Saturday, January 31, 2009


Really am..
One of my dear groupmate told me this yesterday,
"Aina, being a final med u have to be strong. U need to segregate ur mind so that u will stay focus and clear.."
Thanks dear..i will try to do that... I have only few months left..This is a critical time..i need to sleep less, talk less and eat more..hahahaha...(semalam tdo kul 8pm lagi ape cite?hahaha)


.::From KF.Thanks KF...::.

What career will suit your personality?
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-Hehe..naseb baek ade GP kan..hehee...but still, i dont want to be a GP..i want to specialise in something..infectious disease maybe?hmm tapi cam impossible je...hahahaha..bukan sebab ape..sebab OCD.haha..kene try ilangkan ocd dulu baru boleh betol2 amik infectious disease..or else...ape ek?xnak yang bz sangat..kalau xnak bz mesti la GP tapi nanti bosan sangat lak...hmmm..hahaha....

Friday, January 30, 2009

yay mock exam went well today...thanks to Mr.P.O(macamla die bace my blog kan?hahaha) for being such a great and super nice patient today..hehe..sangat best!!helpful gile..hehe...=)
And rasenye kan for the exam kan, ull do great if u have a nice and helpful patient..and of course la examiner yang xkedekut mrkah kan but still,if patient x cooperative mmg ape hrapan la kan nak amik history and buat full examination..hehe..=)
Nyways, ngantok!!ahahha.nak tton..ahaha

Thursday, January 29, 2009


C : What happened to u today?U seems a bit quiet and depressed?U r not aina that i knw b4?
A : Owh. Nothing. I just a bit stressed out with my final yr project.

Ngee..Yes..I was quiet the whole day today..not really enjoying my factkan, i siap ponteng 4 tutorials today..hahaha..1 in the morning-the A&E(luckily it was cancelled), 3 in the afternoon..1 tu sebab malas nak pergi cari fundoscope and the other 2 xtahu la ade ke x..just that sangat malas..and today kan i was out earlier than usual waiting for the bus but guess what?i missed the bus!!so i had to wait for 40minutes for the bus!!dhla sejuk nak mati pstu foggy lak tu..huhu..and petang tadi same gak!!almost 1 hr gak kottttt tunggu bus depan SI dalam panasss tuu..haha..last2 pakai hoody tengah2 panas..haishh..but yeay now a bit refreshed sebab dh tdo petang..hehe..esok ade mock exam..tapi connor and olya suruh tukar suruh kas budak surgery buat cuz we have a tutorial ngan dr.m...tengok la camne..mock je pon..hahaha..:))...owh the final exams punyer schedule has up on ucc punye website..huhu..lambat gak rupenye abis..haha...budget abis 1st week of may..tapi bagus la gak least ade masa nak study ye x?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


hari ni mari kite belaja sal cancer that mets to the bone..common is common ok mari kite mule dengan ini..hehe..
Cancers mets to bone





My new consultant cam cool gak..walaupon die cam menakutkan sometimes sebab die suke ask questions and kasi negative marking tapi die cam at least la die do notice student and prioritise final med..ehhe..die kasi saye one way to remember common cancers that metastases to bone and i think its quite easy kot nk ingat camni..when he asked me this question i scored -2 from +5..hehe..mule2 dah score +3 but then answered the uncommon punyer cancer kan terus dapat minus..haha..tapi cool sebab SHO die pon xleh jawab..whahahahaha..:)..i mean kiteorg boleh la cume jawab the uncommon punyer dulu kan..ehhee...consultant ni die cool cuz die cam akan start from 3rd med, then if 3rd med xleh jawab the die tanye 4th med then final med then intern then sho then reg and last sekali baru die kasi best gak la..cume yang xbest kan die suke tanye clinical definition which saye sangat la xsuke sebab xsuke hafal..haha..selalu kasi jawapan ikut pathology punyer definition..hehe..:D...okies anyway hopefully mende ni helpful la for some remember ye kawan2..common cancers that mets to bone
1. prostate
2. lung/bronchial
3. breast
4. renal
5. thyroid..

Ade satu lagi lukisan yang saye still ingat and alhamdulillah dapat gune utk jawab soklan paeds clinical exam ari tu..Guthrie's test..pat ajar mnemonic tu tapi leceh la nak lukis and i think diff people have their own preference..hehe..tapi suke la mende camni..owh anyway saye xpandai melukis so buruk la sket kalau ade org still xnampak basically die cam muke orang la ye...kirenye eyes=breast, ears=renal, nose=bronchial/lung, mouth=prostate and thyroid..=)
And owh!!!signature tu saye belaja buat from munierah!thanksss munierah!!!hehe..=)


Time is running out

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 13

Haha..sorry for the previous entry..
I was freaking mad with few people..
tambah2 tengah stress..
dont put the blame on me..
blame that stupid-and-completely-waste-of-time-pain-in-the-ass-final yr project + hormone.
I should really start focusing on my study and my fyp..
shouldnt play around anymore..
I have only few months left for my finals...
And few weeks left for my fyp..
So mari insaf..hahaha..
(dari dulu lagi kot nak insaf tak insaf2..hahaha..tapi ari ni rase bodoh sket sebab xleh jawab simple anatomy so nak insaf lah..hahaha..)

p/s : Hmm..I miss my umi, my abah n my siblings so muchh..=(..
nak balik umah boleh x?
boleh la?

