Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Im going to be a mommy!!

Can u believe that??
Im going to b a mommy..!!!
Time flew by so fast!!
I still remember myself as a kid throwing a tantrum and crying like a baby for a toy!!
And now its going to be a reverse role..its me who has to be patience and buy my child a toy!
Frightening right?how am i going to handle a crying child?im not good in that specialty..never been good eventho i am the eldest in my family..hehe..
But then shes beautiful..yes insyaAllah i will give a birth to a beautiful girl perhaps end of march or early april..
Cant wait!!
My husband did d scan himself..he is a medical officer in obs n gynae..he told me few times that our child is a girl but i never believe him..hehe.die pon jadi takut nak confirmkan so he aske his boss and she confirmed it last 2wks..
Tapi still sume tu di tangan Allah kan?she may still be he..maybe twrsembunyi ke testis die susah nak nampak..hehe,.but it doesnt really matters..what matters most is she is born safely and cukup segala sifat..its more than enough already..
Nyway i think this blog is going to be all about d baby after this!
Very exciting!!
The feeling is undescribable!masyaAllah its so beautiful!


Munirah Abd said...

wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh congratssss nak jadi mommy!!! yeahhhhhhhhhhhh.. nnti byk2x cerita pasal baby!!

Mohd Mikhail said...

Welcome back, Dr! :)

Wahidah said...

tahniah aina...dh brp bulan?

Sabihah said...

Tahniah...tahniahh...baru sempat menelaah blog kawan2...ape2pun tahniah aina