Friday, June 12, 2009

i love them ( a very long entry!!!)

This is my groupmates...We've known each other for at least 5 yrs...
The father : Shahied
-He's been the one that we could depend on..Kind, helpful and not selfish. We always can rely on him. he acts like a father or big brother to us. From the first year up to final year he is the one that i will ask for when i am in trouble. He is really good with cooking too. We like his nasi lemak and others too. oh, but when it came to study group he would be the last person who emailed his presentation to us.hahahaha..owh n i had trouble of calling him farid instead of shahied during the study group.hahahaha.anywaysm thanks for the past 5 yrs shahied.

The mother : Ajuliana
-She is the controller of our study group i must say. She's stern. Like really2 is. When we were not focusing on the topic, she would said cepat2 " korang, focus please" and we would cepat2 fokus. =) She is also my hsemate for 3 yrs. The one that i can depend on in Cork as well. When i was down or felt like crying, she was the one that i went for. She was the one that pulled me out from the toilet last yr. She was also the one that scold me till i realized its not worth it. She's my bestfriend. She will always be. Owh we r not that brave. When we both scared we will sleep with each other but before we slept, we will ask for each other to recite ayat kursi or mengucap 2 kalimah syahadah dulu.hahahaha

The big brother : Aiman
- He has short attention span but he's the smartest in our group i must say. He studies consistently and he talks faster than i am.hahaha. he has a very fluent and good english and he is going to be a great orthopedic surgeon in the future. Owh and he was the one that would make us a jug of hot chocolate every study group. hehe. Nyways Aiman. good luck!!!and keep in touch!!

The big sister : Yusma
- Ironically she's the big sister in our group. The one that we can depend on as well. The one with lots of food. She would always bring us lots of food to d study group. pizza, garlic bread, walkers, u named it. hehe. She's actually the youngest. Owh she even brought us Krispy Kreme!!!!=D *hugs*..hehehe..:P..She's among the one that is going to do her internship here. So good luck kak susi and keep in touch ok?

The lil sis : Mills
-haha.. She is actually the leader for our group. She was the one that would text us every week saying the venue and the time for our study group. She was also the one that arranged the timetable like who was presenting today and who wasnt and she was the one that will wash all the pinggan mangkuk, cawan after d session. Hehe. She is my housemate and i love her so muchie2 as well. There were few times that we had arguments but still she's my bestfriend and will always be. Thanks amilah hani. Owh been her housemates for 3 yrs, i must say she actually the tidiest among us!!and the one will lots of food and toileteries.hehe..:p

The lil bro : Izad
-boboy will always be a lil bro kan boboy?hahahahaha..:p he's the most hardworking in our group. Went to library every other day and he will b a great doctor in the future if he keeps his hardworkingness..I always want to try to be as hardworking as him buttttt..hahaha..:P...he wants to marry an Irish soo....hahahaha...Izad goodluck!!!all the best in ur future undertakings and keep in touch.

-The raudhahs-

Husna :-
My hsemates for 2 yrs. She is also the one that i can turn to when i am in troubles. She is a good listener. She's helpful, kind and sweet. And recently i just found that she is my best buddy for increasing my BMI.hahahaahaha...oh and when i was in glendale, she was my supplier for korean, chinese and japanese drama series/movies. A computer geek she is. hehe. Apart from that she was also my saviour. When i was in 1st yr i had a breakdown as well a few hrs before the exam after i just broke up with my ex. She was the one that called him and asked him to pujuk me so that i could take the exam. TQ husna and aju for that. I hope last yr would be the last one that i had to have those kind of breakdown. Nyways husna, i love u too and keep in touch okeh?nanti kawen ko pon compulsory datang!!

My groupmate when i was in 3rd yr. A very hardworking lady and macam izad, i would always want to be like them tapi asek failed je..hahaha..Nang is a very pretty, hardworking, pious, and sume la yang mak mertua nak sebab tu die dah kawen tu..kan nang kan?hahaha.. Nyways nang, congratss ek?

the lil sis in raudhah i must say. clinical groupmate this year. She was my partner in crime for ponteng2, makan2, amik history during fixed attachment, obs & gynae and paeds. She also my travel buddy for eurotrip and was the one with a goodskill in reading map.hahaha. Give her the map and she will bring u to any places u want. hahahahaa...owh today is her birthday.. Happy Birthday Dr.Yopit!

I heard her name since i was form 4. Everyone is talking about her. Always want to know her back then but only met her when i was in Banting. She's a great cook everyone!!!!Her nasi goreng is super delicioussss...And her mee goreng pon!hehe..Tuya, dinner malam ni pls?pls?

The one that suprised everyone last week!hahaha..nyways happy for u cik fatim. hahaha. Was in the same group with her this yr and barulah kenal sket2.. Sangat rajin and consistent. Sangat kuat shopping juge.hahahahaha..:P. a very influential person juge.haahaha

A dentist in the making. A very soft spoken and well-mannered person. A good friend to Aju and Mills. And she's really good in baking!!!suke kek colourful tu..ape eh name die.hahahaha..:p lupe sudah..

Nadia and Syafiek

Nad was my housemates for 3 yrs. In my 1st 2 yrs in Cork, she is my partner in crime. hahaha. The one that i would text when ada usrah. hahaha. She is also the one that i could turn to jugak when i was facing any problems. Syafiek lak is nad husband and kamal bestfriend. Syafiek is also a kelantenese but i think i never spoke kelantanese with him. ke pernah eh?aahahaha...macam x..hahaha...owh Mr Syafiek, i sayang Nad jugak, xpe kan?hehe..and Mr n Mrs Syafiek sila keep in touch ok?keje kelantan jom!!!

P/s Ok nanti sambung balik.hahahaha. ade ameen, freddie, carrigleans, pre-med..hehe

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