Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hospital Tanah Merah

Im enjoying my life in Hospital tanah Merah except for its creepy quarters (at nite).
I dh oncall 3kali kat situ.
And tido xpenah terganggu.
Malam after buat pm review ( tu pun selected patients from 12 patients) i dh xde keje dh.
usually xde kes dh after that.
Penah sekali je la kene keluar pergi wad kul 1pagi.
Tu pon sebab nak insert branula.
Kalau x mmg xyah. Nurse dh xleh buat dh sebab tu die panggil.
Kalau x nurses kat situ mmg superb punye baek hati.
Boleh tolong kite la.
Kalau pagi2 lak, bloods xyah risau.
Unless patients yg mmg susah baru die call kite.
Kalau x adik2 ade ramai yg nak tolong amikkan.hahaha
sekali ngan cikgu diorg amikkan.
and guess what?
ari yg bukan klinik by 930am i dh jobless.
kacau2 kawan2 surgery, medical sebab we r sharing the same ward.
There is only 1 male ward, 1 female ward and 1 paeds ward.
Owh ong juge. tapi tu tolak tepi lah.hehe
Mcm 2 days ago. I was oncalled.
I tido kul 930pm and x bangun2 dh sampai pagi utk morning round lak.
heaven la.
cume nak kene berulang kb tm tu je.
Tapi not that bad. I penah bawak 140/160 ( xtau la brape banyak saman dpt bulan ni) and dapat sampai in 20minutes!!hahaha.
Kalau x normally 40-50mins.
Kalau petang jem sket boleh sampai 1hr.
Tapi keje bukan banyak pon even BD round.
Patients pon ade la dlm 14-15.
1/8 dari patients kat HRPZ(2).
and lagi best kan sebab sume org pon baek gile.
Senang nak mintak tolong.
Specialist pon baek.
MO pon baek.
MA pon baek.
Nurses pon baek.
I rs i nak apply district dh pasni.hehe.:p

P/s : Pija aha die dh start sending housmen for a month kat district hospital. Tapi xsume posting la. diorg ckp if dh penah pergi the likelihood utk pg the next posting tu krg. Tapi best pija dok district. Eventho oncall EOD pon (Every other day) tapi xpenat. hehe.=)


Im upset. Really am.
Esok Majlis Menyambut Menantu.
Ari keje n sekolah untuk THE WHOLE KELANTAN.
So only my parents and FEW of my aunties will be there.
My siblings?
Im so damn upset.
Macam blaming everyone juge.
And u knw what?
Die mcm patient with haemophiliakan.
Dh la ade higher tendency untuk bleeding kan?
pastu ditambah dengan heparin solution.
What do u expect kan?
bleeding ++ +++++++++++

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

soklan femes

When i was a standard 6 student, the most fav question was :-
# UPSR dapat brape A?

When i was a form 3 student, the most fav question was :-
# PMR dapat brape A

When i was a form 5 student, the most fav question was :-
# SPM dapat brape A

When i got my SPM results, the most fav question was :-
# pasni nak buat ape?

When i entered Kolej MARA Banting, the most fav question was :-
# Bile nak fly?

When i was in UCC, the most fav question was :-
# Bile nak abis?

When i came back to Malaysia, the most fav question was :-
# Bile nak start keje?

When i started working, the most fav question was :-
# Bile nak kawen?

And now I am married(only a month tho), the most fav question IS :-
# Bile nak dapat anak?

hahah.bosan nak jawab. im not ready yet for a baby dear. Im still enjoying my sweet life.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Once upon a time i had this weirdo in friendster who stalked me and copied some of my photos and now i have a new one. Nur Aina Darweesha her name. She existed in facebook. She used my photo for her primary photo for the god sake!!haishh!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Weird dream

I had a very weird dream today. very weird one. It was a short nap but felt like a very long sleep.
I dreamt of 2 makcik tua berkemban sarung datang to my hse and took away my husband. Makcik tua yang sangat tua tau. 80-90s punye range of age. Pelik sket.
Weird and it did scare me out. Im oncall tomorrow and u know the quarters kat htm tu creepy gile kot. Oh anyway new update of my life. Ive been transfered to Hospital Tanah Merah. Only for a month though.
The hospital is a very nice hospital. Situated kat atas bukit, very small hospital and the people over there r super nice. They seem to knw each other and somehow i feel like i am back in Cork city. =)

Monday, February 8, 2010

help me!
im trapped in this stuffy,crowded,smelly room in aq
&e with that smelly bastard and the other s.i cant even breathe.i just hate them so much. asphyxiated!
a voice inside me wanted to get out and screamed out loud. stop turturing my friends as if u r that great.damn u.kesian diorg.haishhhh

Saturday, February 6, 2010

guess where am i at the moment?
im in d ot watching my mo and my other colleague doing a wound debridement.i did not scrubbed in as it is a simple procedure that do not need 2 housemen to scrub in together.
anyhow im going to hkk this coming tuesday.who wants to teman me over there for a month?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

bom ikan

postcall.sleep well since 0230.
not that bad huh?
sedangkan ade pt kul 0000++ tu spo2 dropping.
sesuke hati diagnosed die as fluid overload n kasi iv lasix 40mg stat.
then spo2 die under high flow mask 15 increase balik.
then lepas tu x pegi rv dh.haha.penat.
total ortho cases semalam 7 (discharged), admitted 5 and referal 1.
paling best pt dtg yg burn sebab kene bom ikan.
bom ikqan tu meletup.
bijak pandai buat bom ikan kan?
lagi bijak pandai buat sambil isap rokok.
teruk gak.3 ke 4 involved.
bom tu senang je.
racun buluh plus habuk kayu.
menurut mamat tu la.
die kate mampatkan then jemur then meletup.hahaha
boleh x if sy nk gune idea tu bom that idiot?haha

Monday, February 1, 2010

that stupid bakap.

Damn u stupid old man!
u dumb ass!!
I never expected that in my life i will ever meet this kind of specialist!
U gaji dh besar nape still nak jeles2 denngan ur house officer?
mcm bodo gile kan?
boleh die kuar statement ni ari ni;
"yelah maklum la skarang ni housemen sume anak orang kaya, xleh nak susah sket"
(die ckp dlm sleng satu negeri ni yang sangat pekat yang seriously english die mmg habuk xpaham la.hahaha.opss.)
tp u dunce moron!
i xfaham nape la die snagat2 jeles dengan saye ni.
im sorry u dumbass motherf***** ( this is the first time ever i use those kind of words in my blog but i just cant help it. i rase cam nak je doakan kejatuhan die tapi xbaek kan tapi seriussss.)
its not my fault that u have to tahan perut not to eat and owe ur friends sebab nak beli buku.
its not my fault that u were weak enough to take care of ur wife.
its not my fault taht u have to suffer when u were a medical student.
its not my fault that u have to wait for some time to get ur wife.
its not my fault that u have to go back at 11pm or whatsoever when u were a junior doctor (buat keje slow sape suruh)
mcm hampeh.
anyho, i hope u r satisfied for what u have done but remember, i will always keep this to my heart and memories. i would never ever forget it and ....