Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I am just a plain final med student.

I am supposedly to stay at the hospital this evening for pre-op elective admission but I am just too tired + hungry. Mr.W has specifically told us that he has nice cases in theatre tomorrow but i dont think i will go to see those operations. I hate changing my clothes to scrubs and i hate standing up too long in the theatre. I also hate the feeling that i am in everyone’s way and i just dont like it!hahaha.. I would never be a surgeon. And plus i have to attend outpatient clinics with Prof G as well tomorrow morning. Prof G is the one that will assess me for my 6 weeks rotation so i better go to him rather than Mr.W.hahaha..:P.
Hypocrite, I am.
5yrs of med school taught me that.
I have a full productive day today. I have outpatients clinic this morning with Mr.W which i got a chance to present 2 cases to him. Then we went for a quick lunch and went for a tutorial with Prof H about Intensive care and blab la bla.. We finished at 2 and I attended a vascular outpatient clinic with Mr.K. I got to see 2 patients and presented the cases to Mr.K and Mr.F. Then at 4 we head off to a tutorial with Daniel and finished at 530pm or so and had another tutorials with my groupmates, C and O about Cervical Cancer and Pre-Eclampsia. Hahaha..I arrived home at 7++.

What a busy day today huh?hahaha..


Wahidah said...

wah such a bz day ye aina...best pe jd ordinary person..huhuhu...sesekali hipokrit ok per..:P

Witty Angel said...

wahidah : hahaha..xnak..i xnak jadi ordinary.ahhaha..