Thursday, April 28, 2011

unpaid oncall tonight

Super duper busy ok ari nie!
makin ari makin jonah ok!
masa awal2 ari ni xde patient siap ade purposeless movement with restless legs lagi..
lepas tu bos siap cakap lagi "ari ni x ramai lah.sunyi je"
lepas tuuuu haaa muleee lahhh
2-3 org datang serentak!
xmenang tangan..
and in the end rase nak demam sebab patients ramai sangat.
tapi mmg x berape sihat sangat pon lately..
asik on and off fever je..

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Boring.waiting for all d participants to come.should have started about 10mins ago.bnyk nk story mory ni.
Nnti ade made ill try to blog about it
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Saturday, April 23, 2011


Pm shift today after 2 days off..
Maximised my precious time with the love ones.
keje kat emergency department keje shift
everyday keje..
NO WEEKEND at all..
every 4th day then kiteorg kene double shift-morning and night shift..
after night shift tu then day off..
tapi balik pon after pass over which is around 9am..and if u r unlucky petang tu ade CME or teaching session which u have to attend it..
therefore basically u xde cuti langsung la kan other than 8days cuti rehat in 4 months that u r eligible to)
then as another human being u fikir la best ke x best jadi doctor ni..
ur right as human is kind of denied kan?hahahhaa
hahaha..sebab banyak articles recently keluar sal how teruk doctor keje kan..
yes we worked 36hrs non stop if we r oncall..(kat posting lain lah sebab a&e keje shift)
and utk orang2 jonar mcm i yang kalau oncall cases non stop datang thus 36hrs without sleep would be so terribly exhausting and tiring..
oncall bukan setakat attend new cases tapi ward cases and bukan satu ward je...
"doctor, doctor tak tido ke doctor?xpenat ke?semalam sy tengok doctor dok tgk pt tu ni pagi ni pon doctor ade balik kul brape doctor"
ayat tu mmg common lah..
for those yang prihatin je lah..
sebab tu sometimes kalau orang request pelik2 malam2 buta rase macam nak meletup je...
yang baru masuk ptg tu then malam kul 2pagi nak keluar ward mmg mengundang kemarahan yang teramat lah..
mcm ari tu ade my friend mcm nak gaduh je ngan relative sorang pt ni..dtg sebab accident then kiteorg fight for urgent ulrasound malam2(mind u that susah nak mintak urgent ultrasound malam2 ni.radiologist bukan oncall stay hospital mcm org len),lepas kene sebakul bla bla bla penting ke, urgent ke bla bla dapat la ultrasound tu.yes we'll do anything for each pt yg dtg kan...kene marah dengan others tu biase lah...tapi yg ni lepas kene marah semua, lepas dpt ultrasound pt ni sesuke hati je nak mintak keluar.mmg stress gile ah member i tu..dah la relative tu mengarah die.and mind u that it was 4am in the morning ok.
alamak tetibe jadi cerita lain lak.actually nak cerita sal activities that ive done for the past 2 days.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Emergency Department

Malas nak sambung cerita semalam..just wanna talk more about emergency medicine..
My dear fellow bloggers, pls pls pls understand the most important point; Emergency Department is for Emergency cases!!!
Pleaseeeee..x ke kesian kat people who actually is very sick who has to wait longer for doctor to see them just becase the doctors have to entertain the non emergency cases?
Pls ok!
And i just cant understand people who came to a&e at 2-3am in the morning telling us that "doctor, saye batuk seminggu dah cume malam ni rase nak dtg hospital.mcm makin ok dah actually"
and snap!!she just want the medical certificate!
macam hello???
2nd example macam datang sebab ade mouth ulcer dlm mulut?erk??????
mmg la masuk green zone tapi xke better u pergi GP or klinik kesihatan je?

and the other important point is that sometimes casualty doctors dah tgk patients dah cume patients have to wait for the blood results or tunggu doctor yang casualty doctors referred datang tgk so masa diorang kat emergency department tu lame sket lah..tu yg waiting time lame tu...huhu..its not that doctors kat casualty not doing their job ok..
we r so enthusiastic to see the patient yang kalau nampak pt akan bangun terus pergi entertain pt tu...

