Friday, August 31, 2012


Went to one of the hypermarket in kota bharu today..nampaklah satu offer ni untuk fitti disposable diapers..marissa boleh pakai dua brand je-huggies and fitti..the rest die akan naik rashes..and so sebab fitti offer for M size rm24.90 je so terus la beli eventho still ade banyak lagi kat rumah..then kiteorg beli few other items lagi..masa nak bayar tu tah camne ternampak masa die scan price tu harga jadi rm27.90..i told my hubby tapi die cakap i yang salah nampak..mmg rm27.90..myself as usual xnak kalah sebab i was so sure that it was 24.90 terus cakap kt hubby suruh tunggu kejap while i went back to tempat promotion tadi and amik gambar promotion rm24.90..lepas tu terus g customer service..husband cakap xyah la rm3 je kot tapi i rase kene somebody mentioned kot kat dorang sebab takut pasni lg bnyk terkena..i pegi la kat customerservice tu n muka minah tu mcm xpuas hati sgt..padahal i cakap elok je n berbdi bahasa kot..mungkin dlm hati die "rn3 pon berkira"..well rm3 tu dh bleh lepas nasi sebungkus kot..hehhehe..
And yes..finally after almost 15mins i dapatlah rm3 balik..

Thursday, August 30, 2012


I had a quite eventful night last night..had 8 urgents cases need to be reviewed in casualty while one patient stopped breathing in male ward and the other patient was hypotensive in female ward...
so when this kind of situation occured, u need to prioritized urself..which one should i go see first? and of course i was running like a headless chicken to male ward attended a patient who apparently stopped breathing...went there noted that cardiac monitor was already showing a straight line, BP unrecordable, SPO2 undetectable, pulse not palpable, pupils fixed and strongly refused for any resuscitation...after pronounced it, we went to female ward attended a patient who was between then, i need to make a decision for a patient in casualty...
He is a 43y.o malay gentleman, active smoker with hx of admission due to heart attack early this yr came with typical chest pain about 50minutes ago...ECG showed ST elevation MI at inferior leads with T inversion at anteroseptal leads...right sided ecg showed right sided involvement as well..the problem with that patient was i dont know whether he was already given streptokinase or not and if yes, when exactly?he didnt bring his pc book and he wasnt really a good historian (patient in severe pain)...somehow i was able to dig out that he was only admitted for 3 days during that unlikely myocardial infarction..therefore, unlikely strep i did give him IV streptokinase...alhamdulillah it was the right decision..ECG post -STK showing no ST elevation at all!and his wife finally arrived showing me the PC book-hx of admission february this year for recent anteroseptal MI missed STK due to late presentation..
after attended the hypotensive patient in female ward, i went back to casualty reviewing all other cases...had total of 4 different unrelated patients came with infective diarrhoea whereby 2 of them had episodes of hypotension while the other 2 were haemodynamically stable but seems so dehydrated...then i had another patient post myocardial infarction referred from H Jeli arrived in A&E...
while was reviewing the MI patient, casualty MO informed me that there was another makcik with BP 80/40 and i was like OMG!the patient turned out to be a DKA patient precipitated by urinary tract infection..her urine ketones was 4+ and her VBG was metabolic acidosis..haiyaaa...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


After a long holiday (5days is consider long enough for us!); im working again..worst-im oncall today..
Just filled in my transfer form today..
There is a column "destinasi bertukar" on that form..i was so eager to write klinik kesihatan on that column instead of hrpz2 but it was only in my dream. Hahaha..i could..of course i could but thats mean ive already broke my promise to my yeah.i ddnt do it..hrpz2 was my choice..

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weaning at 5mnths 2wks

Marissa is officially weaned to solids today!!mommy bought tefal steamer and philips blender instead of beaba babycook for marissa..ehehe..theyre much cheaper and much more universal i i did steam some carrots,blend it and put it in her first i thought i wanna see her hold the spoon and put the spoon into her mouth but it didnt happen..well it did happen actually but without a carrot..hehhee..marissa makan spoon saje without d steamed carrots..
She ate quite a lot (i think) for her ag..she really enjoyed it..i read somewhere that u should give ur kid the same food for at least a week and need to slowly one by one introduce the food to ur kid..this is important to identify any food allergies...

