Wednesday, December 19, 2012

infectious disease

Im sorry for a long silence..have been assigned to infectious disease department at the moment thus was quite busy dealing with those hiv positive patients, esbl, mro, fever unknown cause bla bla bla..
I used to love infectious disease before..if anyone read my posts when i was a medical student i'd mentioned that i want to go to london school of tropical diseases after i become a specialist..however things changed after i became a house officer. I hate infectious seriously..and i never thought that i would be assigned to infectious disease when i become a medical was at my bottom list..
Why do i hate infectious disease? honestly speaking i hate those hiv patients who are still actively sharing needles, injecting any illicit drugs and spreading the diseases to others..i hate them..only few that i see really regret it and stopped from taking those drugs..i never understand why we should treat seriously?
sounds cruel right??
well...that was my first impression towards id when i was a house that i become a medical officer specifically in infectious disease, i think i have a new impression..been 2 weeks in this department made me change my mind-again..ive been enlighten..hehe..first thing that i learnt was that i shouldnt judge them immediately and make a generalization...i shouldnt discriminate them..yes they create so much problem but did we know why they did that in the first place?
why did they involve in substance abuse?the root for this problem is us...we as the community contribute it..i dont know how to explain it but due to low social support and poor family background they involved in this crime..its like a vicious cyle..less money less education...less education less morale. less morale- high chances for crimes, thus substance abuse which lead to another crimes for example stealing, robbery etcetera... we as a member of the community should help those in need...we should educate everyone in the community on everything..malaysian is a very excellent country...we give free needles in needle exchange programme..we give condom to protect from hiv transmission..we give free anti hiv drugs..etcetera...
to be continued

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