Monday, April 18, 2011

my journey

Keje pm shift lagi..
and as usual kalau pm shift i have loadsss of time to open the net and do anything i want..hehe..:p
actually ingat nak shopping-online shopping but unfortunately i xde duit skarang ni..
im going to london this may so kene jimat2 sikit..
lagipon my mom tengah rennovate rumah so kene tolong sikit2...
anyways, tengah2 surf internet tgk facebook my brothers and cousins..
how time flies.

ingat lagi dulu waktu spm..i pergi interview for British Top Universities (BTU) gune my trial spm results..mase tu trial i dapat 9a 1b and teka la ape b tu..hahaha.of course la pendidikan islam..hahaha..masa i pergi tu i xbitau my parents but after tu i bitau die and my mom was so pissed off sebab die xnak i pergi overseas.. i pon actually xde la pasang niat tinggi pon nak g overseas..masa tu i mmg nak buat business dalam country jer..

i got the offer but xnak pergi, instead i masuk matriculation programme..i dapat kolej matrikulasi perak with tanti and mc mar my 2 bestie from xpecx..mmg enjoy sangat2 dok situ..masa tu mulalah my relatives called me and advised me suruh keluar matric and masuk banting to further my studies overseas.they told me kalau i masuk banting i confirm dah dapat medic while kalau stay matric xconfirm lagi..the problem on that time was that i dont want to be a doctor pon so i xkesah la kan..hahaa..i just want to be a businesswoman..

however, masa tengah syok kat matric tu my bestie tanti dapoat offer from uniten and die nak pergi uniten..sadiss..pastu i pon dh tergoda dengan my uncle punye godaan suruh accept the offer...die kate takkan la nanti best student mrsm ytb nak jadi businesswoman je.i pon aiyok camne ni.businesswoman lagi best dr kuli kat hospital...last2 tergoda maka jadilah mmasuk banting...

kat banting semuanye best students kan..semua pon yang dapat excellent results kan..and semua mmg kaki study..nak taknak akan jadi kaki study..kat banting la saye belaja makan sambil study, tido sambil study and bla hard jugak la kot sebab banting mmg xde pape pon untuk dienjoy kat nak tak nak buku jugak la mende paling best.hhahaha..

then got the offers to ireland..actually dapat royal college surgeons ireland and iumc but of course i xnak pergi rcsi sebab a senior told me so..die cakap rcsi xbest and yes i just love ucc...seronok belaja kat peeps , best teachers and best environment...

-to be contd

Sunday, April 17, 2011


started to enjoy my emergency posting..
quite interesting actually..
saw many patients with different complaints and different thoughts..
ade yang mmg saje request nak admission masuk ward
but ade yang gile2 punye xnak masuk ward..
ade yang sesuke hati die je nak absconded...
ade few psychiatric patient datang utk tido je.
non specific complaints..
ade yang mmg menakutkan datang screaming mende ngarut2 sebab hallucinations and nak baling2 barang..
ade yang datang sebab nak commit suicide
and last ade yang body brought by police after found dead..
yang last tu scary...that guy jumped from the 3rd floor of his apartment..
scary ok!
muke mayat tu memang terbayang2 n teerbawak2 dalam mimpi..
b4 ni mase anatomy class perfect punye mayat kan..
yang i saw tu memang hancur sketlah..huhu...
owh but one thing for sure...
facemask kene pakai 24/7 if u xnak infected..
yelah casualty kan frontliners..semua jenis penyakit pon dtg casualty so kite la yg kene dulu mcm skarang i dah ade runny nose, fever, cough and headache...
urti from i dont know who..

Thursday, April 14, 2011

premium beautiful

have been gaining weight recently..
bukan recently lah...after kawen dh naik sket dh...
dlm 5kg..hahahaha.
so usha2 internet kan..ade satu product corset ni mahal sket tapi mcm nampak menarik je..
sape pernah gune?
bleh share ke?


Ari ni keje petang..
malas tol...
hopefully pts x ramai la..
jangan datang ke hospital ye.hehe
anyways keje in Emergency Department ni bleh tengok mcm2 ragam manusia..
somehow certain pt bleh predicted..
kiteorg suke buat spot diagnosis..
mcm best gak la bile diagnosis tu betol kan..
and sometimes pt psychiatric datang kan..
nk abis clerk tu gelak2 dulu..
sebab layan je diorang kan..
ade sorang tu psy patient dtg cakap2 sambil tertidur ngan i...
i takut jugak la nampak cam aggressive kan..
tp best je layan die borak.hahaha.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Boring possible.cepatlah abis cme ni.haish
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Sunday, April 10, 2011


My current posting is so demotivating that it made me soo stresful to even wake up knowing that ive to go to work today..
I think the fact that i dont have weekend make it worst..
the peeps that im working with are excellent..
nampak pt terus bangun la tapi mmg stresful..
taktau ape yg buat die stressful..
mmmg la bnyk ragam bleh jumpe tapi i just dont like it..

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Tertengok front page satu newspaper not a fan of the opposition but looking at that page make me realize that wth?
newspaper tu kan was read by everybody...semua umur kan?children, teenagers pun kan and what do u think when they saw those?
tak ke rase memalukan?
i nak baca pon geli..
mmg x bace lah..
memalukann je kan?rase malu sangat2. if betol pon die buat mende tu xyah lah sampai nak published gambar macam tu as the front page pon..
sangat absurd ok!
and somehow i rase mende tu akan favour the opposition je instead of menjatuhkan diorang..