Monday, August 27, 2012

Marissa's 5 months jab

Marissa 5mnths jab was actually due yesterday but we were still in kuala today after daddy went to hrpz settling few things we went straight away to tmc clinic..
Marissa's weight is not progressing well..she just gained 200g from last mnth..she is only 6kg today..mommy and daddy arent happy..they asked my paediatrician and my paediatrician told them to start weaning!!!
Yeayyyy!!now its the time i can get to taste other than my mommy's milk!!my mommy's milk is the best but i want to try other food as well!the paediatrician told my parents that the WHO guidelines was done using the data from everywhere around the the data maybe a bit invalid for us..he said that we should look at the baby.. He said that my developmental is at least 6months!!!woww!!he said that im so proud of myself and i knw my parents too! he suggested my parents to start weaning.yeayyy....
My mom told me that she is a bit confused at the moment what to give..she didnt buy me a beaba babycook because its too expensive..she was hoping someone would give her as a birthday gift.aha..
Anyone wants to buy my mommy that thing?shes so into beaba babycook..

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Im currently in kuala lumpur for my cousin's wedding..
-marissa's toys

Yezzaaa..xsure lg blk bile ni.hahaha.patutnye due for marissa's 5 mnth injection tomorrow tapi sebab confirm kt kl lg mybe delay sikitla kot.muahahah

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My birthday celebration

I had 2 bday celebration this yr..
I was oncalled on 18 and my husband threw a suprise bday party for me in d hospital..well its not a party pon..we had a busy day so hubby didnt have mch time to just a cake with few other doctors to celebrate..lepas bukak puasa then tiba2 kek muncul..hehe..but masa tu hati x tenang cuz i was informed that one of my patients was hypotensive with BP 80/ ofcourse la rush to the ward and attended that patient..
My 2nd bday celebration was at my grandma's cousin tetibe muncul with a cake and semua pon nyanyi2 lagu with my husband being d loudest singer..
Then i got my bday present..
The bracelets!!! And of course kelapa sawit..
Love u so much hubby!
To complete the day,i had received a brand new ipad for my bday present from my siblings!!!thank you so much everyone!!!i love u guys so much!!
Owh and thanks dave for the treat!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Marissa's first raya

Alhamdulillah..we r able to celebrate our first raya together..mommy and daddy were both postcall on the first raya but they seems so energetic..daddy told me that he had quite a busy night..he had to do a caesar at 3am for secondary arrest.. My mom had quite an uneventful night..she told me that she were able to sleep from 12am till 545am before her ho woke her up..they arrived home at 8 plus and i was still sleeping on that parents bersiap2 while my grandmother woke me up and mandikan and siap2 kan utk pergi beraya..before we went to my tok and wan hse we had sessi bersalaman and bermaafan..i got few green packets and i was so excited..i couldnt sit still and wanted to be in all d pictures..hehe
Then instead of went to tok and wan's hse we went to my toknye's house and meet up with tok,wan,ayah su li and cik eni there..i was excitedly main2 dengan nek yah and toknye before rase sangat panas and parents knw that i was already restless so they gave me my favourite milk!after a while i fall asleep before my tok and wan mother cont chatting with my relatives while waiting for my grandparents..wan woke me up and i was eagerly and happily main2 dengan wan before my parents decided to go to pasir mas which is my kampung..then we head up to kubr tokwan and few houses before i fall asleep..

To be cont'd

Monday, August 20, 2012

Selamat hari raya n happy birthday to me!

Selamat hari raya semua!maaf zahir batin..
Lambat sehari wish.. bday semalam jugak..
Sume pon nk cuti bday i smlm.hahahah.

