Friday, November 26, 2010


last oncall in surgical department going to miss surgery so muchhh.i like
the people im working with..they re really nice..i dont know how to thank them for all d memorable memories..the unforgettable one of course my first skin to skin open appendicectomy..done within 50mins..notbadford first time surgeonkn?Hehe..thanks to my registrar for letting me and assisted me throughout d procedure...:)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

i love my job..get to know many people and learnt lots of new things.i just assisted one interesting paeds operation..sukeeee.
nyway my hubby was admitted for 3days ari tu..balik yesterday..skrg still mc nak kene recovery..i pulak asek oncall n oncall.penattt tp seronok..i really love my job..Hehe. owh ade 3 of my fellow colleagues r resigning..sume pon kt surgical n i told them plsss donttt.sayangkan.i tau pon cuz ofis called me tny diorg dtg keje ke x..huhj...
mmgla stressful keje but then kene pandai cari happiness utk de-stress..kene marah tu biasa la.keje mane mane pon daddynye company pon ramai je kene marah.kene pekakkkn telinga n assuming that they actually care about us mcm mother who scolded her children..diorg syg tu.hehe.
nyway my registrar ckp i am a bully.hehe.lepas fikir balik yes i am a bully.haha.lalala.
oklah i m going to sleep first.i oncall ot ni.ade few appendicectomy beratur n laparotmy for intestinal obstruction..owh ade kes fournier gangreneeee uuuu.xtdola jwbnye.haba.
owh td ade kes penectomy.ouch...

Monday, November 1, 2010


keje kat general hospital kat kb ni bole dapoat banyak experiences..mixed experiences..
i have a patient currently admitted in d hospital..
he has scrotun swelling for quite some time already...
it was painful..
i asked him why he did not come to hospital earlier..
he told me " pakcik takut nak dtg hospital.pakcik xder duit. nnanti takleh bayar"
i was clueless...
unable to talk further..
then on further history, i asked him whether he has any allergies to seafood or not..
then he told me "pakcik x pernah makan udang ketam sotong semua tu. mahal nak. nak makan nasi pun susah"..
once again clueless...
then i just told him i need to find something...
it made me realize how lucky i am...
boleh makan nasi...
ramai je org lain x bernasib baek..=(
kene bersyukur...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I I have a pt.23 y.o diagnosed with advanced colon carcinoma.I want to upload few pictures onto my blog but I just don't have d time to do so. I am in surgical posting at d moment. I've been d chief h.o since last month.thus, ivebeen occupied with oncall schedule, teaching schedule and all d small thingy. I am going to take 2 days off next week. I am tired of eod call, doing rounds, operations and everything. Plus I still having body ache post fall last week. It still sore. I went for a massage yesterday due to unbearable pain. Huhu.

Anyway 2 of my uncles are admitted in s hospital due to dengue fever..hope they r getting better soon...

Friday, October 1, 2010


i have so many things to writeee!!!
i just came back from lata tembakah today with my ex classmate Catherine.
She is an irish so everyone was staring at her when we walked along with her.
Anyways, i had a very thrilling experience today.
i almost drowned!
i terjun tu kuat sangat!!hanyutkan i!initially it was fun until ther 3rd layer when i fall on my bottom onto a rock, my scarf caming out and i couldnt feel the ground.
i tried to scream for help but nobody wanted to help me.
they just stared at mee!!
i wish my husband was there at that time.
he was oncalled today thus in d hospital instead of at the scene...
lepas tu mmg dh x masuk air dh..
and my hips and my pelvic bone still aching u know..
i cant get up from chair without having a pain score of 2-3/10.
i think i might need to go to the hospital and do a pelvic xray on myself..
need to rule out any fracture or so..

Sunday, September 19, 2010

i miss blogging soooo muchhh.i have soo many things to write..unfortunaqtely my internet buat hal.nyways xterlambat lg for me to wish everyone selamat hari raya!maaf zahir batin..sorry for everything..if i ever hurt ya, if i ever broke ur heart etcetera...
first of all i wanna thanks my hubby for a new lappie and new bracelet..also thanks to my parents for new jewelleries for my bday..thanks to my lil sis ijajah for the sauna set..and thanks to everyone for d warm wishes and special gifts during my bday..loveya..
2nd is that i met dr zek!in real life.he works as anaesthetist in hrpz2. xsangka jumpe blogger juge kat hospital ni.dr zek sangat baek..dh oncall dgn die twice..setiap kali oncall ngan die mesti kene call die carik ventilator..mesti ade pt yg nak kene intubated.hehe.
nyway gtg

