Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kissing mommy good morning

Im so going to miss this..for the past few days i woke up with marissa's saliva..she kissed me multiple times till i woke up..then the next thing i saw was her cheeky smilee..ohhhhhh malasnye pegi keje esok..she has grown up so dh pandai buat2 manja and peluk2 mommy kalau nak something n nak tdo..she is so adorable!!!
Tapi arini dh pandai dh marah2 org😪..pukul2 orang kalau amik barang dari die..pukul2 tu yang tahan...need to update her daddy rgarding this new development..walking pon dh boleh 3 and half steps before jatuhh.hehe..
Suke sangat tgk die joget2 and sengih2 with gigi 4 batang..2 atas 2 with the strangers jangan harap la nak tgk die senyum..mmg kerut je kening die n muke masam jeeee..hehep..all smiling kalau blog pasal a very proud mother..

Pre call syndrome

Aaaa oncall tomorrow!!
Third call pulak tu..

Friday, December 28, 2012

Cramping abd pain+diarrhoea+vomitting+fever

Tak besttttttt..
Burnnn cuti iii tauuuu..
Sakit perut yg amat..
Still persistent tapi reducing..
Freq bo pon dh kurang but d pain persistent..
Has been taking buscopan+ pcm + pantoprazole regularly since yesterday..
and todayy lakkk mydear baby marissa demam pulak..rindu daddy kot!
And disebabkan demam jugak xde mende lain boleh buattt other than mengemass..
And lepas kemas sume tgk2 dress marissaaaa banyak sampai ade yg tak terpakai sebab bibik dok pakai yg same je..haiyaaa..
Mommy should stop shopping utk marissaaaa..
Anyway..utk daddy yang jauh nun di sanaaa plss come home quick!
We miss u so much!!
Love u daddy!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Took 2 days off- today and tomorrow..
Hubby is at hokkaido enjoying his first skiing trip..
Im spending my day off with my precious qaisara marissa..
She has become so manja and suke bodek nowadays..pandai buat muke comel n senyum comel kalau nak something..
She eats everything!!my mother said she is exactly like me when i was a kid..i ate everything too and that includes needle and coins..last night she almost ate needle!!camne tah die boleh dapat needle..seb baek perasan..
Feels so good enjoying and relaxing at home..xbestnye sebab xle g kl..initially mmg nl g kl for the year end sale(yes) but then i remember my hod once told if banjir those yang cuti akan dipanggil utk keje so i takut la sia sia je cuti xdela yes manepon


Applied for mmed 2013/2014..
Initially dah lepas first saringan as was published on moh website..
And then i didnt get any news regarding that..
Sebab dh lepas first saringan, i apply with the universities..filling all the form, chasing my consultants for the recommendations etcetera..never thought that lepas tu x dpt g interview..but then mmg apply pon actually dh 50-50..dont know whether i should really go for internal medicine or not..
Then my friends who applied mmed internal medicine received phone calls saying that interview will b on 7th january..
I didnt get the phone call..
So my husband asked me to give them a call saying that maybe they tercicir or whatso..
Suprisingly when i called them they said that i wasnt eligible by kkm..i was quite suprised sebab the list name published in moh was clearly written - myname, my ic number -->layak..
So i called the kkm myself..of course bukan sekali lah kan sebab as usual- im not in charged..u should call this and this..
So after 3days finally i got to talk with te person in charged..cik b..she was saying that i wasnt elegible because my intake was july..they only accept intake from january till june 2009 for 2013/2014 intake..and so i wasnt eligible..however..yes however..a bestfriend of mine whose graduated aame as me and attended induction with me got an interview..pelik tapi benar la kan??and if u actually read all the syarat2 it was clearly written 3yrs services on 1st januay 2013..for me im already 3yrs and 5 months in service on 1st january 2013.. usual..malaysiaku..
Nyway i took it as a sign..
Maybe i shouldnt do internal medicinw?
What do u think?
Should i proceed with internal medicine/stays in kkm?
Or should i change to something else like family medicine??
Somebody pls shine me on this..
Thanks a million!!

