Friday, May 24, 2013

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Anak derhaka

Saw a video in fb today pasal anak derhaka..mother came all the way from kampung to visit her son and her daughter in law..son picked her up and left her somewhere near the river..mother wait all day long for son to come back as he promised to come back after he finished his work..before he left, he gave her mother a memo..later on that day, one lovely gentleman came and asked why shes still there..they talked and at the end of the conversation the mother gave that gentleman that piece of paper her son lefy her...
"someone who found this lady pls bring her to any nearest elderly home"..
Menitik air mata tgk..
How could he???
Sama macam kes afiq muiz (i dont really knw who he is until we talked about him while having our dinner)..
Afiq muiz tu kire mcm tangganglah..
Die tak tahu ke mak die pregnant kat die 9bulan?and die tahu ke pregnant tu camne?with the nausea, vomitting, lethargy, bodyache etcetera mother die still sabar mengandungkan die..lepas ngandung masa nak lahirkan die tu bertarung nyawa pulak..ingat senang ke nak push?ingat tak sakit ke?mother tanggung all d risk tau..sacrifice herself..macam my dearest friend..shes still in coma..bertarung nyawa lepas deliver her baby..
Lepas bersalin tu lak, breastfeed lak..owh ingat sennag ke?ingt susu tu keluAr mencurah curah ke awal2?and not to forget; engorged breast, cracked nipple, mastitis etcetera..
Lepas breastfeed ingat senang ke nak membesarkan anak tu?anak demam mak pon turut tak tdo..anak sakit mak pon sakit..anak luka mak pon rase sakit die..anak terhantuk mak boleh nangis( yes i cried when marissa terjatuh n terhantuk mula2)..pastu bangun tgh malam tu xyah cakap la...oncall everyday..
Nak menyekolahkan anak tu lak ingat duit tu datang camtu je ek?no!!u stupid idiot!!macam in ur case afiq, ur mom bersengkang mata masak n jual burger...tak kesian keee?
Why lepas dapat awek yang tak cun pon boleh lupa mak?sedarlah sikit setitis air mata mak jatuh tak berbau syurga la..sejahat2 mana pon ur mother, u kene ingat she sacrifice half of her life utk lahirkan and besarkan u..
Ingat tu..
Allah boleh tarik ape saje sekelip mata sahaja..
Oleh itu dengan ini saya isytiharkan saya takkan tengok mana2 drama, filem, iklan or ape2 yg ade gambar mamat tu n awe die selagi diorg tak mintak maaf ngan mak mamat tu...
Appreciate ur mother while shes still around...
Ingatlah jasa2 beliau..
Bukan senang nak jadi mother...
Kalau i kasi u job tu for sure la u takleh buat..
And ingat lah..perbuatan baek dibalas baik dan perbuatan jahat dibalas jahat..
Ingat yang tu sahaja sudah cukup..

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pls make doa for her

My ex housemate is in very critical condition..
Pls make a doa for saidatul hafeeza..
Nak post entry ni semalam tapi takleh stop from crying..
Pija is fighting for her life since yesterday..
Ade massive bleed post delivery..
She delivered her baby via vacuum at kbmc and had a massive bleeding post delivery..
She collapsed and cpr done for 40minutes..
She was defib for 5 times..
Pls make a doa for her..
Her baby alhamdulillah selamat and discharged well..
Doakan beliau sahabat2..

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Marissa main air..

Friday, May 17, 2013

Meatball soup

Meatball soup for my dear marissa..

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kings of my heart..=)
Thank you for everything..
love both of u so much...=)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Asraff and Aisyah

.::heart heroes..


.::with ibu bella::.

.::dah abis energy to even climb up the terpaksa la merangkak..hahaha::.

.::our precious::.



.::marissa tengah badmood lah pulak..hehehe::.

.::us with the newlyweds::.


.::her beautiful smile melts me...mommy loves u so much qaisara marissa bt mohd rahimie::.

.::yes..i nampak macam tak pregnant pon..hahha::.