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

i was so pissed off with d system yesterday.felt like quitting my job and become a doctor at d other places.or perhaps not a doctor.. at all...i think its only in d hrpz2 where h.o doesnt eligible for a long holiday..we cannot take more than 4days..and of course weekend is counted in.mcm xde hak je kan kite ni as human kan?no wonder many of my friends here are under psy follow up for depression...benci kan?
anyway citenye started with d district name was up again to go to district.macam siot nkckp dah

Thursday, August 26, 2010

i have a very bad gastritis since yesterday... a bad one that made me went to d clinic and had one injection for d pain.then today it worsen. i cant do anything because of d pain. i called my husband and he came to my ward.he insewrted a branula and give me iv ranitidine stat and iv maxolon. should have ommeperazole or panto p lambat nak amik.then i went to oncall room tdo kejap. i oncall today so xle akik mc.kalau x confirm dh amik mc.then i went for pm specialistsangatlah baek die suruh saye head off home.saye ckp saye oncall.then die suruh sy rehat.saye sangat suke dieee...:)
anyway sile doakan oncall sy sejuk ari ni.doakan xramai pt yg masuk...amin..
owh n u know what..pagi td i went to airport sending my brother off to ireland.he took d 1st flight to kl.then i met parents someone ni. i tot die xkan suke i.they were soooo nice to me..still supernice to me..really thankful for that..ok saye nak solat asar....

Monday, August 23, 2010

xsempat nk update blog.internet prob..
saye post call.
saye tgh dlm ot.
saye tgh tgk TURP.
saye kene masuk ot ari ni.
ade 11 cases under spinal ari ni.
dan skrg dh kul 1 and br 2 cases.ongoing 2nd case.
jom bet kul brape i bleh balik malam ni?
1 pg?3pagi or xbalik langsung?
org yg buat ot list ni sangat ridiculous!
anyway saye nak cite..
sejak saye masuk keje kt hrpz2 ade sorang nurse ni yg i always hate and always feel like kicking her ass..
she works in d ot.
she is an old lady with wrinkles everywhere...
she loves scolding people..
it doesnt matter whether u r ho nor mo.
sume akan dimarah..
if u r a specialist,then it will make a difference...
td she was like suddenly dgn rude tolak i,amik bht frrom i
then sebab xde keje nak but die jalan dpn i, i sekat kaki die hoping die akan tersadung n jatuh....the plan works die xjatuh..

Saturday, August 14, 2010

yesterday was like heaven to me..
i slept like a baby!
woke up at 2pm yesterday..
padahal tdo xdela lmabat pon..1230 tdo after abis men futsal..
owh yeap...thurs nite went off playing futsal with cousins..
sangat contented..
rs kurus tetibe..
nyway i have a stomachache niiii..
dhla oncall.puasa some more..
mmg xlaratlah..
dh la rounds lambat gile abis...
n dh la specialist tu suruh i follow round die sampai periphery...
i nak upload gambar thru hset ni to pretty wittty angel tp xbole..
asek failed je..
owh n u know what?i met dr zek last week..
br transfer hrpz2 kot..
xsempat ckp banyak pon..
okie dookie nak rest kejap b4 new case masusk lagi..dh 2 dh acute appendicitis msuk....bosan dh clerk..okie..bye bye.selamat berbuka puasa

Monday, August 9, 2010

i am in my 4th posting at d moment.time flew by really quick.x sangka dh 1 yr jadi doctor aka kkm's slave...i br pas buat round..then ade this pt ade acute urinary retention..i nak insert cbd..sume mende i amik then ade satu mende tu abis stok.then i mintak baek2 ngan nurses then suprisingly die marah balik kat i cakap doktor cari la sendiri.kiteorg sume penat n sibuk.i was really pissed off.dh la ckp menengking then ckp sibuk n nak pijak2 je. diorg tu keje shift kottt.kiteorg ni keje dr kul 7pg td lagi n will be working for d next 24hrs kot.die keje xsampai 6 jam pon dh penat. dh la vitals pon n reports bukannye diorg buat.student nurses yg buat.camhaisg n for the first time ever i tinggikan suara. i told her' akak saye ni keje turun naik 3 tingkat n dh keje since pg td lagi. akak tu br dtg keje n duduk je dh penat.saye bukannye suruh assist pon. yela suruh assist mesti bnyk alasan. asssist saye boleh buat sendiri.saye nak lignocaine gel je.
then trus blah pg kt pt tu. i tunggu kt situ.masa tu decide dh die x kasi dlm masa 15mins i will document her name n tulis incident reporting. pastuh die nampak kot muke berubh n terkejut kot i tinggikan suara sket dtg la die kasi gel tu. i geram je nak cakap; "u nak ke one day ur father or ur husband dtg i msukkan cbd without lignocaine gel." germ je nak ckp yg tu tapi xcakap la.annoying gile kot...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