Day 13 : yeay xyah counting anymore..

Monday, January 26, 2009

day 13

Annoyed okeh!!!!

Pls stop bugging me!!!!
U knw my blog kan?
U in fact read it kan?
So u knw that im really busy kan?
And u should knw that im all stressed out with my final yr project...
So why r u behaving that way?
Why r u keep on telling me that im sombong or whatsoever..
And if i really am, its none of ur business..
i told u once and thats it..
Dh2..pergi main jauh2..kalau setakat nak msg saye cakap saye sombong silalah dengan hormatnye pergi jauh dari hidup saye..
I need support now..
And i am pretty sure i dont need those people who r selfish and keep on blaming me..
owh one more..if i really have new bf ke ape ke,
really none of ur business okeh?
ni bukan sorang ni msg cakap "oo sombong..dh ade new bf ek?", "ooo sombonnye die skang"..
ni few people...kalau sorang boleh buat ramai..
dh serabut ok..
STOP IT ok!!!!!!!!

P/s : mayb nak pms same but still!!!!!jangan kacooo..tengah stress...

Day 13 : yeayyy..hopefully esok xyah counting anymore!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 12

-come across this website..hehe..tanti kasi..hahaha..:p..xde keje kan saye ni..xpe fyp saye dh progress sket..special thanks to encik ramzan..hehe.:P..and aini gak...dh 41/2 yrs dh i endure..tinggal sket je lagi..cmon aina..go go!!hahaha..
nyway ari ni terlepas tutorial sebab tdoo and esokk tukar teamm..huwaaaaa...xleh dh nak bermesra2 dengan registrar i yang best itu..wahahhaha..:P..xpe akan ku cari juge die utk tanye xyah..he will give us a tutorial every week pon..awww..hahaaha..okies..stop it aina..hahaha..:P..

"Happiness knows no bound for Leos in love. Their big hearts and warm emotions really come into their own when they fall for someone. Because they value love above all else, Leos are naturally faithful and very loyal. But they can sometimes almost overwhelm their partners with adoration. they invest all their emotions in their love affairs but if things go wrong, they come down to earth with a bump. Once a Leo heart is broken, it takes a long time to mend."
Day 12 : patutnye ade 2 hari lagi cukup 2weeks tapi cam ade harapan kene sambung je..haish..hehe.nyway its true..its all up to us to make it stronger or not....and we have to work on a relationship..cuz relationship is bound to hit the walls. no way it's gonna be smooth all the way..couldnt agree more with what uve said...=)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

day 11

P/s : skeleton comell..hehe

Day 11 :mata bengkak

Reasons for my swollen eyes :-
1. Terlebey tdo (perhaps..haha..tdo petang semalam..i jarang tdo petang....sebabkan org cakap kalau tdo petang nanti dapat double chin n jadi chubby..C doesnt want to believe that..he said that its only applicable to malaysians..)
2. Woke up every 5minutes to try to do my fyp.(like dateline tomorrow laaa kan..padahal ade few weeks lagi)
3. Nangis while reading my fyp..too many flaws...rase nak campak everything and bakar everything semua room ade fireplace yang boleh digunekan utk membakarnye...yes i can try to do that some time in the future if anything bad happen...prepare for any possibilities..huhu)
4. Nangis before tdo..hahaha..u knw when u spent all ur time to do ur fyp and u tengok balik ape progress u kan, and realize that its only 2% of ur total fyp kan, a turbulence of guiltiness datang in ur mind and buat u rase nak nangis..and u end up nangis..hahahaha..:P
5. Just couldnt take it anymore..Need to do something else..haishhhh...any1 recommend any movies for me?japanese movie will b great u knw..hahahha...SJKSH&*%&*%*%*SKJSH for FYP.hahahaha...
6. Owh dont worry..i dont have nephrotic syndrome or ape2 syndrome yang boleh sebabkan swollen serum albumin level is still normal(i hope) and my liver is still functioning normally...eventho my liver is a bit cirrhosed(xde pon dlm dictionary word ni..saya reka sendiri) from the scars of hati pecah tapi it still functioning wait a min..liver or heart?hehe..xkesah la..if liver=cirrhosis from the scars..and if its heart rasenye die dh hyperthropied ke dah siap dilated?hahaha...

Day 11 : Mata xstrong enough u knw...

P/s: eh gambar patut from bawah to atas..hahaha...

Day 10

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 10

-This entry gonna be a super boring entry..haha..random stuffs of what happened in the hospital yesterday..hehe..

1. Movies or drama series really helped me with my clinical stuff..hahaa...Dulu penah dapat good mark in pharmacology exam after jawab few exam questions based on House MD...and today dapat jawab sal HOCM after ingat sal One tree hill and boleh jawab sal surgery treatment for cardiomyopathy after ingat cite Iryu (team dragon-japanese series)...wohooo...conclusion : sila tengok movies or series banyak2..hahaha

2. E : What should we do now?
Me : How about we find an echo of Mrs.X. She has dilated cardiomyopathy..
E : yeah we should..
Then, we went to a computer and type her name+mrn number.
Me : Erk, do u know how to read echo, like?
E : Nope. Do u?
Me : what are we doing now?
E : I dont know.

