Wednesday, November 3, 2010

i love my job..get to know many people and learnt lots of new things.i just assisted one interesting paeds operation..sukeeee.
nyway my hubby was admitted for 3days ari tu..balik yesterday..skrg still mc nak kene recovery..i pulak asek oncall n oncall.penattt tp seronok..i really love my job..Hehe. owh ade 3 of my fellow colleagues r resigning..sume pon kt surgical n i told them plsss donttt.sayangkan.i tau pon cuz ofis called me tny diorg dtg keje ke x..huhj...
mmgla stressful keje but then kene pandai cari happiness utk de-stress..kene marah tu biasa la.keje mane mane pon daddynye company pon ramai je kene marah.kene pekakkkn telinga n assuming that they actually care about us mcm mother who scolded her children..diorg syg tu.hehe.
nyway my registrar ckp i am a bully.hehe.lepas fikir balik yes i am a bully.haha.lalala.
oklah i m going to sleep first.i oncall ot ni.ade few appendicectomy beratur n laparotmy for intestinal obstruction..owh ade kes fournier gangreneeee uuuu.xtdola jwbnye.haba.
owh td ade kes penectomy.ouch...

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