dh bersarang dh blog ni..huhu..
actually ive been blogging quite regularly tapi xtau nak post ke x..
tapi rs cam starting from today i nak tulis everyday lah..hehe
at d moment im waiting for my sister balik from kem...
i miss medical...
im in surgical posting at d moment..
i miss to hear "dr ade pt asystole"
"dr ade patient collapse".
i miss doing cpr..
i miss intubating a pt..
i miss defib a pt..
i miss using all my stamina running to get d abg result..
i miss walking like a zombie in a day time for sleepless night in d hospital..
n i miss doing procedures- inserting triple lumen, doing peritoneal dialysis, pleural tapping...
oh god i miss all those...i miss ortho juge...doing an amputation of toes...haha

Friday, July 9, 2010


I was oncalled last night..
at HDW-high dependency ward...
Semalam malam jumaat..
HDW adalah tempat di mana ramai patients passed away...
husband saye penah cite waktu die oncall kat situ, ade sorang makcik tua yang agak tenat tapi still conscious..
die selalula bising2 then ade satu malam ni die diam sambil tengok kat 2 org nurses ni and my husband..
then nurses tu tanye la;
then makcik tu jawab,
then one of the nurses tu buat lawak,
then gelak2.pastu makcik tu jawab,
terus terdiam sume org n pergi buat keje lain dh. x duduk tempat tu dah.
and then last night kan nurses NOTED kat i ade sorang patient 5hrs post extubation yang CT Scan die normal tetibe merapu2 bercakap..
macam was talking to someone and staring at someone...
macam hallucinate la..
then i attended the patient..
he was in the isolation room as we were suspected him to have tb meningitis..
then raseeee semacamm gileeee dok sorang2..
like someone was staring at me..
ape lagii kan..
cabut lah..hahaha
amik blood pon cepat2..
then ade satu lagi patient ni...
die masuk sebab septicaemic shock secondary to PD Peritonitis..mata die always staring at something and terbeliak lak tu...sangat scaryyyyyyyyy...
hahaha ape tah merapu..
ok niniteee nak qada tido..

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fakta 1

Fakta Pertama

Aircond kat bilik adik saye kt atas rosak. So called electrician la kan repair. While was repairing d airconditioner tu, die terjumpe - tukul, gergaji, paku dan x sure amende tah satu lagi. Was left camtu je. Macam org nak pecah masuk ikut atap tapi failed. And i asked my sis, nape x report polis?
"report polis pon macam la dieorg buat something. Didnt do anything pun. Cam dulu rumah kite masuk pencuri then pencuri tu muke nampak gile through the CCTV and yet police x buat papepon.."
Then terfikir kejap, betul jugak kan? tapi mesti ade reason nape diorg xleh catch the pencuri kan?its not easy kan walaupon we did see the thief kat kedai makan kat depan lorong umah kiteorg. Tapi it actually happened few times. Kes2 kecurian kat kedai kiteorg, kat umah nenek and ours satu pon pencuri xdapat ditangkap walaupon evidence ade. Cam pelik jugak kan? Sampai kite ilang trust kat police tu kan?
Then i terfikir lagi, mungkin begitu agaknye some patients n relatives diorg yang datang hospital nak seek treatment tapi kiteorg xdapat treat him instead, he's getting worsen. Mungkin cam tu rasenye kan>same je kan? Mungkin its not as difficult as getting d right diagnosis to the right patient tapi mungkin masih susah kan?well xtau la tapi i do believe they are bunch of great policemen out there cume x jumpe je..=) Papepon thank u police for keep our country selamat walaupon x seselamat IRELAND.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

life is full of suprises

6 months ago, i never tot that i would get married with my husband..
7 months ago, i never tot that i would join ortho as my 2nd posting
8 months ago, i never tot that i would get engaged with my husband..
9 months ago, i never tot i would celebrate raya with my family...
10 months ago, i never tot that i would meet my husband..
11 months ago i never tot that i would be working in HRPZ 2
12 months ago, i never tot that i really chose to come back serving malaysia citizens as a doctor
13months ago, i never tot that i chose malaysia as my workplace...

it happened really fast..few things i would have regretted for not having a thorough thought prior to making d decisions and few others i will always cherish..=)

Monday, June 21, 2010


xnak g keje esok!!
dah la oncall esok!
shit betol..
oncall active call lak esok!!
rs nak jerit kuat2 je..
just came back from ecah's wedding..
before that went to bukit merah lake town resort, penang, sunway lagoon and mini gath kat ole-ole bali sunway pyramid.patutnye pergi kl tower but due to a very limited time, mini gath tu buat kat sunway pyramid..
enjo0yin myself!
rindu sangat nak balik zaman dulu2..
how i wish i am still a medical student and not a doctor..
penat la jadi doktor..
esok dh la oncal dgn tut tut..