3. C : Aina!!U r fired from being our leader today!U doze off a lot today!
Me : Owh..yeah..i have lots of things running through my head..So, do u want to be a new leader then?
C : Yes, I will. I will become a Saddam Hussein.
Me : Why?
C : So i can be the dictator here and U(while pointing his finger towards me). U have to go for the mock exam today instead of me!
Me : hahaa..thats funny!Well, C. U just have to accept the fact that u have to do the mock exam today..Good luck!!

4. C had a food stain on his tie and then he used his saliva to wipe it out.And i was like,
Me: C!!OMG! u will have strep viridans n stap aureus on ur tie and ull spread it to the patients!! U cant be our leader then.
O : U cant either.
Me : Why?
O : You keep on dropping things today!
Me : Right. But then i think im better than U.
C : In what perspective?Evil?Yeah. U r evilly than me.
Me : Im speechless now.hahahhaa..
C : Yes. Finally!(while doing his evil laugh).hahha

5. E : I think he might be his registrar.
Me : Yes. Possibly. He just spoke with his intern so he might be.
(and both of us were running towards him to ask whether there is a tutorial with Dr.P or not tomorrow morning)
Me : Excuse me.. (then terdiam..hahaha..cuz i just realized that he might be the consultant!!!)
E : Sorry, are u the reg for Dr.P?
That guy : Yes, i am. Why?
E : Do u know where we can find Dr P at this moment?
And then bla bla bla..After abis cakap dengan mamat tu, I told E,
Me : I couldnt say anything just now because i just realized that he might be the consultant. And if we asked him whether he is a reg for Dr.P or not, we might downgrade him.
E : Yahhh...U r right!We shouldnt do that. We r lucky this time as he is his reg. We should think about it first before we ran and asked him that question.

6. We were having a ward round when the clock showed 1030am and we had a tutorial at 1030am with one of the doctor in A&E. So we excused ourselves from the ward round to go to the tutorial. We went downstairs and while waiting for the doctor to come we were doing our own things. O and C werent arrived yet as they were doing a cannula on a patient. I was texting somebody while E was reading a newspaper when suddenly our reg came down and told us,
" "this" is ur tutorial lads?"(while referring for the newspaper and handphone).. dah nampak buruk dh depan registrar sendiri..lalalalala...:P...

P/s : entry ni tulis semalam tapi sebab xlarat ngantok sangat terus sambung tdo.hahahaha
Day 10 : Baru 9 weeks dear...9 weeks..hahahaha..=))owh thanks a million dear!!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 9

U know u r tired when:-

1. U go to bed at 830pm hoping that ull wake up at 9pm to study or do something..U WISH!haha..I WISH!!haha.aju dtg kejut bilik pon xsedar kott..hahaha

2. U just dont care about the guiltiness of doing nothing..u just dont have the time to care...all u need is rest...

3. Ur mind cant accept anything that u read or do on that time....

4. Ur eyes cant be opened like usual...macam ade sedikit droopin of eyelids..owh cakap sal eyelids..tadi kesian pija cuz when die nak check my fundus using the fundoscope susah sedikit cuz my eyelids die turun ke bwah instead of melentik..ahhaha..

5. U had 2 cups of coffee and yet u r still sleepy...

6. Ur fingers and ur toes rase sangat sejuk macam ade raynaud's padahal xde pon so all u can do is masuk dalam duvet and let ur reticular activating system deactivate...hahahaha

Day 8 : i need to be nicer to C. He told me twice today that i was mean to him. He asked me to be nicer to him..wahhahaa...lalalla..Today wasnt really bad...well, it was the longest day i had in a week but then its quite productive..Heard 3 heart murmurs, read few xrays n ecgs, attended 6 tutorials and had a good discussion with C, E and O. Owh and i was called "genius anat" by dr.M eventho i forgot 80% of my anatomy sebab ke'eager'an answering the questions at the first place.and lepas tu ditarget la kan..n lepas tu mane la tahuuuuu sangat dah especially branches of arteries kat gastrointestinal system..lupe sal splenic artery branches to give epiploic artery bla bla bla...dh lupe kot sume mende tu..hahaha..

Day 9 : just woke up from 6hrs sleep..i slept at 830pm today and tersedar kejap cuz kelaparan..wahahhaa..:P..nk sambung tdo balik..lalala..nyway thanks...=)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 8

Things that i love about my rotation in South Infirmary Hospital :-
1. My partner!!she's the best!!hahha..suke balik awal and lepak jee!!hehe..and sangat helpful..and kiteorg siap buat study group lagi together..2 org je la...hehe..
2. My groupmates..C, O and E...mmg sangat enjoy..i suke buli C and die suke buli i balik..ngeee..
3. Dr.B. He's the best la!!die punye clinical skills mmg sangat helpful!!rase cam banyak gile belaja ngan die even baru 2weeks..hehe..rase cam "owh now it makes sense" baru la applied ape yang belaja from 1st yr dulu..hehe..
4. My current team.(xsure next week camne lagi tho)...Reg die sangat baek...sangat suke mengajar..SHO die pon baek gak..Intern pon baek gak..mmg suke la..:D
5. Dekat dengan city centre..boleh pergi shopping bile2 masa je..hahaha..

