Thursday, July 16, 2009

Letter to the fake farid.

Dear Anonymous/The Coward/The Idiot/The fake Farid,

Thanks for uninvited messages in my shoutbox. As u can see, i have to delete my shoutbox again and all thanks to u, the fake Farid.
U dont have to be ashamed of ur real identity the fake Farid.
And seriously, like seriously, if u have any problems with me just send me an email and stop flooding my blog with ur daffy comments. I dont need those. Thanks. (my email :
Owh by the way, I think u need a very serious help from a psychiatrist. U should go to any nearby GP and ask for a referral to the psychiatrist. Owh and pls seclude urself from ur society. I am afraid someone might get hurt if they r too close with u. Sorry.

Owh and for my fellow bloggers, that freak is not the real Farid. Farid is not a blogger and he does not read my blog as frequent as that freak. And plus Farid is an educated gentleman who would not wasting his time doing those silly things!!!

P/s : My mum told me, that freak might be a SHE not a HE. Sape la kan nak mengucarkacirkan my life ni.huhu.


Wahidah said...

menckik la lalat ne..kaco aina pulak..aipp

Rye said...

ala...dh dlete ke?
br nk bc pe die tulis.
dlu i pon pnh kene kaco kt shoutbox. check his ip dpt tau la die dr somewhere in kL jgk.
then bg post cmni gak r, tp die xbrani nk emel pon.
i banned die pny ip dr komen shoutbox, br die diam. hahaha...

Leeya Alia said...

hu..nape ainaa??dari hri tuh lagik i bce u bengang ng fake farid..tpi tgk2 xde lak komen org tu lam ur blog..or i yg terlepas pndg??huhu

||Fisza:Nais|| said...

sapo kenak mung na?
oyak kakku.meh aku g sepak.