Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A patient

I have a patient.
She is a 16 y.o school girl.
She presented with a mass in her abdomen 5months ago.
She only noticed the mass in her abdomen only few weeks prior to hosp admission.
Upon admission, the mass is about uterus at 28weeks size.
A very filthy big mass for a 16y.o pleasant girl who just weighted 30kg.
An urgent ultrosound made upon d admission and malignancy detected in her ovary. The mass was so big that we could not appreciated whether it came from the right or left ovary.
A very ugent operation organised for her.
She went into d operation. However d tumour couldnt be removed as it was attached to underlying structure and was so friable.
She developed severe haemorrhage with more than 2litres blood loss.
She was sent to the ICU for close monitoring.
Then she was transfer out to gynae ward.
Her condition worsen on that time.
There was a time when she suddenly cried and started to mumbling things as if she was going to die.
One day when i was oncalled she suddenly collapsed and was transfer out to ICU again.
Before she was t/o to the ICU she specifically asked me to accompany me to the ICU and made me promised to visit her everyday while she lives.
Luckily, the tumour that she has is responsive to chemotherapy.
She underwent few chemo cycles and 2days ago she just had her 2nd operation- Total Abdominal Hysterectomy. That filthy big tumour shrunk with the chemo regime and managed to be removed with hysterectomy.
And she recovers very well.
I went to visit her and she gave me a smile that made me so contented, satisfied and gladful.
Her smile provoked undescribable feelings in my heart that made me forgot all the stresses and sadness that i had so far in my journey as a doctor .=)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i love u pakcik.hahaha

haha thanks encik hubby.hehe
anyway im in my 3rd posting already.
time flew by so quickly.
cant believe that its almost a yr dh saye sudah jadi doctor.
im in medical posting at d moment.
jaga ward lelaki
and jaga cubicle org xnak jaga.
HIV +ve patients and TB patients.
aaa xsuke.
most of them pon IV drug user.
line die nak dapat masuk branula sangat la susah.
pg tadi mencabar kesabaran la
vein tangan die gune sume dh utk drugs abuse.
mmg die sendiri admit xde tempat utk cucuk.
kaki die lak satu tu amputated dah
and the other one lak mcm baru healed from osteomyelitis post plating(infected implant)
so worst come to worst, i'd inserted branula at his thumb!!!
siaptanye opinion die dulu..
tapi cuak gakkkkkk masa nak insert.sebab rs die mcm boleh buat anything je sebab tangan die sebelah je kene gari.hahaha
masuk posting medical ni lunch mmg jgn berharap sangat lah kan.
U r so damn lucky to have time for a lunch!
hahhaa.gile x?
seb baek i berjaya paksa my bibik to cook for me nasi goreng everyday for my breakfast.
xpe. kejap je lagi then 2 yrs then i boleh quit keje n jadi lecturer or businesswoman.hahaha.dh xrase nak jadi specialist ID.haaha.
kadang2 keje doctor best gak esp when org cakap time kasih or dengar ayat mcm sorang pakcik ni cakap(he's not even my patient!)
"doctor, pakcik nak cakap sket kat doctor. 50tahun pakcik berulang alik kat hospital masuk keluar hspital tapi xpenah pakcik jumpe doktor perempuan seaktif doctor. cekap and cepat buat teruskan keje mcm tu ye doctor.bagus utk negara"
i was so impressed and terus bersemangat utk keje.
ok nak makan.lapar.hahaha.

Friday, April 2, 2010

mY Lovely Wife...

hahahah...sayek curik password my wife..huhuhu

anyway..saje nak menyibuk kat blog my darling neh...nampak selalu gak die tulis mende ni..walau diriku ini tidak pandai la sangat menjadi seorg blogger ni hihih..

mmm sekarang ni da 3 bulan dah kitorg kawin......alhamdulillah...syukur pada Allah SWT atas segala rahmatnya....rase hepi sgt2...walau mase awal2 kawin dulu kitorg da kene pisah...nak kene g tanah merah la...tapi yg lebih kelakarnyer adalah bile aina balik ke KB its my turn pulak nak kene g tanah merah hihihi...pejam celik pejam celik dah tinggal lagi 1minggu kat sane..then balik KB....horeee....pastu yg lagik best...dtg dok 1 department lagi ghagagagga.....

dulu kat tanah merah pun...tiap kali aina oncall..sure diriku dtg teman die...mane tak nyee...quartes tu seraM GILE..Jauh la jugak dari spital..pastu...ade ke banduan pulak terlepas tak situ,,,huhuhu,,,,sape tak sayang bini oii,,,,cantik n cute lak tu ahhahaha...

eh jap..sebebnarnyer...ape tujuan menyibuk sini nak cakap ...yang SAYA SAYANG AWAKKKK...!!!!!HePi MoNThaVassaRyyy.... (adiah nnt kumpul eh...hihihi)..

okla da tak nak nyibuk,,,nnt nak tulis lagi,,,,,nak g semayang jumaat..



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