Saturday, December 8, 2012

Enfalac a+, frisolac gold, anmum?best formula milk

I have Started marissa on formula feeding since a month ago..mixed with my breast ebm has drastically reduced after my first menses post delivery..tried to take all d supplements , did a power pumping, eat excessively- all those failed.. So dengan rase kecewanya i have to start her on formula.. Initially i choose anmum sebab price is affordable and gangliosida, dha semua..step 1 marissa kiteorg beli step 2..never crossed my mind lalau tukar step die akan jadi kiteorg beli bnyk2 terus..sekali naik rashes yang sgt teruk tapi ilang after10-15 mins minum susu... So lepas observe few times we decided to change d formula..sebab lepas tu pon kiteorg perasan she frequently dapat cold..asek berair idung je..sian die..
So kiteorg tukar to frisolac sebab feq o my friends r giving frisolac..the good thing about frisolac is that die ade prebiotics and probiotics..claimed dapat reduce allergic reaction and is good for ur baby's intestine..used that and she seema to enjoy it..
But marissa's mother is obsessive.. Xsuke sgt the fact that dha die 21mg je as compared to anmum 50+ and enfalac 80+..takut nnt xcukup dha...dahla susu ibu dh xde sgt after abis frisolac i change to enfaac and she tolerates alhamdulillah icha xde la betol2 ade cows milk allergic..cuma maybe ade content dlm anmum die xlw kot..honestly i prefere to use anmum..price is a bit chepaer as compared to enfalac...pastu die ade gangliosida which enfalac n frisolac xde..then sialic acid pon ade dlm anmum..snfalac sialic acid sikit je..pastu anmum is manufactured kat new zealand whereas enfalac kat thailand..frisolac rasenye kat between nz and thailand i chose new zealand..anmum pon ade live culture whereby enfalac mmg i suke anmum la but unfortunately my daughter had an allergi rxn towards it.. Im not a infant formula specialist..ik not a a doctor..i dont really know what a good formula should be but i think everyone knws that dha is good for ur of course i choose formula with highest dha.. Kalau bolh fully breastfeed kan best dont need to worry about this.. Tapi ade study tau done in us saying that dha yg synthetic ni not good as well for ur baby.i dont know..then i foun few articles cakap enfalac ade msg tapi when i go through d details cam xde pulak so insyaAllah kot..
Owh lg satu kalau u surf top 10 best formula for infants akan keluar enfa punye hopefully ok..ngeee...
I x prefer soy based cuz ade article and study ckp not so good for ur babs health..
I try nk gune partially hydrolysed formula mcm nan ha tapi sebab tgk nan ha tu sume org cakap pahit and penah ade product recall so terus cancel..hahahaa..
Im too obsessed kan? friend ckp first time die jumpe mother cam i.haha tapi i rase ade ramai je out there.. We wants the best for our children kan?

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A.F.I.A.H said...

akak boleh cuba susu hemopati, biolac :)