Friday, August 17, 2012


Boleh x if kite nk doakan org yg selfish mende x elok?geram sangt kot ni..
My marissa xle tdo smlm sebab baru je nak terlelap ade org main mercun and if its at 8-9pm bole accept la but ni kul 1am onwards..sian sngt tgk marissa terkejut..kuat sgt kot bunyi die..xpaham org yang xde perasaan ni ygselfish main kul 2-3 pagi..kalau ade pakcik or makcik yg kene heart attack sebab terkejut bunyi mercun camne?ifdie survive xpe tapi kalau heart attack sampai mati x ke rase berdosa tu?
And xrase guilty ke main mercun then kejutkan org yg mmg susah gile nak tdo which lepas die tersedar dh xle nak tdo dh and lead to hypersomnolence during a daytime yg mane bleh effect keje die?
X ke rase jahat main mercun tgh malam sampai baby2 xle tdo n nangis terkejut?like in my case la and when our baby xle tdo kiteorg pon xle tdo..and bare in mind kiteorg manysia jugak and kalau dh 48hrs xtdo ape ye hasilnya?agak2 la kot..kiteorg postcall yg mmg xtdo then xtdo lg lepas tu srbab mamat mamat selfish tu then kalau kiteorg ngantok sgt agak2 hasil keje tu sama x dengan waktu x ngantok?otak nak fikir pon susah kalau ngantok..hhu..
Pastu x rase berdosa ke kacau org ug baru nk tdo sebab nk bangun malam solat sunat?and kalau pon die bgn tgh solat bunyi bisibg2 camtu terkusyuk ke dorang?haihhh

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sit unsupported

My darling marissa dh boleh sit unsupported dh!!actually since last week lg tp last week xberani kasi sangat die dok camtu but last night mmg cam stable dh la.hehe..
Cepat je besar budak tecik weight die xdela wow sangat..bmi die jatuh berat die naik la. My ebm stock dh mcm tinggal separut je despite 4x pumping everyday..naube sebab bulan puasa kurang minum air and sebab letey sama kot..keje this month quite busy baru kosong sikit ward sebab nak raya..but just tunggu 2nd raya onwards..time tu baru la semua org nk dtg hospital either for mc or sebab mmg teruk bebenor..just wait and see..huhu..

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Cepat je ramadhan dh nak abis..serius x rase sangat pon..pejam celi pejam celik dh last week ramadhan..ibadat x bnyk sgt pon lg ni..need to improve..
Selamat beribadat semua!

Monday, August 13, 2012


Received few pictures frm my darling sis!!
My 5month old marissa is supercute!!
Cant wait to see ya tomorrow my sweetheart.
Monmy loves u so much!
Tomorrow come quick!

Medela harmony + little bean bottle warmer for sale

Second hand medela harmony and little bean bottle warmer for sale!!!
Price is email me at!
Owh medela harmony tu used only twice!!


Happy 5months marissa!!!
We love u so much!!
Mommy and daddy mintak maaf sebab xdpt nk celebrate dengan marissa hari ni..
Mommy n daddy oncall ari ni..
Sob sob sob.
Marissa behave well kt rumah k?
Love u so much!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Sedar tak sedar dh sangat dekat nak raya dh..sangat cepat ok ramadhan this year..mane taknye..pegi keje kul 7 balik smapai umah 630..lepas tu main ngan marissa while waiting for bukak pose and main ngan marissa kejap malam tu then ngantok tdo..
Then bgn pg keje..kalau oncall the nextday baru balik umah..kejap snagat2..haiyaaa..
Baju raya seb baek my mom belikan..alhamdulillah my mom dh belikan utk i,marissa n husband..baju raya marissa ade bnyk..mak die satu je and satu lg pending xtau la sempat ke x siap..bajudaddy die mmg satu je la..
To be honest, saye mmg xde perasaan nak raya sgt..siap volunteer nk oncall waktu raya lagi tapi ade org lg best volunteer back to back oncall raya 1st and 2nd..nati marissa besar sikit kot br wxcited nak raya..tambah x best raya tahun ni my grandmother raya kat kl so ramai uncles n aunties x balik..makanya kurang la duit raya marissa..hehe..

