Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nasi beriyani for iftr

Who wants nasi beriyani for iftar?hehe. Had nasi beriyani cooked by my brother and sister in law.super-delicious!!
My mom made us a caramel pudding which is super tasty and i believed i have gained 2kilos in a night!haha

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Oh my shoes!!!

Berjalan2 Round ward and review pt kat casualty,beli makanan utk berbuka and bla2 dengan kasut yg hancussss.hahhaha


Cousins tdo same2.hehe comel jeee

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Marissa finally met her cousin-maryam!!!marissa sanggup tdo lambat smlm sebab nak jumpe maryam!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Post vaccination fever

Marissa has a high grade fever since last night..38.1..post vaccination fever..she had a high grade temp previously post pneumococcal 2mnths and today she has it again post pneumococcal vaccine 4mnths..
We gave her syrup paracetemol regular dose since yesterday..apart from tht we did a tepid sponging too!
My bibik told me to use cucumber..so here it is-marissa with cucumber on op of her head..

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Should have gone to a clini for marissa's 2nd pneumococcal vaccine..unfortunately mommy and daddy collapsed tdo tak hengat sampai almost 4!!!lepas siap2 kan marissa it was 5 already and sampai je clinic h tutup..so esok la kot..hopefully marissa sehat je and if demam pon fully recover by saturday:.reasonnye?-mommy is going to oncall again on sunday..haiya..


I had a very eventful oncall last night..2 patients passed away and the other 2 were intubated due to resp distress..admission was only 4 but the patients in ward were not stable.. I had 4 patients developed chest pain last night whereby 2 were diagnosed to have acute coronary syndrome and the other 2 were fluid overload...
I thought it was over at 6am unfortunately i'd received a call from casualty saying that there was a male gentleman came with sudden onset shortness of breath and pleuritic chest pain with oxygen under high flow mask and continuous nebs was only 69%. Arterial blood gas showed a type 2 respiratory failure..chest xray done and revealed a large pneumothorax..so there u go-chest tube stat!!
Alhamdulillah managed to do chest tube to that patient in only a short time.oxygen saturation picked up to 100% post chest tube..
Before i ended my call received call from anaes team that my patient in icu collapsed due to resp distress and need for urgent intubation..
It has been really busy these past few days..every department..my husband had to do few caesars last night..my fellow paeds mo had a very unstable neonates last night..my colleagues had to break her fast at 3am 2days ago while my other colleague had only milo for her sahur as she was busy attending a patient..
Ok now im heading home..i am on leave today and tomorrow..sayonary hospital..i wont b seeing u until next week!hooray!!
Marissa!!mommy and daddy r coming

Tuesday, July 24, 2012



Sit unsupported

She can sit unsupported already!!yayyy!!next?hehhe.
But of course kiteorg taruk tgn kt belakang just in case die terjatuh ke..
Miss u so much my darling marissa!!!!

Busy day

Busyyy day today i must say!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


My marissa suddenly developed rashes!!realized it while bathing her yesterday..she has no fever so unlikely measles but what else could it be?allergic reaction?but to what?
Initially i want to bring her to the clinic today but the rashes nampak kurang a bit so tgk mcm mane this evening..mula2 mmg xnk g keje dh but my mom convinced me that shes going to b ok..furthermore pagi td bgn dah main2 dah so xpe la..tgk mcm mane nnt..

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Jahit baju

Icha already has few sets of baju kurung..tapi sebab raya tok ummi wants icha to have another set of baju kurung..so today icha went to see a tailor to have her measurements done..ngeee

1st ramadhan

Cepat je waktu berlalu..time really flies.. I still vividly remember how tiring my puasa was last year..i had a quite bad hyperemesis gravidarum as evidenced by ketones 4+ in my urine..i had subclinical hyperthyroidism in my first trimester..my thyroid stimulating hormone was less than 0.01..woot woot..i had more than 5 pint normal saline/dextrose 5 infused to my blood. The climax was during ramadhan..with the oncalls and everything..i was so proud of myself that i was able to puasa sebulan bln ramadhan..ingatkan mmg x sempat dah..
Semalam sahur i think i drank more than a litre if plain water..i just so afraid that im going to b so thirsty while breastfeeding and the most scary thing is that my milk production is going down..i hope it wont happen..i want to exclusively breastfeed my daughter..hopefully sempat..stok dah nak abis dh even pumping regular..huhu..
And today im going to bukak puasa alone as my husband is oncal today..i should be working too today but i managed to schedule my oncall and my next oncall is going to b ths tuesday..my husband cakap its ok to not oncall today with him because marissa needs me more..:)

