Saturday, January 30, 2010

a doctor

OMG..Havent been blogging for quite a while.
Life has been real hectic..
not the married life that put me away from the blogging world but my damn shit job.
Seriously!!i hate my job.
I dont like orthopedic.
To add more spices, i hate those arrogant, smelly and always-right S.
S is not is. S is ARE. S is xxxxx.Only if u work in the hosp[ital and read the hospital notes, then u would know what does it mean.
Owh before im forget, call me 56 not aina from this moment on cuz that what our S want to call us. they allocate each of us (house officers) with number and started calling us with number. Ridiculous right?yes, that is what they r doing at the moment.

Anyways, stop talking about that damn silly job. Already had enough in hospital. U know, sometimes i feel like i want to burn all the motorcycle in the world so that i dont have to attend all the mat rempit who came withh open fractures, bleeding ++, AIDs and bla2.
Im not a good doctor.
Im a great pretender. I can fake a smile all day long and i can laugh out loud outside but inside i feel like screaming and crying.

ahhh i still talking about that damn job that caused bunch of my friends depression and dont be suprised if i told ya that few of my friends had suicidal intention due to that stressful job.few of my friends quit their job. few of them needs regular follow up and therapy with the psychiatrist and few of them even took anti depressant. what more can we ask kan?a noble job, a doctor is kan?so padan muka la?