Wednesday, March 14, 2012


alhamdulillah..safely delivered baby girl 2.95kg on 13 march 2012 @ 310am..
she wanted to meet her mommy and her daddy earlier than her due date..she was 37weeks 4days when she decided to prick her amniotic sac with her fingernail which ended up with PROM..i had leaking on 11 march 2012 around occured suddenly and worst still i dont have regular contraction pain..all i had was irregular contraction pain..i took antibiotic self prescribed first b4 decided to go to hospital after more than 12hrs..ctg was done and was told that everything was ok except that my bishop score 2/13..d specialist oncall decided for induction of labour on 12/3/2012.prostin was inserted and after half an hr i was having 5 in 10 contraction pain!!!imagine that!!!it was so painful that i couldnt stop husband never left me alone even for a second..after 6hrs they rechecked d bishop score but os still they decided for pitocin augmentation..i was sent to labour room and only god knows how painful it husband and i requested for epidural..owh b4 that,i'd decided to give birth at hrpz 2 instead of private hospitals..that decision was made after seen so many trouble cases sent to hrpz2 from
private hsptals..the epidural was done by my anaes friend and her specialist..i was given painkiller prior to that so i didnt feel anything while d epidural introduced other than d contraction ctg post epidural wasnt shown sleeping pattern..i was thinking of caesarian section for fetal distress after seen d nurse called up senior mo to look at my ctg..i was already anticipate that due to my borderline lowish blood pressure..the resuscitation done..besides 2 hartman running through my vein, another 2 pint normal saline given..alhamdulillah qaisara marissa was strong enough and ctg improved post resuscitation..i was given nasal prong oxygen 3 litres since then...
around 9pm i still hasnt progress to active phase of labour..os still 3cm..therefore pitocin augmentation started..alhamdulillah epidural was effective enough..after 4hrs i felt pain at d buttock.os was 5cm so i had progress to active phase of husband and my mom were all there besides was tiring and really i was at d brink of giving up..
the pain at d buttock was increasing..i couldnt endure it anymore..we called d anaes oncall which was also a friend of ours..he decided to add fentanyl and increase d infusion level..was told to have paeds standby if i wanted to bearing down..
after about 1 hr,i felt like bearing down..rechecked again and d os already progress quite done and i decided to went well initially but after 45minutes i gave up..told my husband pls push me to ot and do csxn..the head was already at the mom n my husband keep on encouraging me and after 55mins qaisara marissa was born..she was born with cord round neck tight and thus her afgar score was 7:10..initially d paeds wanted to admit her due to d fact that i had prom more than 48hrs but then knowing us plus i already completed antibiotics,she disharged her to me and will come and rv her again the next day...
i was transferred out from labour room at 6am and discharged home at 10am..alhamdulillah everything went well..


Wahidah said...

tahniah aina...after all the obstacles of the labour process u did it mommy...may Qaisara Marissa growth as a good muslimah..:)

Inn said...

alhamdulillah..syukur yaRabb..

bestnya kak aina explain the journey of ur precious part of ur life. delivering 1st baby ..~


congrats akak :)