Friday, July 20, 2012


I think i have a big problem with pineapple..
I cant eat pineapple without having a stomachache anymore!!
It all started after i had a bad gastrutis on day 2 of pantang..
My dad bought us some nenas madu from rantau panjang yesterday..
I ate only 2 pieces and woke up at night for stomachache..macam nak menggigil sebab sakit..had that twice before..first when i curik minuk surpee my husband and second when i curik minum rambutan with pineapple..woot woot..
Nyway apart from stomachahe,we couldnt have a beautiful sleep last night as marissa keep on waking us up..i think she had stomachache too.. She had 3 loose stool last night after 12.thats a lot!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pesta durian

Hyperglycaemic attack!hahha
Everyone was enjoying pulut durian/pulut ikan masin..
Sape2 nak makan durian??
Meh r!

Monday, July 16, 2012


Marissa skrang ni hobi die masukkan semua mende yg die boleg pegang terus dlm mulut..that includes her own pillow!!aritu dh beli teether MAM and she doesnt like it so die mmg xnk pegang dh..smlm sebab rs nk mkn froyo lg so pergi tutty frutti and manjaku..kat manjaku tu staff die a bit rude yg customer mintak nak lalu and nak tanye pon xlayan so of course la i keluar je frm that kedai and went to kedai in front of manjaku tu-twinbaby instead..saw what i already saw in manjaku tapi disebabkan rude sgt sdf die so i bought the items that i want in twinsbaby..bought basilic teether iand few others..balik rumah lepas basuh semua kasi marissa main and she likes it..jadinye smlm tu dok gigit teether je la.hehe

Cloth diapers

Hehe finally dh try pakaikan marissa cloth diapers tp unfortunately bocor..twice!!haiyaaaaa.ade org ckp sebab x properly fit tapi xsure lah..so daddy marissa ckp nanti die besar sikitlah pakaikan..lgpon huggies marissa ade 2 large pack lagi x bukak..mommy die la obsessed.,nampak sale sikit je teus beli..smlm tgk kt tesco ade sales to daddy die dh xkasi beli..hehhee..

Erk actually patut entry friday tapi biase lag..hehehe

Friday, July 13, 2012

My 4 m.o marissa

She is 4 mnths already!time flew by so fast!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Rindu kat budak tomei ni!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


My baby vios accident!!!
My lil sister bawak vios and masa dia nak turn right lepas hijau ade mat rempit yg bangang sial langgar lampu merah langgar my baby vios..:((
My lil sister alhamdulillah ok..
That crazy rempit of course la terpelanting sebab die laju and rasenye patah kaki..kalau putus terus pon bagus kot..so next time he wont bawak motor lagi or kereta and jeopardize others,.seb baek my sis bawak viosz.. Kalau viva dh selamat kat hospital dh la..
Seb baek mamat tu xde kt situ sebab ade org tlg bawak g hospital dh..if die ade kat situ mmg rasenye ade lebam alleged assaulted by me..
Bengang gile ah..seriussss..my baby viossss.:(
Kalau doakan supaya die xleh bgn terus x baek pulak..tp geram je org m mcm ni..haih

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My adorable daughter

Shes just so irresistable..
Her smilessss,her big brown eyesds,her ek ek really melts me..
I love u so much qaisara marissa..

Monday, July 9, 2012

Tutty frutti


Uiks dh 2 days xle nak upload..few times dh tulis2 then ilang..ngeee..sabtu aritu postcall merangkap d only day off for a week suraya balik..so lps balik rumah,main2 dengan ichacha kejap terus keluar dengan budak2 ni..p shopping, tutty frutty, pameran alam barzakh and mane tah lagi..ngeee

Friday, July 6, 2012


Saw this today..mengarut je pakcik wong ni..hehe..owh ini la htm..departments ni je buat oncall..yg ken refer kb ye.o&g diorg x tulis sebab usually dorang straight g labour room and jarang jugak la gynae cases kt siniπŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“

Uhuk uhuk oncall

Oncall today..baru abis round..penat sebab dh abis round kene round lagi sekali sebab specialist dtg.hehe..tp at least dengue case tu specialist dh tgk so xrisau mane..got a pt referred tro dengue shock syndrome frm hosp jeli..so kene close observation sikit..
Gambar marissa tok umi die send through whatsapp tadi..tomei2.smlm pon tdo ngan tok umi jugak..
Owh notice ade pape x dlm mangkuk tu??ade lalat ok!!realized it after dh lebih separuh mkn!!!ohh nooo!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Kete kene block

Pagi tadi kete kene block..someone parked at our space..so utk menyenangkan cerita n mengelakkan dari mende sama berulang my husband parked his car belakang kete yg masuk space kiteorg so die xle keluar..lalallaa