Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cyber Love

Arrived home at 1245am.
Went to genting yesterday n overnight kat firstworld hotel.
then pagi tadi pas check-out g memain kat outdoor.
then makan then balikkk terus..
on the way balik tu alarm rumah bunyik..hahaha.risau gak.sebab lame..
tapi Alhamdulillah sume ok..
Tadi balik actually penat gile. nak tdo..plan esok nak g swimming but somehow tetibe xle tdo..
Jommmm kiteee borak22 pasal cyber love.
Sape penah involved cyber love???
angkat kaki?
bole cayeee x?
sambung next entry.malas nak menaip.


Munirah Abd said...

ok ok take me as ur example oso cannn..hahahha

cyber love.. :D

alhamdulillah sampai skang :p

fendi said...

i thought kak pija met his hubby while chatting...tu kire cyber love jgk kn? maybe u can try ask her..hehe

Wahidah said...

boleh dipercayai la aina...
as long as kena bertemu jugak in real life la..:P

Incek Arif said...

munnie could be the best example, aku pon ade experience gak, twice ;p

f_mgh said...


Enjoy cyber love as I wish, but one fact remains forever that whom you will marry has been predestined at the Loh Mahfuz. Just pray to Allah SWT that you'll find your life partner in a blessed manner. (",)

yours truly

Ibu Ajim n Kimi said...

Cyber love??? Akak caya aja coz akak ngan hubby pon sama gak. We all just cyber fren and tak tahu plak camna blh sangkut. As long as kita jujur and then Allah tentukan jodoh kita.

Anw good luck. Takut ker nak jadi doc???

omeinzla said...

cyber love... im in rite now... can believe it... but, that is some like another relationship who just met someone in "real"...erm... but!