Monday, November 30, 2009

what a relief.
O N G is done.
-ortho perhaps. or surgery perhaps.
4months doing ONG really taught me the value of being a good doctor.
The tears that i shed away, the smiles that i share, really meant something to me.
And suprisingly i think im falling in love with ONG.Well, apart from doing VE la.
I will definitely consider ONG as one of the field that i want to specialise. The smiles of the mother after giving birth to their children really meant something to me. Lalala.
Anyways, i have a month to be mentally and emotionally prepared to be a wife of someone. There is a long list of things i need to settle out within a month. I am so damn lucky to have a very helpful auntie, Auntie mala and a very supportive family whom have helped me a lot with my wedding prep. To be honest, i did not do anything for my wedding prep. The hotel was booked by my auntie. The door gift was prepared by my mum. The hantaran pon my mum and my aunties yang prepared and bought it for me. The only thing that i did was booked my wedding card which have not finished yet.
So i would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to my mother, my father, my siblings esp IJAH, my aunties esp Auntie Mala and everyone who has involved in my wedding prep. Thanks a lot. I really wouldnt able to do this without ur help. I love u guys!!!

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