Things that i hate about my rotation in SI:-
1. Kene bangun pagiii...Xlarat okeh!!rekod kene keluar umah 6.55am sebab tunggu bus...
2. Kene tunggu bus dalam ujan/snow(semalam je pon snow.haha)..My coat, shoes and tudung were all soaked wettt from the rain!!!sangat xsukee!!!
3. Tunggu bus yang sangatt la lame..pastu journey die dh la lame..30mins kot baru sampai SI..kalau pagi xpe lagi..petang mmg rs nak termuntah la!!huhu..u knw..from the heater, from the basah hujan and from the longg journeyyy itself..adeh...
4. Cafe die yang sangat kecik!!!xbanyak choices..xde halal food..vegetarian food die x best!!sangat2 x best!!huhu...

Erk ape lagi?tah..hahaha

Day 8

Thanks sume yang kasi comments yang best tu..sangat appreciate comments tu..thanks tau korang!!=)yep..dont give up aina..never give up!go go!!fighting!! Thanks KF, Munirah, Tania, Leeya, Yarnie, Anonymous(sape ek ni?), Wahidah, Ab, Farid, Mikhail, Fizal, Ecah and any1 yang saye terlupe nak mention..thanks sangat2..Hanya Allah yang boleh balas jasa korang semua..=)..

Day 8 : " up is easy...anyone can do that...what makes us better is our determination to move forward when struggle getting tougher until we are about to give up and let situation make a fool of ourselves. I wish i could help u more dear, but all i can do is giving this cheesy motivational words. Hope ull bite it though. Jangan give up dear. Harap2 u find a way very soon"..(thnx for this one...really appreciate that..)

Save Gaza


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Charity sees the need and not the cause. Therefore, regardless of our political differences, religion, race, country and regardless who we are, there are people in need out there and it is our duty to help. Don't worry, as the purse is emptied, the heart is filled.

So, please do join us and give us your support!

We are also providing an alternative way of donation via banking. You can either do it online or lodge in your donation into our account. The details are as follows:

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It is just a click away to make the life of others much better.

Please donate.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 7

saya sangat down..
rase cam nak give up je buat fyp..
cam rs sangat down lah..
rs nak nangis je ni..

Day 7 : saye rs sangat xbest....

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 5

Cant wait to go home!!
Skang pon dh siap tanye mummy and daddy kete ape dieorg nak kasi if i balik msia for good this yr..
study pon x abis lagi..
dah fikir sal kete..
I just need something to motivate myself..hehe

Day 5 : Eeeee....cepat la 2 minggu lagi...haishhh

Day 5

First and foremost,
Happy Birthday my dear brother : Wan Yusof Norilham Ezani..
Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki sentiasa...

*Just got back from Megan's wedding...It was the first Irish wedding i ever been and might be the last going home for good, remember?Nyway, the wedding was not so impressive. Hahhaa..It was held in Raddison Hotel and i went there with a cab together with Aju, Izad, Hillary and Fred. It was okay actually except for the food. I just had one tuna sandwich and a piece of cake..tu je..kelaparan okeh!!..I am hungry now but then dh kul 1230am so i dont think i would eat anything.. I dont want my perut to be bunch sabar jela..tunggu esok je la baru makan heavy stuff..hehe..
Hmm...the only thing that i love about her wedding was the dance. I just love the music and was so prompted to dance.. but then x kawin lagi kan so takkan nak dance ngan sape2 je x baek menari2 depan org ramai ni.hahaha.. tapi sweet laaa tengok couples dancing together..lalala.especially yang tua2..hehe..comel and sweettt tua2 pon sweet kan..u would rarely see those in malaysia...elderly couples sweet2 kat msia..lalala..susah kot nak tgk..lalala..ngee..i think i am being judgemental here..lalalala...(okeh confirm ade org kutuk pasni.hahha)..nyway, im talking about slow dance here..bukan hip hop or techno or zapin or whatsoever..hehe..lalalala...
and best juge tengok how kids really enjoying themselves..menari especially when lagu michael jackson..comel!!hehe...It was fun actually tengok diorg menari. Kiteorg as usual la kan duduk je kat table tu tengok diorg enjoying themselves..I was talking to one makcik ni yang sangat la semangat nak cakap eventho music kuat gile..she invited us to her house and siap kasi me her phone number..=D she asked for my number as well but then xjumpe cari pen and she left her handphone in her room so die pesan suruh text die a week before i pergi limerick nanti..hehe..:P

.::Pakcik yang amik gambar ni, xpandai amik..kepala aju xnampak..Pictures lain coming soon..hehe..dalam kamera izad n fred..xbanyak pon amik ambar..hahaha:P
Nyway,ni la macik yang sangat friendly die Marion..hhe::.

Day 5 : U should be more careful dear!!Kesian keje teruk sampai injured sume..huhu....