My big boss

My big boss taknakk makannn..
Ni ikut sape ni?hehe

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

infectious disease

Im sorry for a long silence..have been assigned to infectious disease department at the moment thus was quite busy dealing with those hiv positive patients, esbl, mro, fever unknown cause bla bla bla..
I used to love infectious disease before..if anyone read my posts when i was a medical student i'd mentioned that i want to go to london school of tropical diseases after i become a specialist..however things changed after i became a house officer. I hate infectious seriously..and i never thought that i would be assigned to infectious disease when i become a medical was at my bottom list..
Why do i hate infectious disease? honestly speaking i hate those hiv patients who are still actively sharing needles, injecting any illicit drugs and spreading the diseases to others..i hate them..only few that i see really regret it and stopped from taking those drugs..i never understand why we should treat seriously?
sounds cruel right??
well...that was my first impression towards id when i was a house that i become a medical officer specifically in infectious disease, i think i have a new impression..been 2 weeks in this department made me change my mind-again..ive been enlighten..hehe..first thing that i learnt was that i shouldnt judge them immediately and make a generalization...i shouldnt discriminate them..yes they create so much problem but did we know why they did that in the first place?
why did they involve in substance abuse?the root for this problem is us...we as the community contribute it..i dont know how to explain it but due to low social support and poor family background they involved in this crime..its like a vicious cyle..less money less education...less education less morale. less morale- high chances for crimes, thus substance abuse which lead to another crimes for example stealing, robbery etcetera... we as a member of the community should help those in need...we should educate everyone in the community on everything..malaysian is a very excellent country...we give free needles in needle exchange programme..we give condom to protect from hiv transmission..we give free anti hiv drugs..etcetera...
to be continued

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Enfalac a+, frisolac gold, anmum?best formula milk

I have Started marissa on formula feeding since a month ago..mixed with my breast ebm has drastically reduced after my first menses post delivery..tried to take all d supplements , did a power pumping, eat excessively- all those failed.. So dengan rase kecewanya i have to start her on formula.. Initially i choose anmum sebab price is affordable and gangliosida, dha semua..step 1 marissa kiteorg beli step 2..never crossed my mind lalau tukar step die akan jadi kiteorg beli bnyk2 terus..sekali naik rashes yang sgt teruk tapi ilang after10-15 mins minum susu... So lepas observe few times we decided to change d formula..sebab lepas tu pon kiteorg perasan she frequently dapat cold..asek berair idung je..sian die..
So kiteorg tukar to frisolac sebab feq o my friends r giving frisolac..the good thing about frisolac is that die ade prebiotics and probiotics..claimed dapat reduce allergic reaction and is good for ur baby's intestine..used that and she seema to enjoy it..
But marissa's mother is obsessive.. Xsuke sgt the fact that dha die 21mg je as compared to anmum 50+ and enfalac 80+..takut nnt xcukup dha...dahla susu ibu dh xde sgt after abis frisolac i change to enfaac and she tolerates alhamdulillah icha xde la betol2 ade cows milk allergic..cuma maybe ade content dlm anmum die xlw kot..honestly i prefere to use anmum..price is a bit chepaer as compared to enfalac...pastu die ade gangliosida which enfalac n frisolac xde..then sialic acid pon ade dlm anmum..snfalac sialic acid sikit je..pastu anmum is manufactured kat new zealand whereas enfalac kat thailand..frisolac rasenye kat between nz and thailand i chose new zealand..anmum pon ade live culture whereby enfalac mmg i suke anmum la but unfortunately my daughter had an allergi rxn towards it.. Im not a infant formula specialist..ik not a a doctor..i dont really know what a good formula should be but i think everyone knws that dha is good for ur of course i choose formula with highest dha.. Kalau bolh fully breastfeed kan best dont need to worry about this.. Tapi ade study tau done in us saying that dha yg synthetic ni not good as well for ur baby.i dont know..then i foun few articles cakap enfalac ade msg tapi when i go through d details cam xde pulak so insyaAllah kot..
Owh lg satu kalau u surf top 10 best formula for infants akan keluar enfa punye hopefully ok..ngeee...
I x prefer soy based cuz ade article and study ckp not so good for ur babs health..
I try nk gune partially hydrolysed formula mcm nan ha tapi sebab tgk nan ha tu sume org cakap pahit and penah ade product recall so terus cancel..hahahaa..
Im too obsessed kan? friend ckp first time die jumpe mother cam i.haha tapi i rase ade ramai je out there.. We wants the best for our children kan?

