Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weaning at 5mnths 2wks

Marissa is officially weaned to solids today!!mommy bought tefal steamer and philips blender instead of beaba babycook for marissa..ehehe..theyre much cheaper and much more universal i think..so i did steam some carrots,blend it and put it in her bowl..at first i thought i wanna see her hold the spoon and put the spoon into her mouth but it didnt happen..well it did happen actually but without a carrot..hehhee..marissa makan spoon saje without d steamed carrots..
She ate quite a lot (i think) for her ag..she really enjoyed it..i read somewhere that u should give ur kid the same food for at least a week and need to slowly one by one introduce the food to ur kid..this is important to identify any food allergies...

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