Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 1

Hehe..Last few entries saye ade few comments yang menarik..hahaha..
Ade yang cakap congrats, ade yang cakap sape?tengah berkapal selam ke?etcetera.....
Nape ek sume org ingat saye ade bf baru?hehe..hahaha...
Sebab bloody 6months ke?
Well it's true that i'd been through a lot for the past 6 months..
Breaking-up wasnt that easy for me..
Who doesnt right?
Especially if ur relationship had been for more than 4 yrs!!

But yes..
New resolution...
"Decided to move on with my life..
Decided to forget the past and looking forward for a better future..
Decided to be happy..
Decided to stop crying for others..
Decided to stop waiting hopelessly for a shooting star to fall down the sky...
Decided to stop hoping for miracles to happen..
Decided that what's gone is gone....."

my new resolution...
A rainbow of happiness..=)
Starting from today onwards, u'll see day1, day 2, day 3, etc as the title for my blog entry..
Hehe..Tu bukan count down hari ke berape saye dah couple ke ape..hehe..
jangan salah faham lak..hehehe...
Tu count down for myself to remind me of how strong i am..hehe..
erk..or how strong i can be...hehe..
And a countdown to show someone that its growing and its not fading...
Day 1 : U make me worried already...Cant put my mind at ease..I tried to convince myself that u r safe and okay over there but i just cant stop thinking about all the possibilities..So, please, send me a signal or somethin to tell me that u r safe and okay over there...=(
Im begging u...huhu...

P/s : I miss u....
P/ss : I miss all my sayangssss kat malaysia...Umi, Aboh, Ijah, Suraya, Mad, Usop(dublin je), Monaliza Mastura Ent, toknik, cousins, bstfriends and the list goes on..


''''dELinDa said...

resolution kita adalah sama! lets enjoy!!! kn kn?

Munirah Abd said...

ko mmg sgt pandai bermain teka teki..
i miss u sapa tu???
aku ker???

aku xbuat ko worry pun??siapakah yg telah membuat ko worry nie??

toink..toink..toink again

KhaLifah feDi said...

hope u happi selalu wity angels..
kejarlah pelangimu itu............ok..

psst:ti witty amik award dear friend..hehe..sekian.......take always

Anonymous said... must go on...agreed with ya..don't have to put fuckin' fake smile to others(sorry my lang)...btw yaself at dublin?

Witty Angel said...

Delinda : hehe betol2..

Munirah : I miss my mum..havent spoken to her since sunday ari tu..huwaa..rinduuu..yg buat saye worry= teng teng2..Edward cullen!!and Yusof Jeffery..hahaha...

KF : thanks...ok2..baek

Oreoboy : cork..bukan dublin..

Wahidah said...

what surprise je la i u ni..