Tuesday, March 10, 2009

tanak balik

Last week, I was saying to myself that i will definitely going back for my intern...
2 days ago i was telling husna, "InsyaAllah aku balik kot"
Yesterday I was telling Elaine, "I am 95% going back to Malaysia"
But today, I woke up with a thought of staying here...
I dont know but i think i am afraid of the pressure that I will get at home..
I am afraid of the question that people will keep on asking me.
"Bile nak kawen?"
hahaha..Few of my friends are getting married this month..Carey, jitt and Farah. And of course tempias die akan kene gak la..ahaha..kan?
And I am the eldest kan and people are waiting for that..
Plus my gedik cousin has got married kan?
My grandmother already bought 2 pasang kebaya labuci from indon satu set with a sandal for my engagement/merisik or whatsoever.
My auntie already told me few times that she wants to decorate my room for my wedding....
And my mum already bought few stuff for the engagement/wedding..
But u knw what?i dont have any idea who I am going to marry.
Owh if any of my relatives read this entry, could u pls tell everyone in our family that i dont want that sort of pressure?
U guys should knw me better.


khaLifah feDi [ THE PEIN ] said...

knp tamao balik,teda tiket ker?

Munirah Abd said...

wei aina aku jadi ko aku on je..
tp tu lah kan..ngan siapa ko nak kahwin?? hiksss....
cepat2x carik bf sblm pulang malaysia..

Fadzli said...

rileks la..just tell them u have a bf and want to finish ur studies first..then next year kawin..haha..case close..xde pressure pun..

Amir Hazwan said...

lbey kurang kes cik aini hayati je. opsss harap dia xbaca

Witty Angel said...

Kf : aha tiket abis suda..
Munirah : hahaha..ngan Mr.Right.=)
Fadzli : Hahaha..cakap mmg senang..hehe
Amir : ahhaa..tula..ari tu die mcm nak stay kan?hehe..stay2..bleh pergi honeymoon oz.hahahaha..