Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 10

-This entry gonna be a super boring entry..haha..random stuffs of what happened in the hospital yesterday..hehe..

1. Movies or drama series really helped me with my clinical stuff..hahaa...Dulu penah dapat good mark in pharmacology exam after jawab few exam questions based on House MD...and today dapat jawab sal HOCM after ingat sal One tree hill and boleh jawab sal surgery treatment for cardiomyopathy after ingat cite Iryu (team dragon-japanese series)...wohooo...conclusion : sila tengok movies or series banyak2..hahaha

2. E : What should we do now?
Me : How about we find an echo of Mrs.X. She has dilated cardiomyopathy..
E : yeah we should..
Then, we went to a computer and type her name+mrn number.
Me : Erk, do u know how to read echo, like?
E : Nope. Do u?
Me : what are we doing now?
E : I dont know.

3. C : Aina!!U r fired from being our leader today!U doze off a lot today!
Me : Owh..yeah..i have lots of things running through my head..So, do u want to be a new leader then?
C : Yes, I will. I will become a Saddam Hussein.
Me : Why?
C : So i can be the dictator here and U(while pointing his finger towards me). U have to go for the mock exam today instead of me!
Me : hahaa..thats funny!Well, C. U just have to accept the fact that u have to do the mock exam today..Good luck!!

4. C had a food stain on his tie and then he used his saliva to wipe it out.And i was like,
Me: C!!OMG! u will have strep viridans n stap aureus on ur tie and ull spread it to the patients!! U cant be our leader then.
O : U cant either.
Me : Why?
O : You keep on dropping things today!
Me : Right. But then i think im better than U.
C : In what perspective?Evil?Yeah. U r evilly than me.
Me : Im speechless now.hahahhaa..
C : Yes. Finally!(while doing his evil laugh).hahha

5. E : I think he might be his registrar.
Me : Yes. Possibly. He just spoke with his intern so he might be.
(and both of us were running towards him to ask whether there is a tutorial with Dr.P or not tomorrow morning)
Me : Excuse me.. (then terdiam..hahaha..cuz i just realized that he might be the consultant!!!)
E : Sorry, are u the reg for Dr.P?
That guy : Yes, i am. Why?
E : Do u know where we can find Dr P at this moment?
And then bla bla bla..After abis cakap dengan mamat tu, I told E,
Me : I couldnt say anything just now because i just realized that he might be the consultant. And if we asked him whether he is a reg for Dr.P or not, we might downgrade him.
E : Yahhh...U r right!We shouldnt do that. We r lucky this time as he is his reg. We should think about it first before we ran and asked him that question.

6. We were having a ward round when the clock showed 1030am and we had a tutorial at 1030am with one of the doctor in A&E. So we excused ourselves from the ward round to go to the tutorial. We went downstairs and while waiting for the doctor to come we were doing our own things. O and C werent arrived yet as they were doing a cannula on a patient. I was texting somebody while E was reading a newspaper when suddenly our reg came down and told us,
" "this" is ur tutorial lads?"(while referring for the newspaper and handphone).. dah nampak buruk dh depan registrar sendiri..lalalalala...:P...

P/s : entry ni tulis semalam tapi sebab xlarat ngantok sangat terus sambung tdo.hahahaha
Day 10 : Baru 9 weeks dear...9 weeks..hahahaha..=))owh thanks a million dear!!!!


Wahidah said...

aik kena fired jd leader eik?? mcm2la u ni aina..:P

selamat berhujung minggu

Witty Angel said...

tula..hahaha..connor rr.hahaha