Tuesday, December 20, 2011

nausea n vomitting in pregnancy

1st trimester was quite a nightmare..i had quite bad hyperemesis gravidarum aka nausea n vomitting in pregnancy..i lost ~7kg..to make it worst,i was in medical department and it was ramadhan.. imagined urself had to thrw out everytime food entered ur mouth..my husband sampai need to put me on drip..2pint normal saline and 2 dextrose were infused to my body..
penat tu toksah cakap la kan..but somehow that what makes me stronger..
my husband took all d bloods for basic ix and apparently i had subclinical hyperthyroidism..one of d obstetricians ckp thats indicate i have extra hcg and insyaAllah baby akan sihat..insyaAllah..ameen..
i d my blood taken again last 3wks and alhamdulillah it was back to normal again..and guess what?im gaining weight quickly!!tatuttt.takut nnt after bersalin dh x turun..

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