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 4

Watched a late nite movie; My bloody valentine, with 11 corkians....hehehe..penattt~~.. Serius penat tgk cite tu.hahha..penat terkejut..tapi cam kelaka gak la cite tu cuz ade part yang xyah tunjuk pon xpe kotttt...huhu..
should tengok 930pm punyer movie but then tiket dh abis when kiteorg sampai so kiteorg beli je yang kul 1130pm..yes, i good in wasting my time..i should worry about my pain-in-the-ass final yr project but then im just too stressed out with them..i need a break..i promise myself that ill try to do some progress in my final yr project.. Or i should be doing some studies tomorrow for my next week tutorial. I dont want to look stupid in front of my groupmates..and my consultant, of course...huhu...
Nyway the movie was good enough i think..not that bad...hehe..quite predictable for some people but of course not me..hehe...U should try to watch it in cinema..hehe..3D kan...tgk kat umah x real r..hahaha...nyway sebab kiteorg sampai kul 830pm lagi kan so kiteorg bermain2 di dalam ujan dahulu and melepak2 dahulu di papa john nk tunggu 1130pm..mapley takde kat cork ni..hahaha..most of the coffee shops pon dh tutup by tinggal papa john je..ngee...anyways, 3hrs werent that long if u have great friends around to accompany and talk to u..=)ngeee..
so now, let the pictures speak for themselves..=)

.::Me and my new bf/gf..ngee::.

.::Garlic bread+cheese (5/5stars), Choc milk shake(1/5star), chips (1/5star)::.

.::Jejaka2 cork..Aiman, Syakur, Fendi n Kamil::.

.::Me and Ajuliana::.

.::menggedik n tade keje::.


.::Dalam cinema pon sempat gak amik gambar..lalala::.

Day 4 : After 30hrs...yes, 30hrs.....huhu...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 3

Imm sooo in trouble!!My final yr project is definately mmggg hancuss..nyesallnyeee tak buat betol2 awal2..adeh2..i need to do something to cover it up..adeh2...adoii..uwaaa.!!!!!!!!!
seriuss..after jumpe supervisor tadi rase cam sebijik batu besar jatuh atas kepala menyebabkan brain saye hancur kejap..bukan setakat brain la..sume la...haahaha..ok2 aina..deep breath...hahaha..mati2...xpe2..prepare for any possibilities..berusaha je takat yang mampu kan?semua doakan saye okeh?pls?pls?xnak la mende ni yang prevent i from grad june ni..kalau mende lain cam fail clinical exam ke n kene extend xpe boleh terima..tapi kalau extend sebab this pain-in-ass final yr project nauzubillah la..huhu..tak boleh nak accept sangat kot..huhu...tu mmg completely wasting my time la..huhu...pls2..saye nak balik malaysia for good ni june nak stay ngan parents for at least few months or years before kawen...pls2..doakan saye..huhu...thanks..

Day 3 : Saya mimpi horror ok semalam!!pasal adik saye Asraff Jeffery..huhu..risau gileee kottt... lepas bangun n siap2 sume terus call mak pagi2 buta..huhu...risau okeh!!saya sayang family saya more than anything kot...huhu..xnak pape jadi kat diorg...Nyway i was waiting for a bus for half an hour today dalam ujannnnnnn kat bus stand yang xde tempat teduhh...basah kuyup!!mmg beku la kejap..huhu..pastu cam xlarat dh terus jalan sket pergi city centre n pergi cari buttlers!!and bought almond croissant gak..huhu..sangatttt laaa bekuu..nk bukak beg pon xleh sebab tangan cam stiff gile..huhu...mmg keji la bus tu lambat..semalam pon same gak waktu nak tunggu bus nak pergi clinical prob solving skill kat broofield...bus xdatang2..end up masuk rumah masak nasi n dinner..muahhaha..:P..siot je bus..huhu..

Day 2 : tag from leeya


  1. beriman..kalau tinggal semayang ape kes kan?camne nak jadi leader n breadwinner kan?
  2. caring..=)
  3. romantic n sweet..=)
  4. setia =)
  5. respect orang tua and respect org pompuan...
  6. accept me for who i am...
  7. bertanggungjawab


  1. selfish
  2. penipu
  3. kaki perempuan + cepat berubah hati..(cam wth?kan?hahaha)
  4. berlagak
  5. egoooo yang tah pape jeee..(haha leeya are we talking about the same person??)
  6. tak bertangungjawab ( erk kalau dah janji tu tunaikan la..xyah kasi alasan kot!!!)
  7. manja sangat..hahaha..camne la kan die nak jaga gf die kalau die sndiri pon dh manja?nangis2 sume.....pastu COWARD!!xnak admit kesalahan sendiri..ade ke mengata org lain cuz nak tutup kelemahan WTH kan? one word je saya nak cakap kat org camni= L.O.S.E.R..( talking about lelaki..lelaki yang die rase die ade balls la..hahaha..hahahha..)


  1. Justin Hurtley (green arrow dalam smallville..mamat ni hot gilekan?)
  2. Edward Cullen ( BF saye skang)
  3. Arwah atoks saya..Allahyarham Wan Ahmad and Allahyarham Abdullah..
  4. Doraemon
  5. Dah xde
  6. xde dah
  7. xde gak


  1. Happy
  2. Excited
  3. Nervous?
  4. Lucky?
  5. Xde perasaan kot.
  6. haha tak tau
  7. lalalal


  1. Mekah
  2. Swiss
  3. L.A
  4. Bali
  5. Sabah
  6. Korea
  7. Greece


(eh chop ni hadiah ape?ahahaha)

  1. kasih sayang
  2. loyalty...
  3. a good listener u knw..(hahaha ye ke?)
  4. shoulders for u to cry on (cam terbalik je.haha)
  5. heart =)
  6. liver (to detoxify all the toxins from ur body..toxins from perempuan2 gedik.hahaha)
  7. faith