Monday, June 14, 2010


Ok sekarang saje jagaa nephro unit..with another friend of mine yang terpaksa cover ward 2nd class and 1st class.. dulu HOD cakap ward 2nd class and 1st class patutnye MO yang round bukan HO. SOrnag MO satu ward je jaga yang patient medical x sampai 10 orang pon. very sket kan?tapi keje satu pon xleh buat. Bos pesan discharge, blood sume MO yang amik ward 2nd class and 1st class. Dulu MO UD 52 pon buat discharge but ade sorang MO baru ni. well die HO yang kene retain jadi MO la.dulu dh buat MO call waktu die HO tapi die buat hal so didowngradekan jadi la HO balik then now BOS BESAR pergi course so bos sorang lagi retain la die.
xkesah la kan nak retain die.
tapi die ni management tah pape.
Pastu kalau ade patient collapse bukannye nak attend.
Ade je alasan die.
For example dulu saye la kene. Patient saye HCO3 8 jer. memang acidotic gile.patient dh gasping pon. no know renal problem pon before. no ssx of pulmonary oedema pon. i informed die kan. die cakap
" sory aina aku xleh dtg. ade patient kat klinik aku tgh tgk"
n i was like WTF?patient kat klinik stabil kot and u were in charged of that patient kot?
and then i pon cakap kat die i nak kasi HCO3. Then die cakap
"tuh KO Punye plan. aku xde plan. ko tulis plan ko. aku xnak kasi.ko tanye kak S.(another MO)"
and i was like WHAT THE F***?cam hellO?
then i consult akak tu akak tu lak sebab bukan patient die and nak lunch hr, die cakap "AINA SAYE XDE KAT HOSPITAL"
padahal sah2 die kat bilik oncall.hahaha.
then i pon memberanikan diri call specialist terus la consult. then specialist came.
yes dear, specialist came but not the MO.specialist suruh kasi bicarb la kan sebab hco3 die kan sangat low.
i rase cam je tunjuk plan tu kat muke si mo tu.

anyway ari ni my colleague kan.kiteorg nephro unit, kene cover Haemodialysis unit juge kan. so kalau ade patient tetibe bleeding from IJC site ke ape site ke kene pergi attend. patient ade chills and rigors during Haemodialysis pon kene attend terus. And ari ni nak dijadikan cite 5 discharge and 4 new cases yang 3 of them nak kene buat peritoneal dialysis.
Then bos lak buat round kul 4. then mane la sempat nak buat PD sume. Sempat buat satu. tu pon xsempat nak lunch break pon kan.xkesah la kan. then ward 8 call la (2nd class ward) cakap ade patient gasping. die kate die dh call MO yang tersebut tapi Mo tu xnak attend. MCM WTF la kan?then mase tu i tgh buat PD and my colleague pon same then cakap kat nurse tu suruh call MO again. pastuhhhhhhhhhhhhh MO tu jawab die bz.
I rase die busy tidor je..die jaga satu ward jeee?ari ni xde klinik pon?ape je lagi?ala macam xtau la kan.i penah cover die waktu specialist tanye mane MO?die mase tu g beli nasi utk adik ipar die and beli lauk kat pasar. mase tu rs cam boleh tahan lagi tapi from ari ni bubye la.
lepas tu my colleague berlarii la g attend patient tu.dh la minah ni oncall.i pulak siapkan another 2 PD and mende remeh2 dlm ward. Pastu kul 7 tadi i received a call from my colleague suara stress gile cakap patient tu passed away and that damn MO x attend langsung.
teruk kan?
sangat irresponsible kan?
sume staff nurses so far yg saye pergi sume ward la kan sume xsuke die
sume cakap die eksen terer.
xtau la camne die nak jaga family die kalau perangai macam hantu.
oh sia2 je cakap sal mamat ni.
xgune langsung.
tambah dosa je.
ok sekian

Friday, June 11, 2010


I never tot that I will meet a patient as young as 27 y.o with MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION!
27 y.o married with 1 child.
The only risk factor- Smoking!!!
We did an angiogram on him and found red thrombus in his LAD.
Macam x percaye je kan 27 y.o with MI.
And he was actually mistreated as having gastritis when he actually presented with typical history of chest pain at GP.
Mesti diorg tersalah sebab ingat die too young to get MI.
Or maybe doctor yang tengok die tu yg induction pon blum pegi lagi tapi dh buat locum.
well i dont know.
ok nanti sambung balik.
ade ward called.
(tengah oncall.hahaha)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Acute Myelopastic leukemia

