Saturday, August 14, 2010

yesterday was like heaven to me..
i slept like a baby!
woke up at 2pm yesterday..
padahal tdo xdela lmabat pon..1230 tdo after abis men futsal..
owh yeap...thurs nite went off playing futsal with cousins..
sangat contented..
rs kurus tetibe..
nyway i have a stomachache niiii..
dhla oncall.puasa some more..
mmg xlaratlah..
dh la rounds lambat gile abis...
n dh la specialist tu suruh i follow round die sampai periphery...
i nak upload gambar thru hset ni to pretty wittty angel tp xbole..
asek failed je..
owh n u know what?i met dr zek last week..
br transfer hrpz2 kot..
xsempat ckp banyak pon..
okie dookie nak rest kejap b4 new case masusk lagi..dh 2 dh acute appendicitis msuk....bosan dh clerk..okie..bye bye.selamat berbuka puasa

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~MioR AzrIzal~ said...

Take care dear Aina :) Soon i'll be posted to Keningau pulak.. maken jauh la dr KB, huhu