Sunday, December 18, 2011


woot woott..oncall again today..woke up at 330 last night..hubby did a passive call last night and there was a pt with ruptured ectopic pregnancy came at 330am..
so ikutla hubby terus dtg hospital..alang2 oncall todaykn but then terkejut so bole tdo blk kul 6..
and now im not feeling so well..a lil unwell due to persistent eod calls and insufficient sleep..
walking like a zombie, thinking like a monkey and talking like a manic..hopefully i do no harm to my pts..sorry pakcik n makcik if i talked nonsense..
ultimately thousand apologies goes to my dear raina.,,mummy mintak maaf sebab sayang have to partly endure mende ni sume..mummy have to work sayang..many sick pts need mummy and mummy have to repay this people for their kindness of sending mummy to ireland before..sayang pls b tough for mummy and daddy k?mlm ni if daddy x bz,kite curi tgk muke raina lagi k?raina jgn malu2 k?suke sgt menyorok muke kalau daddy scan..jual mahal u sayang!!muahxxx

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Wahidah said...

wah dah tau gurl..raina..:) so sweet nama baby