  1. suara saya xleh nyanyi
  2. saya tone xleh nyanyi..
  3. suara saya cam lelaki..nanti org ingat pondan xleh nyanyi
  4. saya memang x reti xleh nyanyi
  5. suara perempuan itu xleh nyanyi..
  6. saya mmg xleh nak hafal lirik dgn xleh nyanyi
  7. saya mmg xkan nyanyiii kottt..hahahaha


  1. Afzan Cardiff
  2. Fuyo Arif
  3. Munie
  4. Wahidah
  5. Along Di
  6. Tania
  7. Eilawaniey

Day 2

Im so enjoying my medicine rotation in SIVUH. Eventho sangat la kepenatan when balik but its really fun...They are only 4 of us doing medicine in SIVUH and mmg best la team kali ni..hehe...ade E, C and O...And now im doing cardio with and eventho dr tu xde la best sangat pon(kadang2 totally ignore us) but then die punye reg memang best la..mmg jatuh cinta la ngan die..hahaha..sangat la cool and baek hati..ehhe..masa ward round mmg xpenah tinggal kiteorg la..and sket2 cakap,
"guys, question!questions!ask me more!!"..
hahaha..comel x?hahaha..best2..haha..sampai kteorg dh desperate dh nak cari questions ape nak tanye mamat tu..and serius die best..hehe..and partner i skang, E, pon bestt sebab die jenis malas nak penat2 sangat so kiteorg selalu la decides on our own nak x tutorial tu..suprisingly kan ade doctors yang kiteorg bleep kan tak tahu langsung yg diorg kene kasi tutorial kat maksud die?maksud die the 3 previous groups didnt contact them at all!!!!hahaha..kantoi gilee..hahaha... kire kiteorg ni baek la kan..muahahha..:P
But seriously best kot SIVUH ni..lots of teaching..and mamat coordinator tu best gile ngajar..hehe..:P..suke the way die perform examination..heheh..
And lagi best sebab groupmates best..budak2 buat surgery pon best gak..hehe..groupmates skang memang best la..ive been appointed as a group leader today and suke hati mak nenek i je la kan nak tutorial ke x..hehe..lalala..pastu kiteorg suke hati kiteorg jer amik food kat dalam resource room tu and makan kat bilik yang clearly die tulis kat situ
Day 2 : Yes!!hehe thanks for sending me the signals that u r safe over there..walaupon dalam mimpi tu saya jadi vampire juge takpe la..hehe..walaupon mimpi itu penat tapi asalkan tahu u r safe dah cukup mmg la impian nak jadi vampire..hehe..thanks Mr.Edward Cullen..hahahahaha...

P/s : Abis xx euro kot kat debenhams..hahahaha...broke la xsuke rotation kat SIVUH ni..hahahaha

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 1

Hehe..Last few entries saye ade few comments yang menarik..hahaha..
Ade yang cakap congrats, ade yang cakap sape?tengah berkapal selam ke?etcetera.....
Nape ek sume org ingat saye ade bf baru?hehe..hahaha...
Sebab bloody 6months ke?
Well it's true that i'd been through a lot for the past 6 months..
Breaking-up wasnt that easy for me..
Who doesnt right?
Especially if ur relationship had been for more than 4 yrs!!

But yes..
New resolution...
"Decided to move on with my life..
Decided to forget the past and looking forward for a better future..
Decided to be happy..
Decided to stop crying for others..
Decided to stop waiting hopelessly for a shooting star to fall down the sky...
Decided to stop hoping for miracles to happen..
Decided that what's gone is gone....."

my new resolution...
A rainbow of happiness..=)
Starting from today onwards, u'll see day1, day 2, day 3, etc as the title for my blog entry..
Hehe..Tu bukan count down hari ke berape saye dah couple ke ape..hehe..
jangan salah faham lak..hehehe...
Tu count down for myself to remind me of how strong i am..hehe..
erk..or how strong i can be...hehe..
And a countdown to show someone that its growing and its not fading...
Day 1 : U make me worried already...Cant put my mind at ease..I tried to convince myself that u r safe and okay over there but i just cant stop thinking about all the possibilities..So, please, send me a signal or somethin to tell me that u r safe and okay over there...=(
Im begging u...huhu...

P/s : I miss u....
P/ss : I miss all my sayangssss kat malaysia...Umi, Aboh, Ijah, Suraya, Mad, Usop(dublin je), Monaliza Mastura Ent, toknik, cousins, bstfriends and the list goes on..

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sunset from Eiffel Tower, 2006...2006 ke?haha..xhengat..tapi cantekkan?


U know..
Dah lame tau i xrase macam ni..
Rase cam..hmm..hahaha.
xnakkk laaa bitau sini..
Cant believe this is happening to me..!!!!
It just so quick!!!
In just a blink of an eye je..
Life is soooo unpredictable kan??kan??
Aaaa seriusss...aahahahhaha..
Toink Toink Toink!!!

