Saturday, July 21, 2012

1st ramadhan

Cepat je waktu berlalu..time really flies.. I still vividly remember how tiring my puasa was last year..i had a quite bad hyperemesis gravidarum as evidenced by ketones 4+ in my urine..i had subclinical hyperthyroidism in my first thyroid stimulating hormone was less than 0.01..woot woot..i had more than 5 pint normal saline/dextrose 5 infused to my blood. The climax was during ramadhan..with the oncalls and everything..i was so proud of myself that i was able to puasa sebulan bln ramadhan..ingatkan mmg x sempat dah..
Semalam sahur i think i drank more than a litre if plain water..i just so afraid that im going to b so thirsty while breastfeeding and the most scary thing is that my milk production is going down..i hope it wont happen..i want to exclusively breastfeed my daughter..hopefully sempat..stok dah nak abis dh even pumping regular..huhu..
And today im going to bukak puasa alone as my husband is oncal today..i should be working too today but i managed to schedule my oncall and my next oncall is going to b ths husband cakap its ok to not oncall today with him because marissa needs me more..:)

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