Saturday, May 4, 2013

bridal shower...

a proper picture from photoaura...
nice pictures..
.:: last minute punye banner..hahaha...spoilt the below one so my husband had to paint it with gray colour all over the sheet::.

.::tengok muka marissa..hahaha...drama queen betol marissa ni::.

.::marissa was listening to ibu bella and eshue nyanyi lagu hmm xingat.hahaha::.

.::simple and last minute..but then it was perfect..perfect sebab ade perfect everyone so much::.

.::i love everyone!::.

.::my darling princess...13month old::.

.::her smile melts me..i love u so much qaisara marissa::.

.::look at her!so cheeky::.

.::adorable marissa::.

.::sume orang pon nak bergyomi..ehhehe::.


.::mommy and daddy's sweetheart::.

.::love u so much::.

.::heart u::.

.::model in action..hehe::.

.::shes really enjoying d company::.

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