P/s : After 6months....after the bloody 6months...=)
I dont have to put a fake smile anymore...
Toink Toink Toink...
Thanks to u-know-who-u-are!!!=)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


E.x.c.e.s.s.i.v.e W.o.r.k.l.o.a.d

P/s : - Time is really against me now!!
lots of things to do, yet so lil time..
- Sakit mata..alcohol gel masuk dalam mata..pedih sangat..huhu...
-Suke new rotation kat SIVUH tapi sangat penat and too many input..xsempat nak digest..huhu...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Makan2 lepak2

Weekend ni sangat best!!eventho sangat x productive but i really love it...Sangat2 best..hehe..
Thanks to my dear hsemates :- Ajuliana, Amilah, Iera, Azalea and Chuchox..(chuchox hsemate for 1month.hehehe)
My weekend began after i finished my mcq paeds on friday morning tu pastu pergi join demo for palestine kat gaza and printed some stuff for my final year project..Then malam tu tolong aju masak bihun sup(gambar dlm hset xupload lagi) and after that kiteorg lepak2 tengok movie..malam tu kiteorg tgk 2 movies : City of Ember and Solstice..City of Ember tu bosan sket actually tapi ok je..Solstice tu not bad la tapi saya tertido gak..hahaha..:P..bangun2 nampak muke hantu..cis!!!

And then saturday lak Chuchox masak!!!!hehe..besttt tuu!!!!

Menu : Sambal sotong, Ikan stim bentuk love, ayam chiang mai, nasi, bandung soda...sedappp..makan sambil tengok cite gol and gincu..2episodes kot..sampai abis season 2 pnyer episodes..(2 episodes last je pon kiteorg tgk)

Then kiteorg amik2 pics sambil tunggu nak layan movies...Kiteorg layan Mirrors and Journey to the centre of the Earth..Cite mirrors tuuuuuu menakutkann okeh!!!ahaha..saiko okehh!!and lagi saiko cuz my room banyak mirrors..and sangat saiko sampai nak g toilet pon sme takut..hahaha..xnakk dh tgk cite tu!cite tu k.e.j.i...hahaha..ade ke buat bladder saya sampai kene tortured..ciskek betol.hahahaha

.::Us~~...Chuchox, Iera, Milah, Aju, Me and Azalea::.

Then on sunday lak, kiteorg meredah hujan and angin yang sejuk gile pergi Spices of India kat Wilton...Kiteorg hsemates sume except Milah yang tetibe lst min cancel..

.::Me, Azalea,Aju and Iera::.

.::Us~~Chuchox, Me, Azalea, Aju and Iera::.

.::santtekkkann ini lilin??::.

.::me and azalea::.

Tag from KF

Salam..sori lambat ye encik KF..saye kemalasan sedikit..hehe

*Sesiapa yang kena tag, kena tulis 10 sesuatu berkenaan orang yang meng'tag' dia.cik sya...

1.hmm blogger
2.suke berpantun die die banyak sangat adverstisement
5.rajin hapdet blog
6.dok kat msia skang
7.selalu dapat banyak award
8.umo dh 28-29 kot...

*Orang yang kena tag kena tulis 10 perkara sesuatu pasal diri mereka. med
2.xpecx clan
3.member of PECORAS: perfectly educated children of ribena and sunquick..hahaha
4.ex-zainabian 97-99
5.IB Survivor
7.CEO Kedai komputer MONALIZA MASTURA ENTERPRISE SDN BHD, ahaks..ahaks..
8.the eldest
9.tengah stress ngan final year project
10.Hati penah pecah tapi skang tengah nak idup kembali.ade org kasi CPR.hahaha

*at the end you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.
7.Nad Winkie Winkie
9.Twin Angah aweqzmafia

And dapat award same from him...Taruk dlam satu entry xpe kan?hehe
And award ni pon saya kasi orang yang same kat atas tu..10 name yg i kasi kat atas tu..hehe..thanks..have a nice day..=)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

missing u...

Missing budak2 ketot ni..hehehe..:P...
But ketot2 sume, i would NEVER go out with u guys kalau korang pakai camni!!serius!!ahaha

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Award lagi...

Award from Wahidah n Leeya..Thanks dear..

1. Copy Badge “2008 Cute’s Blogger Award” untuk diletakkan di blog anda

2. Link atau ceritakan kembali siapa yg memberikan award ini kepada anda

Wahidah yang cummell...

3. Setiap blogger hendaklah menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum pemenang seterusnya
.:: Suke tdo
.:: Suke chocolates..
.:: Suke berangan
.:: Suke chatting..
.:: Suke blogging...
.:: Suke gelak
.:: Suke suprises...
.:: Suke nangis
.:: Suke flowers
.:: Suke perfume

3 10 orang yg bakal menerima award ini..
-Nad 2nd yr dentistry UCC student
-Hanisah 3rd med UCC
-Yusma Final med ucc


Hmmm korang sume mesti dh tahu kan sal Israel n Palestine kan?Hmm jahattt gile kan Israel ni..Corkians, tomorrow ade demo kat Daunt Square at 1pm..Jom pergi ramai2..tadi i join demo kat UCC..xramai join tapi yang kagumnye kan leader die bukannye muslim..leader die Irish..Irish yang bukan muslim tu pon ade kesedaran nak tolong Palestine tapi nape kite xleh?At least kan kite kasi la something utk saudara Islam kite tu..Kite nak pergi tolong berperang gak xboleh kan so ape kate kite tolong same masuk perang psycho..kite boikot barang israel..I baru perasan yang MOST, most mende yan saye beli yahudi punye rupenye..macam nescafe, maggi, milo, clinique, estee lauder, etc..xpe saya janji kat myself saya akan try kurangkan beli barang diorg ni..tu je termampu..and kalau sape2 tak tau kan, ni ade information sket..ade cam satu NGO ni muslimhands die buat appeal for palestine people..IF, and if korang semua rase sayang saudara seislam kite ni hulurkan la sedikit sebanyak...1euro pon insyaAllah membantu..korang boleh pergi kat website ni and derma kat sini...


