Monday, November 2, 2009

let bygones be bygones

wahhh bestnye nikmat cuti..i was quarantined at home..-suspected H1N1. i was in contact with a suspected H1N1 patient last week and i got a flu since then which was worsening sampai la semalam round dengan head of department die suruh i pergi check. Pergi A&E rase macam sangat kelaka sebab jadi patient sendiri,bp taken, temperature taken and blabla bla so was given a 5days mc with tamiflu.
So here i am, blogging!things that i wont be able to do if im working.. however, somehow i miss doing the morning round.hahaha. workaholickah saye ini?hehe..
nyways one thing for sure that i wanna do during these 5days is LET BYGONES BE BYGONES. I want to move on and look upon my future. I want to be prepared- mentally, physically, emotionally for my future.


Munirah Abd said...

get well soon!!

n i am really happy on ur engagement..

even sgt2x terkejut..heheheh


Wahidah said...

rest well..get well soon ainaa

PhotoAddict said...

aina...bru tahu ur status now...congrats anyway...

congrats for H1N1? big NO NO... :)