I have a patient.
He is a 51 y.o supernice gentleman.
He is diagnosed with AML in February/March 2010.
He was admitted last week for his 3rd chemo.
His initial WBC was 8.9. After 5days of admission/chemo; his WBC is 1.
His BP is in lowish side.
He has temperature of 39.5.
He is in sepsis.
But that was not things that i want to talk about.
This pakcik, made me cried few times.
I was so attached with him eventho i just knew him for a week.
He is married with 3children. The eldest is 15y.o and the youngest is 10y.o.
He was a tukang rumah before he got sick.
He was unable to work for the past few months for his illness.
He is currentlty under Kebajikan Masyarakat and received at most Rm300 a month.
When we saw him in d hospital prior to his admission for chemo, my specialist asked him;
"Pakcik, ni nak balik rumah ni pakcik nak naik ape?"
"xper doctor. Nanti pskcik cari kereta tambang"
"Xper pakcik. Pakcik ade duit ke tu?Kalau xder ssye boleh organisekan ambulance utk pakcik".
"xper doctor. Biar orang yang lagi susah dari saye naik. saye boleh cuba usahakan"

Then he went back with the taxi. He was again admitted for chemotherapy. When i wanted to give his chemo-cytarabine high dose, he asked me;
"Doctor, agak2 lepas ni pakcik boleh makan x?skarang ni rase tak sedap dah. lepas chemo lagi teruk. Dah la makanan hospital ni tawar rasenye"
"xpe pakcik insyaAllah. Saye bagi pakcik ubat kumur utk ilangkan rase sakit2 dalam mulut pakcik tu.Pastu pasal makan tu pakcik kirim kat adik2 student nurses ni. Saye sendiri kirim kat diorg je."
"takpelah.esok pakcik kirim sebabnya orang rumah pakcik takleh dtg 2 hari ni. takde orang nak jaga anak2 kat rumah dan anak2 pakcik ada aktiviti dekat sekolah dia"
Then the next day i came he asked me for a sweets. He was nauseated even after given him IV Kytryl(5HT3 antagonist).I gave him few and he wanted to pay for that.
Tak tau kenapa tapi sangat tersentuh when pakcik tu keluarkan purse dia utk bayar gula2 tu. Gula2 tu 20sen je mungkin harga die tapi die still nak bayar. Macam kalau orang lain bagi rm 5 pon tentu xdenye nak bayar kan. Tapi utk orang susah macam dia yang duit tak seberapa rm0,20 pun masih mahu membayarnya. I dont know how to express it tapi macam dia orang yang jujur dan baik hati la.
Then the next day i datang review him again. He told me regarding his children and while was telling me the stories about his children he was sheding his tears. Statement yang saya akan ingat sampai bila2;
"kadang2 bila terfikir saya ni takk lama serba tak kena saya. Anak2 kecik lagi. Yang bongsu tu kalau cakap pakcik nak masuk hospital nangis2 taknak kasi pakcik pergi. Yelah die kecik lagi mungkin xfaham yang dalam hidup ni semua akan mati. Saya tak tau macam mana diorang nak makan lepas ni. Yang orang rumah pula tak tau nak buat kerja sangat, Kalau x boleh jual2 kuih ke. Anak pakcik pandai2. CIkgu sayang diorg. Sedih kalau tgk kadang2 diorg makan xcukup lauk. Tapi tu yang mampu pakcik dapat sekarang ni."
And guess what?keluar je from bilik pakcik tu i went to the toilet and cried. Macam rase jahatnyeeeee diri ini selama ini. Makan beli lauk banyak2 then x abis. Elektrik pakai x berjimat. Baju tak suke buang.=(

Sorry.Mungkin ade yang bosan dengan entry yang xde kaitan sangat pon dgn ape2 n mungkin xdifahami tapi saya rase nak menulisnye. I dont think im capable of doing oncology. I cant control my own feelings. I am so attached to them. I was enthusiastic enough to find the patient;s hse just to give him his medications. I scold people for lambat ambik chemo drugs. I gave my phone numbers to my patient just so they could contact me if anything happens and so many other things that i have done just because i am emotional and attached to them. Mungkin terover EMPATHY.huhu

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Falling in love is d easist thing to do.
and letting go is d most difficult thing to do.
somehow when i watched adamaya and when i heard already gone by kelly and separuh jiwaku pergi by anang i felt sorry to myself.
i cant explain why but it breaks my heart.:(