Tolong la saudara seagama kite ek?And tolong boikot juge sedikit bayangkan la kalau tengah minum coke tu kan u macam minum blood from ahli keluarga kite..x ke rase jahat tu?and keji?and zalim tu?And ni further information about products Israel..

PNN -Israeli forces killed two girls in an air attack on Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip early Tuesday. Local sources report that a missile destroyed a house belonging to Talal Hamdan in Beit Hanoun today, killing his two daughters of 12 and 4 years old. A son is reported seriously injured. Yesterday Israeli forces killed four sisters and a four year old boy. Over 40 children have been killed since Saturday.

The bodies of two girls, aged four and 11, who were killed in an Israeli air strike in Beit Hanun in the northern Gaza Strip Strip December 30, 2008.

Palestinians carry the body of 4-year-old Lama Hamdan during her funeral in the town of Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip December 30, 2008.

Palestinians bury the body of 4-year-old Lama Hamdan at Beit Hanoun cemetery in the northern Gaza Strip December 30, 2008.

Palestinians mourn beside the bodies of three children in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip December 29, 2008.

Three Palestinian children from the Balosha family, of five who were all killed in the same Israeli missile strike, are seen in the morgue before their burial at Kamal Edwan hopsital in Beit Lahiya, northern Gaza Strip, Monday, Dec. 29, 2008

Palestinian children from the Balosha family, who were all killed in the same Israeli missile strike, are seen in the morgue before their burial at Kamal Edwan hopsital in Beit Lahiya, northern Gaza Strip, Monday, Dec. 29, 2008.

Palestinian women mourn over the bodies of three Palestinian children from the Balosha family, of five who were all killed in the same Israeli missile strike, in the morgue before their burial at Kamal Edwan hopsital in Beit Lahiya, northern Gaza Strip, Monday, Dec. 29, 2008.

A Palestinian man buries the body of 4-year-old Dena Balosha at Beit Lahiya cemetery in the northern Gaza Strip December 29, 2008.

A Palestinian man carries the body of his 4-year-old daughter Dena Balosha during the funeral for her and her four sisters in Jabalya refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip December 29, 2008.

A Palestinian mourner shouts as he lifts the body of a child from the Balosha family, of which three children and two teenagers, were killed in an Israeli missile strike,durng their funeral in the Jebaliya refugee camp, northern Gaza Strip, Monday, Dec. 29, 2008.

A Palestinian man buries the body of 5-year-old Sodqi al-Absi in Rafah cemetery in the southern Gaza Strip December 29, 2008..

A Palestinian mourner carries the body of 4-year-old Dena Balosha, foreground, one of five members of the same family including three children and two teenagers who were killed in an Israeli missile strike, during their funeral in the Jebaliya refugee camp, in the northern Gaza Strip, Monday, Dec. 29, 2008

The father of Palestinian Dena Balosha, 4, left, one of five members of the same family including three children and two teenagers who were killed in an Israeli missile strike, carries her body during their funeral in the Jebaliya refugee camp, in the northern Gaza Strip, Monday, Dec. 29, 2008.

bedroom of 5 killed girls

Samera Baalusha (34) carries her surving child Mohamad (15 months) while she waits to see the body of her daughter Jawaher Baalusha (aged 4) during the funeral held for her and four of her sisters who were killed in an Israeli missile strike, on December 29, 2008 in the Jebaliya refugee camp, in the northern Gaza Strip

Palestinian mourners bury 8 children killed in Israeli air strikes

Dec 29 - Palestinian mourners on Monday (December 29) buried 8 children who were killed in Israeli air strikes on Gaza Strip.

In the northern Gaza town of Jabalya, hundreds took to the streets to attend a funeral procession for five girls of the same family who were killed in one Israeli strike.

In this image taken from APTN video, Palestinian men carry two injured children into hospital after Israeli aircraft struck Hamas security compounds across Gaza in Gaza City on Saturday Dec. 27, 2008.

A wounded Palestinian boy is carried by his father following an Israel air strike in Gaza December 28, 2008.

A Palestinian boy is carried to al-Shifa hospital following an Israel air strike in Gaza December 28, 2008

A Palestinian security force officer carries a wounded girl into the emergency room at Shifa hospital in Gaza City, Saturday, Dec. 27, 2008.

A Palestinian girl wounded in an Israeli missile strike is carried into the emergency area at Shifa hospital in Gaza City, Saturday, Dec. 27, 2008.

A Palestinian man carries his wounded child to the treatment room of Kamal Edwan hospital following an Israeli missile strike in Beit Lahiya, northern Gaza Strip, Monday, Dec. 29, 2008.

A wounded Palestinian boy is carried by his father at a hospital in Gaza City following an Israeli air strike

Children Wounded - Image by Watan News Agency

Shifa hospital ICU: a six year old down's syndrom with brain trauma