Friday, July 20, 2012


I think i have a big problem with pineapple..
I cant eat pineapple without having a stomachache anymore!!
It all started after i had a bad gastrutis on day 2 of pantang..
My dad bought us some nenas madu from rantau panjang yesterday..
I ate only 2 pieces and woke up at night for stomachache..macam nak menggigil sebab sakit..had that twice before..first when i curik minuk surpee my husband and second when i curik minum rambutan with pineapple..woot woot..
Nyway apart from stomachahe,we couldnt have a beautiful sleep last night as marissa keep on waking us up..i think she had stomachache too.. She had 3 loose stool last night after 12.thats a lot!

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