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Pls, pls,
ramai la new HO masuk HRPZ 2.
sangat penat.
kami hanya ade berape ketul H.O je skang.
tu tak tolak yang sesuke hati nak meng EL kan diri.
Tapi tadi postcall pon sempat lepak2. Mengswimmingkan diri kat kondo, melepakkan diri makan2 kat tepi sungai dan juge membowlingkan diri.
Ok la tu kan?haha.
Anyways sape nak kawen june cepat booked. dah more than 10 ni wedding invitation i dapat for june ni.hahaha

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A patient

I have a patient.
She is a 16 y.o school girl.
She presented with a mass in her abdomen 5months ago.
She only noticed the mass in her abdomen only few weeks prior to hosp admission.
Upon admission, the mass is about uterus at 28weeks size.
A very filthy big mass for a 16y.o pleasant girl who just weighted 30kg.
An urgent ultrosound made upon d admission and malignancy detected in her ovary. The mass was so big that we could not appreciated whether it came from the right or left ovary.
A very ugent operation organised for her.
She went into d operation. However d tumour couldnt be removed as it was attached to underlying structure and was so friable.
She developed severe haemorrhage with more than 2litres blood loss.
She was sent to the ICU for close monitoring.
Then she was transfer out to gynae ward.
Her condition worsen on that time.
There was a time when she suddenly cried and started to mumbling things as if she was going to die.
One day when i was oncalled she suddenly collapsed and was transfer out to ICU again.
Before she was t/o to the ICU she specifically asked me to accompany me to the ICU and made me promised to visit her everyday while she lives.
Luckily, the tumour that she has is responsive to chemotherapy.
She underwent few chemo cycles and 2days ago she just had her 2nd operation- Total Abdominal Hysterectomy. That filthy big tumour shrunk with the chemo regime and managed to be removed with hysterectomy.
And she recovers very well.
I went to visit her and she gave me a smile that made me so contented, satisfied and gladful.
Her smile provoked undescribable feelings in my heart that made me forgot all the stresses and sadness that i had so far in my journey as a doctor .=)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i love u pakcik.hahaha

haha thanks encik hubby.hehe
anyway im in my 3rd posting already.
time flew by so quickly.
cant believe that its almost a yr dh saye sudah jadi doctor.
im in medical posting at d moment.
jaga ward lelaki
and jaga cubicle org xnak jaga.
HIV +ve patients and TB patients.
aaa xsuke.
most of them pon IV drug user.
line die nak dapat masuk branula sangat la susah.
pg tadi mencabar kesabaran la
vein tangan die gune sume dh utk drugs abuse.
mmg die sendiri admit xde tempat utk cucuk.
kaki die lak satu tu amputated dah
and the other one lak mcm baru healed from osteomyelitis post plating(infected implant)
so worst come to worst, i'd inserted branula at his thumb!!!
siaptanye opinion die dulu..
tapi cuak gakkkkkk masa nak insert.sebab rs die mcm boleh buat anything je sebab tangan die sebelah je kene gari.hahaha
masuk posting medical ni lunch mmg jgn berharap sangat lah kan.
U r so damn lucky to have time for a lunch!
hahhaa.gile x?
seb baek i berjaya paksa my bibik to cook for me nasi goreng everyday for my breakfast.
xpe. kejap je lagi then 2 yrs then i boleh quit keje n jadi lecturer or businesswoman.hahaha.dh xrase nak jadi specialist ID.haaha.
kadang2 keje doctor best gak esp when org cakap time kasih or dengar ayat mcm sorang pakcik ni cakap(he's not even my patient!)
"doctor, pakcik nak cakap sket kat doctor. 50tahun pakcik berulang alik kat hospital masuk keluar hspital tapi xpenah pakcik jumpe doktor perempuan seaktif doctor. cekap and cepat buat teruskan keje mcm tu ye doctor.bagus utk negara"
i was so impressed and terus bersemangat utk keje.
ok nak makan.lapar.hahaha.

Friday, April 2, 2010

mY Lovely Wife...

hahahah...sayek curik password my wife..huhuhu

anyway..saje nak menyibuk kat blog my darling neh...nampak selalu gak die tulis mende ni..walau diriku ini tidak pandai la sangat menjadi seorg blogger ni hihih..

mmm sekarang ni da 3 bulan dah kitorg kawin......alhamdulillah...syukur pada Allah SWT atas segala rahmatnya....rase hepi sgt2...walau mase awal2 kawin dulu kitorg da kene pisah...nak kene g tanah merah la...tapi yg lebih kelakarnyer adalah bile aina balik ke KB its my turn pulak nak kene g tanah merah hihihi...pejam celik pejam celik dah tinggal lagi 1minggu kat sane..then balik KB....horeee....pastu yg lagik best...dtg dok 1 department lagi ghagagagga.....

