Thursday, January 26, 2012

Im so proud of myself today

Im so proud of myself today!!Couldnt really sleep last night...woke up at 230am and had to witness a very bad car accident exactly happened in front of my house..bunyi tu mmg kuat gile..i tot initially rumah runtuh..mmg terfikir camne la bibik bibik..kejutkan my husband yg dh bgn tp terkejut lagi and he wanted to call our bibik 1st..tah camne tergerak hati nak tgk kt luar lepas dgr pompuan menjerit so through d window i could see kete terbalik..terus turun camtu then baru teringat xpakai tudung sume so naik husband and my sis keluar dulu and ckp suruh call ambulance..d hospital is about 2mins walking distance je tp if ngan kete kene pusing2 dulu..tp b4 sempat call ambulance ade org dh bawak org tu pg hospital..tgk kete tu i rase confirm die ade head injury and barely survived...nak call my colleague kat redzone hrpz tp malas. hehe
Then lepas tu kul 4+ br boleh tdo..bgn blk 630 n pg keje..sampai quite early 745 sebab my husband drive laju gileee..the person oncall yesterday mintak tlg die buat caesar and patient dh already been pushed to operation theathre..ape lagi tekan minyak la kan.i pg blk oncall sambung tdo jap for 10mins then baru g round..sampai2 ward,ade pt gasping!!
And yes..another DIL was electively intubated for impending collapse..then rushinh followed ward round yg mane ade sorang saje ho and mmg quite kalut lah.kul 10 camtu received a call saying that a visiting gastro consultant has arrived and it was my job to assist him today..
Letih jugak la berkejaran..intubate pt then referred then kene pergibscope room assist but ogds and guess whattttt????i had an opportunity to do my very first oesophagealgastroduodenoscopy-OGDS!!! Wow!!! And dapat sampai ke small bowel!!sampai d2!! A very good start he told me!!puas hatiiii gile raseee..
Aww aww seronok!
Die ckp bukan senang first timer nak buat sampai area d2!!hehe.
Yay!!!abis ilang penat kejap..
Then berlari2 ke klink and tgk pt gastro..then berlari2 ke ward clerk pt srbab pt tu elective admission and to be clerk by mo.huhu..pastu berlari2 solat and g cme..then berlari2 pg casualty intubate another pt...
Then berlari2 pg ward rv pt dengue..then 640 br dpt msk blk oncall smyg asar..huhu

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Wahidah said...

syabas dr aina..what a great part ogds tu scary ok..sbb wai dh rs 4 kali ogds n sekali a pt agak scary ok..:P