Monday, December 3, 2012


Went to kuala terengganu last weekend for my sis convocation andddd sadlyyyyy i lost my new coach sunglasses over there..
Initially my supercute and active marissa main2 dengan case n sunglasses tu and next thing that i knw it was goneee..haiyaaaa..
Sedihh kottt..

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Smart girl

Marissa is a smart girl!
We taught her on how to salam with elderly and she learnt it within a day!!!
Die dh boleh salam yesterday!!
And high five pon dh pandaii..
Good girll..
Tapi x larat la budak kecik tu..suke sangat cruising and stand on her own..

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rumah kene pecah masuk

Our prev house kene pecah masuk!!
Dont know when..
They re smart enough to tutup the main alarm and cctv..ish ish..
Seb baek xde pape dh kat rumah tu..
Tapi rumah la keneee baiki..
Bongok betollll!!


Specially baked for my dear sister..

Friday, November 23, 2012


Ive been back in hrpz for almost 2 months..
I was quite close with everyone in hrpz so my life was quite easy..
Most people that i met asked me why im so thin and my husband vice versa..
I dont have an answer for that question..
But frankly speaking i think its the breastfeeding...yess..
Motherrrr out thereeee!!if u want to maintain ur body shape and lose ur weight pls breastfeed ur baby..
sekarang ni dh jarang pump i rase my weight is gaining back..
Tapi should compensate dgn walking 7 minutes to my workplace today..walking here and there during oncall..doing ward round checking almost 47 patients everyday bla bla bla...
kalau nak cakap sebab pantang n makan jamu mmg bukan la...
I x pantang sangat and i did makan jamu but for only 2 days..pastu rs cam karut lah mende tu sume so i kasi bibik all those jamu yg my auntie bought for me..heheh

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Budak kecik ni sangat lasak n aktif..
Tapi mmg kene kejar mengejar sentiasa la sebab asekkkk ke sana sini je budak tecik niii...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Viral infection to rule out measles

Semalam balik2 rumah tgk badan marissa ade rashes..quite banyak..then my bibik cakap after bgn tdo lagi teruk siap mata pon bengkak...bibik cakap makan marissa makan those yg i dh bukan food allergic..icha macam quite warm for the past few days..amik temperature, afebrile..then towards petang nampak worseninf so dgn pantasnye we went to tmc husband was oncall so terpaksa g ngan my darling sis..
Icha wasnt gaining weight as per idie makan..die makan banyak tapi badan maintain cakap most probably viral infection with unspecific rashes..

Saturday, November 17, 2012

121 calls

Yes..121 calls in a day!!
That signifies how jonah i am..
Received 14 referrals..
12 new cases..
3 death.
4 cprs in which only one reverted..

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Grown up baby

Ive grown up mommy!!
Saye taknak minum susu sambil dukung..
Saye nak minum sendiri mommy!!
Mommyyyy janji nak masak pasta bologneise kat saye mommy..nkkkk

First teeth!!

