Friday, June 5, 2015

Mmed internal medicine

I am sorry for the long has been a very busy year for me..banjir kelantan 2014 was the worst thing ever.. My house was affected..pindah rumah my aunty at lundang before realised that tali air belakang rumah melimpah and went to kubang kerian..after a night in kubang kerian air start naik from sg dekat area pasir hor..then went to gunong for few days..
Oncall was pretty bad..balik rumah letih the same time need to start study for the exam in april..
So mmed..i just want to give a friendly advice to my fellow friends/juniors.. Mmed is not easy..our master programme took us at least 4 yrs to complete and according to recent statistic, only 30% grad on u can  imagine how difficult it is..we were given cuti bergaji penuh but mind u its not bercuti at all..ur cuti is basically limited to 14 days per sem..and u need to work everyday plus oncall as per scheduled.. Pergi kelas only during intensive course and tu pon some hosp kene oncall as well..exam?thats the critical part..
For part 1, int medicine..we were divided into 2 part; theory and clinical..some of the hosp allowed study leave but some actually up to ur head of dpmnt../
So for us in our hospital we were allowed a week study week during theory exam and only 1 day during our clinical exam..
Masa exam theory 6 of us sangkut from 23..then masa clinical exam pulak only 6 of us passed..6 out of u can imagine how tough it is..but thats because we want to be a physician so we need to be really good...
utk amik exam tu only God knows how much tears shedded and how big the sacrifice guys u really really need to be tough..and for clinical exam practice, practice, practice..

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