.::well..i was already 4months pregnant during this time..hehehe..tak sedar diri lompat sana sini..hehehe::.


.::pink peach vs royal blue::.

.::love them::.

.::marissa taknak senyum dah::.

.::budak manja::.

.::look at marissa's smile...alhamdulillah bersyukur sangat2 dikurniakan Allah qaisara marissa...=)::.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Physician vs surgeon

Hehe got this picture from my specialist..

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Down with d flu

Im dealing with sick people all the time..
Almost everyday..
When i breathe in, i took some of the viruses/bacterias from my own patients..
They cough, they sneeze, they bleed, they urinate and they b.o in front of me..
I think i even literally drank amniotic fluid when i was in obs and gynae before..
However i dont get sick easily..
It was like my body is immune to this rganism..
Last week my dearest mother was down with the flu..
Followed by my marissa, maryam and sarah..
And 2days ago, i was down with d flu..
I think i got it from my mother..
I dont know where she got this very strong virus but it did infect me and my other half..
My husband is also coughing and sneezing today..
Semoga cepat sembuh..


Cried while watching this video..

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Distance christina perrie

I love this song..

The sun is filling up the room,
and I can hear you dreaming.
Do you feel the way I do? Right now.
I wish we would just give up, 'cause the best part is falling.
Call it anything but love.
And I will make sure to keep my distance.
Say I love you when you're not listening.
And how long can we keep this up, up, up?

Please don't stand so close to me; I'm having trouble breathing.
I'm afraid of what you'll see right now.
I give you everything I am,
all my broken heartbeats,
until I know you'll understand.
And I will make sure to keep my distance.
Say I love you when you're not listening.
And how long can we keep this up, up, up?

And I keep waiting for you to take me.
You keep waiting to save what we have.

So I'll make sure to keep my distance.
Say I love you when you're not listening.
And how long can we keep this up, up, up?

Make sure to keep my distance.!
Say I love you when you're not listening.
How long 'till we call this love, love, love?

More lyrics:

Another oncall

Another death last night..
A young patient..
Ajal boleh jemput kita bila bila masa sahaja..
Tried really hard to resuscitate him but unfortunately Allah lebih sayangkan dia...
Semoga roh arwah dirahmati Allah..

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A funny story

Im in the 2nd trimester already..
Time really flies..
2nd trimester equals to backpain..
Started to have back pain since 2weeks ago..
2 malam lepas as usual i tdo with my dearest qaisara marissa..
And as usual sakit belakang so i was quite restless..tdo macam marisa tdo lah bermacam2 position lah..
Then i termimoilah..dalam minpi tu i mimpi i tertido atas belon..
It was so comfortable until i heard suara budak nangis..
Eh tu mcm suara marissa..
Then i bukak mata nak tgk marissa why she was crying..
Guess what?
Mommy actually tdo berbantalkan perut marissa!!!
Hahhaha no wonder it was so comfortable..
And no wonder lah kan marisaa nangis?
So desperate sampai perut marissa pon jadi mangsa..
now i need to find a maternal pillow for my back pain..haiya..

Saturday, May 4, 2013

bridal shower...

a proper picture from photoaura...
nice pictures..
.:: last minute punye banner..hahaha...spoilt the below one so my husband had to paint it with gray colour all over the sheet::.

.::tengok muka marissa..hahaha...drama queen betol marissa ni::.

.::marissa was listening to ibu bella and eshue nyanyi lagu hmm xingat.hahaha::.

.::simple and last minute..but then it was perfect..perfect sebab ade perfect everyone so much::.

.::i love everyone!::.

.::my darling princess...13month old::.

.::her smile melts me..i love u so much qaisara marissa::.

.::look at her!so cheeky::.

.::adorable marissa::.

.::sume orang pon nak bergyomi..ehhehe::.


.::mommy and daddy's sweetheart::.

.::love u so much::.

.::heart u::.

.::model in action..hehe::.

.::shes really enjoying d company::.