehe..:P..She's among the one that is going to do her internship here. So good luck kak susi and keep in touch ok?

The lil sis : Mills
-haha.. She is actually the leader for our group. She was the one that would text us every week saying the venue and the time for our study group. She was also the one that arranged the timetable like who was presenting today and who wasnt and she was the one that will wash all the pinggan mangkuk, cawan after d session. Hehe. She is my housemate and i love her so muchie2 as well. There were few times that we had arguments but still she's my bestfriend and will always be. Thanks amilah hani. Owh been her housemates for 3 yrs, i must say she actually the tidiest among us!!and the one will lots of food and toileteries.hehe..:p

The lil bro : Izad
-boboy will always be a lil bro kan boboy?hahahahaha..:p he's the most hardworking in our group. Went to library every other day and he will b a great doctor in the future if he keeps his hardworkingness..I always want to try to be as hardworking as him buttttt..hahaha..:P...he wants to marry an Irish soo....hahahaha...Izad goodluck!!!all the best in ur future undertakings and keep in touch.

-The raudhahs-

Husna :-
My hsemates for 2 yrs. She is also the one that i can turn to when i am in troubles. She is a good listener. She's helpful, kind and sweet. And recently i just found that she is my best buddy for increasing my BMI.hahahaahaha...oh and when i was in glendale, she was my supplier for korean, chinese and japanese drama series/movies. A computer geek she is. hehe. Apart from that she was also my saviour. When i was in 1st yr i had a breakdown as well a few hrs before the exam after i just broke up with my ex. She was the one that called him and asked him to pujuk me so that i could take the exam. TQ husna and aju for that. I hope last yr would be the last one that i had to have those kind of breakdown. Nyways husna, i love u too and keep in touch okeh?nanti kawen ko pon compulsory datang!!

My groupmate when i was in 3rd yr. A very hardworking lady and macam izad, i would always want to be like them tapi asek failed je..hahaha..Nang is a very pretty, hardworking, pious, and sume la yang mak mertua nak sebab tu die dah kawen tu..kan nang kan?hahaha.. Nyways nang, congratss ek?

the lil sis in raudhah i must say. clinical groupmate this year. She was my partner in crime for ponteng2, makan2, amik history during fixed attachment, obs & gynae and paeds. She also my travel buddy for eurotrip and was the one with a goodskill in reading map.hahaha. Give her the map and she will bring u to any places u want. hahahahaa...owh today is her birthday.. Happy Birthday Dr.Yopit!

I heard her name since i was form 4. Everyone is talking about her. Always want to know her back then but only met her when i was in Banting. She's a great cook everyone!!!!Her nasi goreng is super delicioussss...And her mee goreng pon!hehe..Tuya, dinner malam ni pls?pls?

The one that suprised everyone last week!hahaha..nyways happy for u cik fatim. hahaha. Was in the same group with her this yr and barulah kenal sket2.. Sangat rajin and consistent. Sangat kuat shopping juge.hahahahaha..:P. a very influential person juge.haahaha

A dentist in the making. A very soft spoken and well-mannered person. A good friend to Aju and Mills. And she's really good in baking!!!suke kek colourful tu..ape eh name die.hahahaha..:p lupe sudah..

Nadia and Syafiek

Nad was my housemates for 3 yrs. In my 1st 2 yrs in Cork, she is my partner in crime. hahaha. The one that i would text when ada usrah. hahaha. She is also the one that i could turn to jugak when i was facing any problems. Syafiek lak is nad husband and kamal bestfriend. Syafiek is also a kelantenese but i think i never spoke kelantanese with him. ke pernah eh?aahahaha...macam x..hahaha...owh Mr Syafiek, i sayang Nad jugak, xpe kan?hehe..and Mr n Mrs Syafiek sila keep in touch ok?keje kelantan jom!!!

P/s Ok nanti sambung balik.hahahaha. ade ameen, freddie, carrigleans, pre-med..hehe

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Berjaya pergi gym ari ni!!finally!!
spent at least an hour in gym today!
tapi pastu makan banyak gg n fefe masak and makan eskrem..
pastu gemuk balik..
am so going to go back to gym tomorrow..
am enjoying it..hahaha..
nyways, saye tengah takut nak tdo ni..ade anak-anak dol selang few houses from mine tengah kumpul masa balik from gg's tadi so sedikit ketakutan..rase sedikit insecured...xpe..less than a day to go..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Before marriage:

He: Yes. At last. It was so hard to wait.

She: Do you want me to leave?

He: NO! Don't even think about it.

She: Do you love me?

He: Of course!

She: Have you ever cheated on me?

He: NO! Why you even asking?

She: Will you kiss me?

He: Yes!

She: Will you hit me?

He: No way! I'm not such that kind of person!

She: Can I trust you?

Now after the marriage you can read it from bottom to the tOP...

beautiful salzburg!