Friday, June 11, 2010


I never tot that I will meet a patient as young as 27 y.o with MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION!
27 y.o married with 1 child.
The only risk factor- Smoking!!!
We did an angiogram on him and found red thrombus in his LAD.
Macam x percaye je kan 27 y.o with MI.
And he was actually mistreated as having gastritis when he actually presented with typical history of chest pain at GP.
Mesti diorg tersalah sebab ingat die too young to get MI.
Or maybe doctor yang tengok die tu yg induction pon blum pegi lagi tapi dh buat locum.
well i dont know.
ok nanti sambung balik.
ade ward called.
(tengah oncall.hahaha)


theclumsydoctor said...

aina, die ade hx of coccaine abuse ke?

Witty Angel said...

x!no other risk factors other than smoking!

einhyatt said...

"xgi induction lg tp dh bwat locum" pergh kene tepat kt aku tuh mwehehehe