Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I had a very eventful oncall last night..2 patients passed away and the other 2 were intubated due to resp distress..admission was only 4 but the patients in ward were not stable.. I had 4 patients developed chest pain last night whereby 2 were diagnosed to have acute coronary syndrome and the other 2 were fluid overload...
I thought it was over at 6am unfortunately i'd received a call from casualty saying that there was a male gentleman came with sudden onset shortness of breath and pleuritic chest pain with oxygen under high flow mask and continuous nebs was only 69%. Arterial blood gas showed a type 2 respiratory failure..chest xray done and revealed a large there u go-chest tube stat!!
Alhamdulillah managed to do chest tube to that patient in only a short time.oxygen saturation picked up to 100% post chest tube..
Before i ended my call received call from anaes team that my patient in icu collapsed due to resp distress and need for urgent intubation..
It has been really busy these past few days..every husband had to do few caesars last fellow paeds mo had a very unstable neonates last colleagues had to break her fast at 3am 2days ago while my other colleague had only milo for her sahur as she was busy attending a patient..
Ok now im heading home..i am on leave today and tomorrow..sayonary hospital..i wont b seeing u until next week!hooray!!
Marissa!!mommy and daddy r coming


Inn said...

Allahuakbar..kak aina, sgt busy time bulan puasa ni.. mashaAllah, respect2. tgk xray akak ni, tension pneumothorax ke..

kebetulan nk xm cardiothoracic surgery esok n other branches of surgery..huhu

nice story akk :)

Witty Angel said...

Alamak sorry in br reply..spOntaneous disharged well..kalau recurrent maybe kene buat pleurodesis