Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pls make doa for her

My ex housemate is in very critical condition..
Pls make a doa for saidatul hafeeza..
Nak post entry ni semalam tapi takleh stop from crying..
Pija is fighting for her life since yesterday..
Ade massive bleed post delivery..
She delivered her baby via vacuum at kbmc and had a massive bleeding post delivery..
She collapsed and cpr done for 40minutes..
She was defib for 5 times..
Pls make a doa for her..
Her baby alhamdulillah selamat and discharged well..
Doakan beliau sahabat2..

1 comment:

Green Apel said...

u mean kak pija the pink shop?ya allah, semoga kak pija dalam lindungan Allah..amin