dulu kat tanah merah pun...tiap kali aina oncall..sure diriku dtg teman die...mane tak nyee...quartes tu seraM GILE..Jauh la jugak dari spital..pastu...ade ke banduan pulak terlepas tak situ,,,huhuhu,,,,sape tak sayang bini oii,,,,cantik n cute lak tu ahhahaha...

eh jap..sebebnarnyer...ape tujuan menyibuk sini nak cakap ...yang SAYA SAYANG AWAKKKK...!!!!!HePi MoNThaVassaRyyy.... (adiah nnt kumpul eh...hihihi)..

okla da tak nak nyibuk,,,nnt nak tulis lagi,,,,,nak g semayang jumaat..



ur HubBy

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hospital Tanah Merah

Im enjoying my life in Hospital tanah Merah except for its creepy quarters (at nite).
I dh oncall 3kali kat situ.
And tido xpenah terganggu.
Malam after buat pm review ( tu pun selected patients from 12 patients) i dh xde keje dh.
usually xde kes dh after that.
Penah sekali je la kene keluar pergi wad kul 1pagi.
Tu pon sebab nak insert branula.
Kalau x mmg xyah. Nurse dh xleh buat dh sebab tu die panggil.
Kalau x nurses kat situ mmg superb punye baek hati.
Boleh tolong kite la.
Kalau pagi2 lak, bloods xyah risau.
Unless patients yg mmg susah baru die call kite.
Kalau x adik2 ade ramai yg nak tolong amikkan.hahaha
sekali ngan cikgu diorg amikkan.
and guess what?
ari yg bukan klinik by 930am i dh jobless.
kacau2 kawan2 surgery, medical sebab we r sharing the same ward.
There is only 1 male ward, 1 female ward and 1 paeds ward.
Owh ong juge. tapi tu tolak tepi lah.hehe
Mcm 2 days ago. I was oncalled.
I tido kul 930pm and x bangun2 dh sampai pagi utk morning round lak.
heaven la.
cume nak kene berulang kb tm tu je.
Tapi not that bad. I penah bawak 140/160 ( xtau la brape banyak saman dpt bulan ni) and dapat sampai in 20minutes!!hahaha.
Kalau x normally 40-50mins.
Kalau petang jem sket boleh sampai 1hr.
Tapi keje bukan banyak pon even BD round.
Patients pon ade la dlm 14-15.
1/8 dari patients kat HRPZ(2).
and lagi best kan sebab sume org pon baek gile.
Senang nak mintak tolong.
Specialist pon baek.
MO pon baek.
MA pon baek.
Nurses pon baek.
I rs i nak apply district dh pasni.hehe.:p

P/s : Pija aha die dh start sending housmen for a month kat district hospital. Tapi xsume posting la. diorg ckp if dh penah pergi the likelihood utk pg the next posting tu krg. Tapi best pija dok district. Eventho oncall EOD pon (Every other day) tapi xpenat. hehe.=)


Im upset. Really am.
Esok Majlis Menyambut Menantu.
Ari keje n sekolah untuk THE WHOLE KELANTAN.
So only my parents and FEW of my aunties will be there.
My siblings?
Im so damn upset.
Macam blaming everyone juge.
And u knw what?
Die mcm patient with haemophiliakan.
Dh la ade higher tendency untuk bleeding kan?
pastu ditambah dengan heparin solution.
What do u expect kan?
bleeding ++ +++++++++++

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

soklan femes

When i was a standard 6 student, the most fav question was :-
# UPSR dapat brape A?

When i was a form 3 student, the most fav question was :-
# PMR dapat brape A

When i was a form 5 student, the most fav question was :-
# SPM dapat brape A

When i got my SPM results, the most fav question was :-
# pasni nak buat ape?

When i entered Kolej MARA Banting, the most fav question was :-
# Bile nak fly?

When i was in UCC, the most fav question was :-
# Bile nak abis?

When i came back to Malaysia, the most fav question was :-
# Bile nak start keje?

When i started working, the most fav question was :-
# Bile nak kawen?

