Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My birthday celebration

I had 2 bday celebration this yr..
I was oncalled on 18 and my husband threw a suprise bday party for me in d hospital..well its not a party pon..we had a busy day so hubby didnt have mch time to just a cake with few other doctors to celebrate..lepas bukak puasa then tiba2 kek muncul..hehe..but masa tu hati x tenang cuz i was informed that one of my patients was hypotensive with BP 80/ ofcourse la rush to the ward and attended that patient..
My 2nd bday celebration was at my grandma's cousin tetibe muncul with a cake and semua pon nyanyi2 lagu with my husband being d loudest singer..
Then i got my bday present..
The bracelets!!! And of course kelapa sawit..
Love u so much hubby!
To complete the day,i had received a brand new ipad for my bday present from my siblings!!!thank you so much everyone!!!i love u guys so much!!
Owh and thanks dave for the treat!!!

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Wahidah said...

erk nape kelapa sawit yea?