A & E

tak suke sangat A&E sebab xde weekend..
everyday kene keje...
pastu kalau oncall aka double shift (morning and night shift) esoknye dapat day off..
tapi day off pon xdapat day off sangat la sebabnye kalau ade CME or teaching kene attend..
dah la x dapat duit oncall...
xsukee!miskin rase..
pastu rase hak sebagai seorang manusia dinafikan sebab xdapat masa utk rehat sepenuhnye pon...haishh..
pastu dah la xsuke kalau nak refer diorg x marah kat kite tapi marah kat patient tapi berleter kat kite...
mcm ade kes, demam 2bln tapi patient dtg kul 2-3 pagi, mulelah orang yang kite refer medical ke paeds mo ke yang akan membebel2 as if kite lak yang salah.hahaha.
layan je dengar..
kesimpulannye saye xsuke a&e..
die mmg simple n straightforward tapi i just dont like it.
same macam anaes x rase attached sangat dgn pt...
lambatnye 4 bulan!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

kisah seribu satu malam

Percaya tak kat mende2 yang "pelik?"
tried not to believe kan tapi when terjadi kat diri sendiri and takde scientific explaination mesti terpercaye jugak kan?
Cth 1:
Kat my hse at the moment ade some sort of nocturnal chicken..haha..acceptable x name die?
dulu used to be 2 ekor but skarang tinggal seekor..tapi ayam ni peliknye die akan muncul right after azan maghrib and will be there till subuh,.azan subuh je die terus xde..dari mane die muncul susah nak cakap kan tapi yang pastinye kiteorg mmg xternak ayam lah...and mule2 dulu die kat luar pagar je..then skang ni dah masuk pagar and makin dekat la pulak dengan pintu rumah..weird kan?

Cth 2 :
Rumah kiteorg ni tengah tgk tv rilek2 kan tetibe dengar org turun tangga walhal semua orang pon dok kat bawah je...and kalau sorang dengar maybe sebab terkhayal ke or whatsoever tapi kalau ramai dgr tu mcm pelik kan?and kadang2 kipas terbukak sendiri and tertutup sendiri..kalau lampu tu saye bleh terima la kononnye pecah ke terbakar ke but kipas?

Cth 3 :
Penah x korang tengah nak tidur kat tingkat 1 rumah korang then nak tutup tv kan then tetibe nampak bayangan budak lari kat luar tingkap yang mustahil la kan sebab tengah malam and the other thing is that mane ade ground utk budak berlari pon.xkan berlari atas angin kot?

Cth 4 :
Bilik anda berbau pandan?yes daun pandan yang mmg semua orang kenal bau die tu kan?bibik saye cakap pandan ni gune die kalau kat indon nak mandikan mayat sebab xnak bau mayat tu busuk..bilik saye penah bau pandan and penah bau bunga2-an utk satu masa yang agak lame yang xilang walaupon bukak tingkap..

Cth 5 :
I was downstairs kan..nobody upstairs except my hset was charged beside his iphone kan..pastu my husband tetibe dengar my phone ringing..masa tu tepat2 jam 12am..ingatkan sape terus la nak angkat..sekali tengok number phone die yang call my phone without anyone touch his handphone..basically iphone die call my hphone automatically at 12am..pelik x?

Cth 6 :
Malam2 tetibe kan kadang2 dgr bunyi kuat atas bumbung macam something berlari2 atas bumbung and landing dengan hebatnye..thought it was musang but never till today i jumpe musang tu tapi sebab nak berfikiran positif i akan fikir musang je forever...

Ade sorang ustaz ni kate ade mende kat rumah i tapi wallahualam la kan..


Day 1 A&E:
not that bad at all..
pagi2 sampai round observation ward and bukak kedai kopi with Mila, Nadia n Yani..
among d best peeps i have since i started my housemanship..
kedai kopi was interuppted when another HO stopped us and cakap "korang, CCTV kat atas tu je and bilik bos kat depan tu"
and all of us were like, "shit, tatau pon"..
hahha..a&e takde bilik oncall, xde lunch hr, xde tempat ngumpat so terpaksa ngumpat kat mane2 pon...
and tengah round dengan mo, instead of focusing more on patients compaint she started to complaint about our handwritting...
yes, my handwritting is not that neat. lalalala..but yang tadi tu okay la jugak supposedly..die blum tgk kot my handwritting yang kul 2-3pagi..buruk abis ah,..hahaha..
anyways a&e best jugak apart from takde lunch time and weekend..or and oncall least ade shift ptg yang bleh bangun lambat yeehaa!!!
anywayskan, lately asked me;
"Aina bile ko nyer EDD/LMP?"
"Aina brape minggu dah"
hahahaha..bosan!mungkinkah sebab ive been gaining weight?
atau mungkinkah sebab ive been married for 1yr?
usually my answer would be;