And now I am married(only a month tho), the most fav question IS :-
# Bile nak dapat anak?

hahah.bosan nak jawab. im not ready yet for a baby dear. Im still enjoying my sweet life.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Once upon a time i had this weirdo in friendster who stalked me and copied some of my photos and now i have a new one. Nur Aina Darweesha her name. She existed in facebook. She used my photo for her primary photo for the god sake!!haishh!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Weird dream

I had a very weird dream today. very weird one. It was a short nap but felt like a very long sleep.
I dreamt of 2 makcik tua berkemban sarung datang to my hse and took away my husband. Makcik tua yang sangat tua tau. 80-90s punye range of age. Pelik sket.
Weird and it did scare me out. Im oncall tomorrow and u know the quarters kat htm tu creepy gile kot. Oh anyway new update of my life. Ive been transfered to Hospital Tanah Merah. Only for a month though.
The hospital is a very nice hospital. Situated kat atas bukit, very small hospital and the people over there r super nice. They seem to knw each other and somehow i feel like i am back in Cork city. =)

Monday, February 8, 2010

help me!
im trapped in this stuffy,crowded,smelly room in aq
&e with that smelly bastard and the other s.i cant even breathe.i just hate them so much. asphyxiated!
a voice inside me wanted to get out and screamed out loud. stop turturing my friends as if u r that great.damn u.kesian diorg.haishhhh

Saturday, February 6, 2010

guess where am i at the moment?
im in d ot watching my mo and my other colleague doing a wound debridement.i did not scrubbed in as it is a simple procedure that do not need 2 housemen to scrub in together.
anyhow im going to hkk this coming tuesday.who wants to teman me over there for a month?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

bom ikan

postcall.sleep well since 0230.
not that bad huh?
sedangkan ade pt kul 0000++ tu spo2 dropping.
sesuke hati diagnosed die as fluid overload n kasi iv lasix 40mg stat.
then spo2 die under high flow mask 15 increase balik.
then lepas tu x pegi rv dh.haha.penat.
total ortho cases semalam 7 (discharged), admitted 5 and referal 1.
paling best pt dtg yg burn sebab kene bom ikan.
bom ikqan tu meletup.
bijak pandai buat bom ikan kan?
lagi bijak pandai buat sambil isap rokok.
teruk gak.3 ke 4 involved.
bom tu senang je.
racun buluh plus habuk kayu.
menurut mamat tu la.
die kate mampatkan then jemur then meletup.hahaha
boleh x if sy nk gune idea tu bom that idiot?haha

Monday, February 1, 2010

that stupid bakap.

Damn u stupid old man!
u dumb ass!!
I never expected that in my life i will ever meet this kind of specialist!
U gaji dh besar nape still nak jeles2 denngan ur house officer?
mcm bodo gile kan?
boleh die kuar statement ni ari ni;
"yelah maklum la skarang ni housemen sume anak orang kaya, xleh nak susah sket"
(die ckp dlm sleng satu negeri ni yang sangat pekat yang seriously english die mmg habuk xpaham la.hahaha.opss.)
tp u dunce moron!
i xfaham nape la die snagat2 jeles dengan saye ni.
im sorry u dumbass motherf***** ( this is the first time ever i use those kind of words in my blog but i just cant help it. i rase cam nak je doakan kejatuhan die tapi xbaek kan tapi seriussss.)
its not my fault that u have to tahan perut not to eat and owe ur friends sebab nak beli buku.
its not my fault that u were weak enough to take care of ur wife.
its not my fault taht u have to suffer when u were a medical student.
its not my fault that u have to wait for some time to get ur wife.
its not my fault that u have to go back at 11pm or whatsoever when u were a junior doctor (buat keje slow sape suruh)
mcm hampeh.
anyho, i hope u r satisfied for what u have done but remember, i will always keep this to my heart and memories. i would never ever forget it and ....

Saturday, January 30, 2010

a doctor

OMG..Havent been blogging for quite a while.
Life has been real hectic..
not the married life that put me away from the blogging world but my damn shit job.
Seriously!!i hate my job.
I dont like orthopedic.
To add more spices, i hate those arrogant, smelly and always-right S.
S is not is. S is ARE. S is xxxxx.Only if u work in the hosp[ital and read the hospital notes, then u would know what does it mean.
Owh before im forget, call me 56 not aina from this moment on cuz that what our S want to call us. they allocate each of us (house officers) with number and started calling us with number. Ridiculous right?yes, that is what they r doing at the moment.

Anyways, stop talking about that damn silly job. Already had enough in hospital. U know, sometimes i feel like i want to burn all the motorcycle in the world so that i dont have to attend all the mat rempit who came withh open fractures, bleeding ++, AIDs and bla2.
Im not a good doctor.
Im a great pretender. I can fake a smile all day long and i can laugh out loud outside but inside i feel like screaming and crying.

ahhh i still talking about that damn job that caused bunch of my friends depression and dont be suprised if i told ya that few of my friends had suicidal intention due to that stressful job.few of my friends quit their job. few of them needs regular follow up and therapy with the psychiatrist and few of them even took anti depressant. what more can we ask kan?a noble job, a doctor is kan?so padan muka la?