Friday, August 10, 2012

My darling marissa


I dont know why people can be super annoyed
Esp in this holy month Ramadhan..
Xpasal2 pahala jadi kurang sebab ckp mende yg x sepatutnya ckp..
Ade few bast**rds yang suke main mercun malam2 lepas kul 12..
Before kul 12 its still acceptable eventho i still hate it tapi xpe la accepable..
But mercun at 2-3am?what the hell??
My marissa dh 3nights bangub tgh malam terkejut sebab bunyi mercun..
Rase nk g cari je sape yg main mercun tu n report polis..
Sakit hati betol..
Dhla marissa once die bgn n terkejut susah sikit nk tdo..
And maryam pon sama..
Terkejut n nangis jugak..
Asal la ade manusia camni?
Haih..sometimes rs nak doa biar die kene mercun patah papa ke..geram tau..
Tapi x baek la pulak mendoakan keburukan org len kan?haih

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Beaba babycook

I want this so badly for my baby..
Anyone nk belikan n hadiahkan as my coming bday present??


Marissa has my skin..
We both have eczema..
Hopefully x teruk mana..

Tuesday, August 7, 2012



I dont know why people nowadays are so heartless..was accompanying a patient to hospital kb today when a lot of people actually just totally ignored us..luckily ade encik polis yang hon hon those cars and barula pergi tepi..if not memang siren ambulance n hon ambulance ni mmg xde maknanya la kot..
Cant imagine d situation during ths coming raya..last yr the driver told me it took them 3hrs just to go to kb frm tm which normally less than an hour..

Monday, August 6, 2012


Im down with urti again..
Am i immunocompromised?
Kejap je terus kene urti..
Mcm almost every fortnight kene urti..
Kalo kt cork ni mesti budak2 ni dh ckp
"abis r ko aina.ko ade 3kali jumaat je lagi"
Semalam non stop sneeze n paling annoying runny nose..haiyakkk
Lepas tu headache..
Ya Allah kurniakanlah aku kesihatan yang baik

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Marissa at 4mnths+

Marissa new hobby at the moment is putting everything she can hold into her mouth..she will try to put everything which includes her pillow,her blankets, her mommys' fingers and clothes and everything..when we put her into her walker she basically tried to eat everything in front of her..
I think i might wean her out earlier than 6mnths.. Need to look for any books on how to cook for a baby..
Owh and she even tried to put her foot into her mouth!!!


Yesterday was marissa and maryam's day out..the traffic was so badd..really really bad..i think more than half kelantanese yang stay outside balik kampung kot enjoying bukak pose kat kelantan..mmg sangat2 jemm okkk..tapi sebab dh half way so kiteorg proceed la..instead of went to kbmall we went to manjaku and tesco..
I was initially against my mother n my husband of buying marissa a walker..ii stil remember when i was a med student that walker is not good for ur child..tapi sebab tgk marissa boring sgt and suprisingly she dh pandai jalan kalau kite hold die berdiri and mmg die xsuke tummy time die so we decided to buy her a walker n rocker...sebab icha has her own bibik so insyaAllah boleh kot walker tapi bibik mmg kene jaga betol2 lah takut jatuh ke ape ke kan..we bought her a 2in1 walker..die together dengan rocker so that kalau xnk gune walker kite gune rocker..

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Big boss test kete baru

As ive mentioned before,my baby vios has involved in a major accident..we have discussed with the insurance company and the toyota itself before came to d conclusion that we need a new vios..therefore we had to let go our not-so-old vios for a new vios..i chose a white vios as well and yesterday it has safely arrived at my home sweet home..yay!!
My qaisara marissa who is currently the queen aka the boss in our family decided to do a checkup first before letting her mommy drives d car..