Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Marissa's first raya

Alhamdulillah..we r able to celebrate our first raya together..mommy and daddy were both postcall on the first raya but they seems so energetic..daddy told me that he had quite a busy night..he had to do a caesar at 3am for secondary arrest.. My mom had quite an uneventful night..she told me that she were able to sleep from 12am till 545am before her ho woke her up..they arrived home at 8 plus and i was still sleeping on that time..my parents bersiap2 while my grandmother woke me up and mandikan and siap2 kan utk pergi beraya..before we went to my tok and wan hse we had sessi bersalaman and bermaafan..i got few green packets and i was so excited..i couldnt sit still and wanted to be in all d pictures..hehe
Then instead of went to tok and wan's hse we went to my toknye's house and meet up with tok,wan,ayah su li and cik eni there..i was excitedly main2 dengan nek yah and toknye before rase sangat panas and dahaga..my parents knw that i was already restless so they gave me my favourite milk!after a while i fall asleep before my tok and wan arrived..my mother cont chatting with my relatives while waiting for my grandparents..wan woke me up and i was eagerly and happily main2 dengan wan before my parents decided to go to pasir mas which is my kampung..then we head up to kubr tokwan and few houses before i fall asleep..

To be cont'd

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