Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Applied for mmed 2013/2014..
Initially dah lepas first saringan as was published on moh website..
And then i didnt get any news regarding that..
Sebab dh lepas first saringan, i apply with the universities..filling all the form, chasing my consultants for the recommendations etcetera..never thought that lepas tu x dpt g interview..but then mmg apply pon actually dh 50-50..dont know whether i should really go for internal medicine or not..
Then my friends who applied mmed internal medicine received phone calls saying that interview will b on 7th january..
I didnt get the phone call..
So my husband asked me to give them a call saying that maybe they tercicir or whatso..
Suprisingly when i called them they said that i wasnt eligible by kkm..i was quite suprised sebab the list name published in moh was clearly written - myname, my ic number -->layak..
So i called the kkm myself..of course bukan sekali lah kan sebab as usual- im not in charged..u should call this and this..
So after 3days finally i got to talk with te person in charged..cik b..she was saying that i wasnt elegible because my intake was july..they only accept intake from january till june 2009 for 2013/2014 intake..and so i wasnt eligible..however..yes however..a bestfriend of mine whose graduated aame as me and attended induction with me got an interview..pelik tapi benar la kan??and if u actually read all the syarat2 it was clearly written 3yrs services on 1st januay 2013..for me im already 3yrs and 5 months in service on 1st january 2013.. usual..malaysiaku..
Nyway i took it as a sign..
Maybe i shouldnt do internal medicinw?
What do u think?
Should i proceed with internal medicine/stays in kkm?
Or should i change to something else like family medicine??
Somebody pls shine me on this..
Thanks a million!!

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