Sunday, September 19, 2010

i miss blogging soooo muchhh.i have soo many things to write..unfortunaqtely my internet buat hal.nyways xterlambat lg for me to wish everyone selamat hari raya!maaf zahir batin..sorry for everything..if i ever hurt ya, if i ever broke ur heart etcetera...
first of all i wanna thanks my hubby for a new lappie and new bracelet..also thanks to my parents for new jewelleries for my bday..thanks to my lil sis ijajah for the sauna set..and thanks to everyone for d warm wishes and special gifts during my bday..loveya..
2nd is that i met dr zek!in real life.he works as anaesthetist in hrpz2. xsangka jumpe blogger juge kat hospital ni.dr zek sangat baek..dh oncall dgn die twice..setiap kali oncall ngan die mesti kene call die carik ventilator..mesti ade pt yg nak kene intubated.hehe.
nyway gtg