Saye dh tumbuh gigi!!!!
Yay for marissa!!
Aaaaa for mommy!!!
Mommyy takutt icha ade gigi!hehe

Happy 8 months lil girl

Monday, November 12, 2012

Innovative n creative- knee pad protector

Marissa sangat suke crawling n cruising and standing up...pastu kadang2 terjatuh..mommy takut icha luke pergi cari knee pad protector utk marissa smlm..the whole kota bharu kiteorg cari ade but then postage pon dh brape..mcm membazir we got an idea!!!
Using marissa's socks yang dh x muat kiteorg potong and wallaaaaaaa- knee pad protector!hehehe

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mini gathering

Had a girl's night out 2 days ago..out pon pergi hayaki je pon..hehe..but really treasure the moment.dah lame dh tak spend time gossiping around and gelak2 x was more like mini gathering..non stop cite and gelak sampai everyone yang ade pon asek tgk kiteorg..hehe..
I miss my good old times..skarang pon alhamdulillah happy jugak kecuali waktu keje..hehe..teringat masa zainab dulu nakal gile kot..buat april fool kat cikgu, gaduh ngan cikgu, lesap before loceng bunyi sebab nak g beratur beli makanan, ponteng fardu ain, tipu record book..hahha..kalau ingat dulu mmg takde org expect la im going to e a mmg xpernah la..prcaye atau x masa pmr tu i dont have any revision books pon kecuali text book..hehe...naseb dok kelas first out of 12 yang mmg cikgu pay attention mengajar extra sikit sebab target students kan..kalau arapkan diri sendiri stdy jangan harap..hehe
I learnt on betapa pentingnya study masa masuk mrsm yt besut..mrsm sume pon nak taknak kene study..tapi i still ponteng prep..orang g surau and prep i dok dalam bilik reading novels.warden dtg check usually i sembunyik dlm locker..badan kecik kan?kalau dh xsempat i buat2 demam ke ape..warden pecaye sebab i was lembaga disiplin pelajar plus bet student waktu xlan la ahli lembaga disiplin pelajar nak tipu kan?muahahhaha...penah kantoi ponteng fardu ain cikgu nak rotan then menangis kat situ cikgu x jadi rotan..hahha rasenye cikgu takut i stress kot..haha...
Masa kat matric for less than a month tu xdenye nak bestfriends marhaini and tanti kat situ jugak..keje kiteorg lepak n usual ponteng jugak lecture kalau malas..hahaha..
Kat banting je mmg pulun study sikit sebabnye my roommate gile kaki study and my bestfriend, ecah pon suke tuy jugak..aini n sally pon kaki study plus kat banting sume pandai2..nak taknak kene study...alhamdulillah dapat silver award kat banting and dapat p ireland.
Eh eh actually nak cite sal mini gathering..jadi cite mende lain lak..nyway satu topic yg gak interesting was how the people yg dok kelas bawah2 yang mmg academically x ebat sgt pon jadi lagi hebat dari kiteorg..diorg can afford to buy lv, gucci handbags..kiteorg ni coach pon bukan selalu..and how diorg ni mmg vogue abis la as compared to kiteorg yang pakai shirt, jeans, flat shoes and friend yg phd pon cakap baek jadi cam diorg...xyah belaja teruk2 pon boleh idup senang kaya raya...kiteorg ni nama je ade dgree keje doctor, engineers, lecturers tapi kejek kuli org jugak..then i teringat bill gates, steven jobs, mark sume..diorg pon dropouts tapi end up jadi the most important person in the whole what should i do now?quit my job and try to do something else?

Saturday, November 10, 2012


I love holidays!!
Enjoying every bits of it..
Darling hubby is post call today but we still njoying our precious together..
Playing with super active marissa..
Watching tv together..
If only i can stop the time..
Wanted to go to penang initially but kesian kat hubby penat so cancel je..i can still do some online shopping..cuma xle nk makan gareth popcorns, aunty anne's pritzels,caramel macchiato..kalau pg kl or penang boleh makan few stuff la..hehe..
Nyway today we tried to teach our cutest baby swimming..aritu lg nk ajar tapi x sempat...
Because of my ocd i told hubby kite takleh g mandi swimming pool kat rumah or pelangi mall or sewa any afraid of leptospirosis or other infectious we just used our jacuzzi to teach marissa on how to swim..hehe..she loves water!!so muchh!!