Friday, February 15, 2013

Acute gastroenteritis

The whole house affected..
Dont know where the virus came from but it affects everyone except my father..
Asal2 start ngan my sis in law..pastu baby maryam..pastu marissa..pastu myself.then my youngest sister..followed by my brother,my mom n my husband..
Muntah2 and loose stool..kalau g hospital confirm kene notify dah ni sebab cluster..oh x dilupekan 2 bibik pon sister bestfriend pon kene sebab die tinggal kat rumah kiteorg...xkesah sangat lagi diarrhoea tapi muntah..haishh..horrible ok!!
My baby marissa dh kurus dh muntah n diarrhoea..ade fever lak die mcm trauma tgk susu..sebab minum susu je muntah aritu..sian marissa..

Nausea n vomitting in pregnancy

Yess..another babyy..another nausea vomitting in pregnancy..
Vomitted several times during the ward round..the smell of melenic stool, bedsore, diabetic foot ulcer make it worst..
Tengok patient fit with drooling of saliva ponnnnn make me vomit few times..
And i think im started to loose weight too!! My all-time fav food pon macam nak termuntah fav nasi berlauk pagi that i used to eat 2-3 bungkus sekali makan nak abiskan satu bungkus pon susah..
Camne my baby nk dapat nutrition ni?
Last night i was so craving for bolognoise spageti yg pedas..end up my husband yg masak sebab i couldnt tolerate the smell of onions..haha..
3days ago my nvp was superimposed with age..i couldnt tolerate even a single food pon..campor dengan cirit birit n make it worst i was oncalled the next my husband decided to give me some additional hydration..of course if i went to hospital ill get urine ketones was 3+!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bad call

Had a very bad call yesterday..
Really2 bad that i wish i dont have to work anymore..
Those patients that i saw in red zone were very sick..most of them were referred from district hospitals.few was already admitted there for at least few days..
I had at least 3 patients with cardiogenic shock..the first one was a referred case from hospital pasir mas..was already admitted for 4days..initially treated as decompensated congestive cardiac failure.. Developed worsening sob since a day ago and referred to hrpz noted evolving ecg changes with raised cardiac enzymes..i treated him as non st elevation mi..he desaturated that i need to intubate him for impending resp intubation bp lowish despite triple inotropes..he passed away after 6hrs admission in HDW.. The other one was a female lady, chronic smoker, first presentation with typical chest pain at hosp tumpat.. Was treated as acute coronary syndrome in failure..upon arrival noted she actually has st elevation myocardial infarction at posterior leads..we managed to give her iv streptokinase..unfortunately she developed short run ventricular tachycArdia and desaturated..intubate her and post intubation she requiring triple inotropes as well..a friend of mine told me she passed away today..innalilillah..the other pt with. Cardiogenic shock stable...
I had a 17y.o pAtient referred case from pasir mas as st elevation myocardial infarction..17 years old!!!was given iv streptokinase at hosp pasir mas..he didnt have myocardial infarction was a saddle shape st elevation..its actually pericarditis..luckily pt didnt develop any complication towards streptokinase..
Thats among the cases..x termasuk hypovolaemic shock secondary to upper gastrointestinal bleed, symptomatic bradycardia, sepsis, cap with bronchospasm, fluid overload bla bla bla..

Friday, February 8, 2013


Sebab ngantok sangat i google lah tenet while waiting for patient balik ct scan to rule out intracranial bleed..
Then terbaca lah pasal gosip hangat shila hamzah, shaarnaz and nd lala.. Been a judgemental person i think d blame has to b put on sharnaaz..hahaha..abis la die marah pasni..nampak from statement die and gossip2 mamat ni rasenye sangat panas baran kot..if i jadi shila hamzah of courseeee i will choose nd lala..of corse i will break ngan mamat tu kot..
Sah sah die xrespect ayah shila kan..secara x langsung he doesnt respect u lah kan.. Logical thinking lah?ye tak? And lepas nd lala keluarkan statement kata sharnaaz biadap sebab nk dtg merisik tu i rase die x perlu kot reply statement tu secara open..he just worsen d current situation and terus kalau patient la i dah informed poor prognosis..death in line..hahaha..
Lepas sharnaaz reply statement tu mmg kalau i reject terus dh jadi suami..nnt jadi suami habislahh..xkasi terus jumpe ur own family..and sebagai seorang anak xkan die xtahu pengorbanan seorang ayah kan?ingat senang ke nak jaga anak ni?haha..ull knw once u have a child..hahaa
Patu shila ni agak buta lah kalau xnampak lagi lepas sharnaaz keluarkan statement shila tidak telus..omaigodddddd
Laki mcm tu mane sesuai buat suami kot?
And agak2 family sharnaaz tu akan ok ke ngan shila..
Pls think of ur future..
Nak ke idup dalam keadaan tak direstui?
Agak2 bahagia ke kalau hidup x direstui?
And bukan ke aritu sharnaaz sendiri kata die kongkong shila sebab nak jadikan isteri tapi tetibe arini cakap dah2 la control eh blame family shila lak?
And shila lak keluarkan statement die ni overprotected by family..
Anak perempuan kot?
Artis some more?
Ade ke ayah nak buat tak tahu je?
So shila if let say la u r reading this (which is unlikely) i rase pilih la ibu bapa sebab kalau ibu bapa tak restu mmg xkan dapat keredhaan Allah sekaligus takkan bahagia.
Trust me..
Good luck shila in making a choice!
Hope ull make a wise decision!!


Mommy n daddy oncall arini..
Rindunyeee kat qaisara marissa ni..
kalau ade mesin cepatkan waktu confirm i dh beli.hehe..xpon lambatkan waktu so that xyah oncall..
She is so adorable!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cheeky marissa

Mommy loves u so much darling angel!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Dah start mooody dahhhh..
Dah start rase x enjoy nk keje dahh..
Dah start rase x ikhlas nak buat keje..
Bosses n colleagues sume ok.
I think its d hormones..

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Gravida 2 para 1

Officially gravida 2 para 1..
Yeah i know!!very poor spacing!!
Im sooo going to put in implanon after thissss..hahhaa
Im not good in pills so implanon is the best option!!

Friday, February 1, 2013


Yeayyy todayy marissa bole jalan kat luar rumah dah daddy kasi..hehe.before this takut nak allow die jalan kat luar sebab takut jatuh even die dh lame bleh jalan..luar kan banyak organism..bukan daddy actually..mommy die yg ocd..hehe..
Nyway lepas jalan2 tgk fish sume marissa mandi kolam pulak!
Marissa taknak keluar kolam sampai mommy kene kosongkan air dlm jacuzzi tu sebab die xnak keluarkan..nangis sume..hehhe..
mommy n marissaaa sukeee mommy'd weekend off..more bonding time!!!muahxxxxx

Happy birthday little boy and happy monthversary to us

Happy birthday wan muhammad asraf!!
Happy monthversary to rahimie n aina!!
Love u wan muhammad asraff and mohd rahimie!!

**idung kene scratch dengan marissa


Baru duduk id 2 months tapi rase dah lama sangat kenal miss lim ni..shes the pharmacist in charge for id patients..i called her regularly to consult about anything; from anti retroviral to antibiotics.. She never let me down.. Even if she didnt know the answer she wont say i dont knw..she will try to find d answer to me..
Yesterday was her last day in hrpz..she is going back to her hometown- sungai petani for good..i dont know whether our next pharmacist is as good as her or not..
Nyway wherever u r lim, pls keep in touch..