Friday, November 23, 2012


Ive been back in hrpz for almost 2 months..
I was quite close with everyone in hrpz so my life was quite easy..
Most people that i met asked me why im so thin and my husband vice versa..
I dont have an answer for that question..
But frankly speaking i think its the breastfeeding...yess..
Motherrrr out thereeee!!if u want to maintain ur body shape and lose ur weight pls breastfeed ur baby..
sekarang ni dh jarang pump i rase my weight is gaining back..
Tapi should compensate dgn walking 7 minutes to my workplace today..walking here and there during oncall..doing ward round checking almost 47 patients everyday bla bla bla...
kalau nak cakap sebab pantang n makan jamu mmg bukan la...
I x pantang sangat and i did makan jamu but for only 2 days..pastu rs cam karut lah mende tu sume so i kasi bibik all those jamu yg my auntie bought for me..heheh

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:+:+:+:arina aliaa:+:+:+: said...

I gained quite a lot lately, but the mO said i can gain up to 2kg/month skrg ni. Nanti nk breastfeed jugak!!! Hehe