Saturday, January 28, 2012

Breaking bad news

One of the toughest job of being a dr is breaking bad news..
It really hard for me to do that even after 3yrs services..
I have one pt in ward at d moment..came with 5days history of bilateral leg oedema,ab distension and progressive jaundice..
Proceeded with ultrasound hepatobiliary system after found that his liver enzymes were grossly abnormal..
Turned out that he has hepatoma with multiple liver mets..
He is a very good pt with good family support..
I was looking at him and his wife for more than 15minutes thinking how should i tell should i tell him that he has hepatoma with liver mets.worst,gastro team decided for palliative care..
So i went to both of them and my first word was maaf..
:(..then i explained to him regarding d condition and d prognosis..

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