Monday, August 27, 2012

Marissa's 5 months jab

Marissa 5mnths jab was actually due yesterday but we were still in kuala today after daddy went to hrpz settling few things we went straight away to tmc clinic..
Marissa's weight is not progressing well..she just gained 200g from last mnth..she is only 6kg today..mommy and daddy arent happy..they asked my paediatrician and my paediatrician told them to start weaning!!!
Yeayyyy!!now its the time i can get to taste other than my mommy's milk!!my mommy's milk is the best but i want to try other food as well!the paediatrician told my parents that the WHO guidelines was done using the data from everywhere around the the data maybe a bit invalid for us..he said that we should look at the baby.. He said that my developmental is at least 6months!!!woww!!he said that im so proud of myself and i knw my parents too! he suggested my parents to start weaning.yeayyy....
My mom told me that she is a bit confused at the moment what to give..she didnt buy me a beaba babycook because its too expensive..she was hoping someone would give her as a birthday gift.aha..
Anyone wants to buy my mommy that thing?shes so into beaba babycook..

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