Tuesday, August 31, 2010

i was so pissed off with d system yesterday.felt like quitting my job and become a doctor at d other places.or perhaps not a doctor.. at all...i think its only in d hrpz2 where h.o doesnt eligible for a long holiday..we cannot take more than 4days..and of course weekend is counted in.mcm xde hak je kan kite ni as human kan?no wonder many of my friends here are under psy follow up for depression...benci kan?
anyway citenye started with d district posting..my name was up again to go to district.macam siot je.mls nkckp dah

Thursday, August 26, 2010

i have a very bad gastritis since yesterday... a bad one that made me went to d clinic and had one injection for d pain.then today it worsen. i cant do anything because of d pain. i called my husband and he came to my ward.he insewrted a branula and give me iv ranitidine stat and iv maxolon. should have ommeperazole or panto p lambat nak amik.then i went to oncall room tdo kejap. i oncall today so xle akik mc.kalau x confirm dh amik mc.then i went for pm round..my specialistsangatlah baek die suruh saye head off home.saye ckp saye oncall.then die suruh sy rehat.saye sangat suke dieee...:)
anyway sile doakan oncall sy sejuk ari ni.doakan xramai pt yg masuk...amin..
owh n u know what..pagi td i went to airport sending my brother off to ireland.he took d 1st flight to kl.then i met parents someone ni. i tot die xkan suke i.they were soooo nice to me..still supernice to me..really thankful for that..ok saye nak solat asar....

Monday, August 23, 2010

xsempat nk update blog.internet prob..
saye post call.
saye tgh dlm ot.
saye tgh tgk TURP.
saye kene masuk ot ari ni.
ade 11 cases under spinal ari ni.
dan skrg dh kul 1 and br 2 cases.ongoing 2nd case.
jom bet kul brape i bleh balik malam ni?
1 pg?3pagi or xbalik langsung?
org yg buat ot list ni sangat ridiculous!
anyway saye nak cite..
sejak saye masuk keje kt hrpz2 ade sorang nurse ni yg i always hate and always feel like kicking her ass..
she works in d ot.
she is an old lady with wrinkles everywhere...
she loves scolding people..
it doesnt matter whether u r ho nor mo.
sume akan dimarah..
if u r a specialist,then it will make a difference...
td she was like suddenly dgn rude tolak i,amik bht frrom i
then sebab xde keje nak but die jalan dpn i, i sekat kaki die hoping die akan tersadung n jatuh....the plan works well.tp die xjatuh..

Saturday, August 14, 2010

yesterday was like heaven to me..
i slept like a baby!
woke up at 2pm yesterday..
padahal tdo xdela lmabat pon..1230 tdo after abis men futsal..
owh yeap...thurs nite went off playing futsal with cousins..
sangat contented..
rs kurus tetibe..
nyway i have a stomachache niiii..
dhla oncall.puasa some more..
mmg xlaratlah..
dh la rounds lambat gile abis...
n dh la specialist tu suruh i follow round die sampai periphery...
i nak upload gambar thru hset ni to pretty wittty angel tp xbole..
asek failed je..
owh n u know what?i met dr zek last week..
br transfer hrpz2 kot..
xsempat ckp banyak pon..
okie dookie nak rest kejap b4 new case masusk lagi..dh 2 dh acute appendicitis msuk....bosan dh clerk..okie..bye bye.selamat berbuka puasa

Monday, August 9, 2010

i am in my 4th posting at d moment.time flew by really quick.x sangka dh 1 yr jadi doctor aka kkm's slave...i br pas buat round..then ade this pt ade acute urinary retention..i nak insert cbd..sume mende i amik then ade satu mende tu abis stok.then i mintak baek2 ngan nurses then suprisingly die marah balik kat i cakap doktor cari la sendiri.kiteorg sume penat n sibuk.i was really pissed off.dh la ckp menengking then ckp sibuk n pnat.rs nak pijak2 je. diorg tu keje shift kottt.kiteorg ni keje dr kul 7pg td lagi n will be working for d next 24hrs kot.die keje xsampai 6 jam pon dh penat. dh la vitals pon n reports bukannye diorg buat.student nurses yg buat.camhaisg n for the first time ever i tinggikan suara. i told her' akak saye ni keje turun naik 3 tingkat n dh keje since pg td lagi. akak tu br dtg keje n duduk je dh penat.saye bukannye suruh assist pon. yela suruh assist mesti bnyk alasan. asssist saye boleh buat sendiri.saye nak lignocaine gel je.
then trus blah pg kt pt tu. i tunggu kt situ.masa tu decide dh die x kasi dlm masa 15mins i will document her name n tulis incident reporting. pastuh die nampak kot muke berubh n terkejut kot i tinggikan suara sket dtg la die kasi gel tu. i geram je nak cakap; "u nak ke one day ur father or ur husband dtg i msukkan cbd without lignocaine gel." germ je nak ckp yg tu tapi xcakap la.annoying gile kot...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

dh bersarang dh blog ni..huhu..
actually ive been blogging quite regularly tapi xtau nak post ke x..
tapi rs cam starting from today i nak tulis everyday lah..hehe
at d moment im waiting for my sister balik from kem...
i miss medical...
im in surgical posting at d moment..
i miss to hear "dr ade pt asystole"
"dr ade patient collapse".
i miss doing cpr..
i miss intubating a pt..
i miss defib a pt..
i miss using all my stamina running to get d abg result..
i miss walking like a zombie in a day time for sleepless night in d hospital..
n i miss doing procedures- inserting triple lumen, doing peritoneal dialysis, pleural tapping...
oh god i miss all those...i miss ortho juge...doing an amputation of toes...haha