Saturday, November 10, 2012


I love holidays!!
Enjoying every bits of it..
Darling hubby is post call today but we still njoying our precious together..
Playing with super active marissa..
Watching tv together..
If only i can stop the time..
Wanted to go to penang initially but kesian kat hubby penat so cancel je..i can still do some online shopping..cuma xle nk makan gareth popcorns, aunty anne's pritzels,caramel macchiato..kalau pg kl or penang boleh makan few stuff la..hehe..
Nyway today we tried to teach our cutest baby swimming..aritu lg nk ajar tapi x sempat...
Because of my ocd i told hubby kite takleh g mandi swimming pool kat rumah or pelangi mall or sewa any afraid of leptospirosis or other infectious we just used our jacuzzi to teach marissa on how to swim..hehe..she loves water!!so muchh!!

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Wan Nurhidayati said...

suke main air ye Icha.. gambar last Icha cekci la :p