Thursday, August 26, 2010

i have a very bad gastritis since yesterday... a bad one that made me went to d clinic and had one injection for d pain.then today it worsen. i cant do anything because of d pain. i called my husband and he came to my ward.he insewrted a branula and give me iv ranitidine stat and iv maxolon. should have ommeperazole or panto p lambat nak amik.then i went to oncall room tdo kejap. i oncall today so xle akik mc.kalau x confirm dh amik mc.then i went for pm specialistsangatlah baek die suruh saye head off home.saye ckp saye oncall.then die suruh sy rehat.saye sangat suke dieee...:)
anyway sile doakan oncall sy sejuk ari ni.doakan xramai pt yg masuk...amin..
owh n u know what..pagi td i went to airport sending my brother off to ireland.he took d 1st flight to kl.then i met parents someone ni. i tot die xkan suke i.they were soooo nice to me..still supernice to me..really thankful for that..ok saye nak solat asar....

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Wahidah said...

get well soon aina..:)