Friday, December 16, 2011


my oncall schedule this month is very tight..i've eod calls since tuesday till ths im going to be really2 exhausted and frazzled..
i will be physically,emotionally and mentally of my specialist once told me;
"dont worry aina..ikut experience duly kalau kite bz keje oncall sume insyaAllah anak cerdik.."
i really hope it is true..hopefully my gegirl kuat mcm daddy die and pandai mcm albert einstein..hehe
mummy n daddy love u so muchh!daddy xkasi mummy nek ambulance antar pt tapi mummy have to..sorry ek budak kecik?
my budak kecik ni xtau either she likes or dislikes d ambulance..usually if naik ambulance antar pt dengan siren n bumpy2nye kete die mesti tendang perut mummy die bnyk2.xtau la die suke atau x?maybe siren tu kaco die tido ke or mayb die suke bunyi2 tu..
love u soo muchhhh!!

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