Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Took 2 days off- today and tomorrow..
Hubby is at hokkaido enjoying his first skiing trip..
Im spending my day off with my precious qaisara marissa..
She has become so manja and suke bodek nowadays..pandai buat muke comel n senyum comel kalau nak something..
She eats everything!!my mother said she is exactly like me when i was a kid..i ate everything too and that includes needle and coins..last night she almost ate needle!!camne tah die boleh dapat needle..seb baek perasan..
Feels so good enjoying and relaxing at home..xbestnye sebab xle g kl..initially mmg nl g kl for the year end sale(yes) but then i remember my hod once told if banjir those yang cuti akan dipanggil utk keje so i takut la sia sia je cuti xdela yes manepon

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